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Obsession Confession & Giveaway Winner

Drum roll please!!!!! The winner of the Cherry Lush Tom Ford lipstick is YouTube user Melissa Sakleh (meliiiii119)!! Here is her comment she left on YouTube…

Hi Hannah and Olivia. You two are my HEROES! I’m a college student with a passion for makeup–I’ve always done my friend’s makeups for prom, college departmental parties, and semi-formals. I love their faces when they see the transformation! My favorite makeup product would have to be smudge-pot type eyeliner (s/o to Stila!)–I love doing thick, dramatic Arabic eyes!!! I made it a New Year’s Resolution for 2012 to wear more lipstick so this Tom Ford would help tremendously! 🙂 love you guys!

She is going to love it!! Hopefully she’ll send us a pic wearing that amazing color…

Today we talk about the secret that makes all those red carpet walkers glow and shimmer. These two products will take your look to the next level!

Lorac TANtalizer
Victoria’s Secret Rockin’ Body

Rock on all you beauties!!

Playtex Sport Body Wipes

Obsession Confession!!

This is one of our fave new finds. Check out the Playtex Sport site. They’re pretty new so can sometimes be hard to find…but ask your supermarket/pharmacy to carry them if they don’t!!

You can find them on Amazon or many Rite Aids carry them.

Have you tried them? What do you think?

Click below to watch!!


Obsession Confession: Knee Socks

You all know by now I have fallen hard to the knee sock trend…hard! The awesome part is there are so many fun colors & patterns to choose from. I’m a big believer in making your workout attire fun!! If you feel good in what you are wearing you might actually look forward to going to the gym…trust me it works! As always Hannah & I are looking out for your wallet as well…so we found some great deals out there for you. Take a look & let us know in the comments if you like knee socks…and most importantly where you get yours!! 🙂

Obsession Confession: Swimsuits

Since Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer, we decided to share some of our fave swimsuits. Lots of options today…some higher end, some lower…we hope you’ll love them!

What are your secrets/faves for the summer? What are your swimsuit stories?? We want to know!!

Olivia and Hannah xxoo

Obsession Confession: Bars!

No, not that kind! The protein/nutrition variety :). Today we’re talking about NuGo (they sent us some) and Larabar (we bought those). These are great tools and some of them are very tasty so press play and then let us know what YOU like and don’t like.

xxoo Hannah & Olivia