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Playtex Sport Body Wipes

Obsession Confession!!

This is one of our fave new finds. Check out the Playtex Sport site. They’re pretty new so can sometimes be hard to find…but ask your supermarket/pharmacy to carry them if they don’t!!

You can find them on Amazon or many Rite Aids carry them.

Have you tried them? What do you think?

Click below to watch!!


14 replies on “Playtex Sport Body Wipes”

Glad you told us about these! At my spin studio they keep a supply of Sweet Spot wipes – which is just for “down there”…or our “lady parts” as my spin instructor says. ;o) You definitely need them after a ride and they keep you fresh enough until you get home and jump in the shower. But I’m happy to hear there’s a whole body wipe when you need to clean all over in a pinch.

Keep the cool obessions coming! xo

I found a huge variety of these wipes at the store today! It makes the excuse ‘I won’t have time to shower between a & b’ rather invalid! Squeeze in the workout!

PERFECT!!! Need these by the case! My workout buddies and I like to do coffee after a run or cycling. That “after-stench” can be embarrassing! Thanks for this!

I picked these up last night and can’t wait to try them. They do smell lovely and will solve the issue I have of walking at lunch but can’t immediately hop in the shower. I work from home so I will get there but usually I need cool down time. These will be great to freshen up until I have cooled down and have time to shower. Thanks for the heads up! I would never have known about them without your video (which is hilarious)!

I absolutely love you two!! Thank you for the info because we ladies (especially for our downstairs department) need to keep it clean, for of course cleanliness reasons but more importantly for health reasons. I love that this product is not only for that, but for the whole body too! I did a little research and keep in mind we not only need to be aware of what we put into our bodies but what we put onto our bodies, so keep an eye out for certain ingredients as well as how the product impacts our earth (either by the ways it was made, the ingredients, or how it then gets disposed of) so if someone, or you guys, are looking for another product for said reasons above then check out the product by Natracare called Natracare Organic Cotton Intimate Wipes. I haven’t tried these nor have I tried the Playtex wipes, I just wanted you guys to be aware. I used the website to compare the two products, in case you were wondering =) Love you guys!!

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