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Obsession Confession: Swimsuits

Since Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer, we decided to share some of our fave swimsuits. Lots of options today…some higher end, some lower…we hope you’ll love them!

What are your secrets/faves for the summer? What are your swimsuit stories?? We want to know!!

Olivia and Hannah xxoo

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Love those swimsuits, thanks for sharing ladies! I recently just bought my first bikini (bright yellow!) although its still a goal item for me, I’m hoping to look a little better in it by my birthday (Aug 10th!) I’ve lost 92 lbs and kept it off even through 2 pregnancies…so I have a question for Olivia….have you thought about doing a video focusing on your surgery? I feel my body is just hidden behind these layers of skin and am so encouraged when I get to see others results. Thanks! 🙂

For the first time I am actually excited to put on my bikini this summer! I’ve already bought four!! This is SO AMAZING, I love being happy and healthy! Thank you for the inspiration you have given me<3

First season ever where this once size 16 body is excited to wear her size 8 swimsuits proudly this summer!!! I did really well at lands end… Love their tankinis and lots of mix and match styles!
I am so excited to feel confident in a swimsuit! Thanks team purple!

I love the swimsuits at Athleta. It is a catalog – it’s a division of Gap. They are more for athletically minded ladies so they stay in place and keep my strategic areas covered while I am running around chasing my boys or swimming or skiing/wake boarding. Thanks for great inspiration O&H!!

I have been buying Land’s End for almost 10 years now! I discovered them on my first journey to be “fit & trim”….that was pre-kids. Even after weight gain from having 2 babies…LE had awesome plus-size suits as well. They are so well-made and keep everything in place! Now, I am almost at the end of the weight-loss portion of journey #2 to fit & trim (50 lbs down), and I’m excited to make my next Land’s End tankini purchase soon! 🙂

I own one swim suit, its a one piece but no one ever sees it because I always wear a shirt and shorts over it because I am embarrassed for anyone to have to see me! I do NOT look good in a swim suit! I have lost 40 pounds but still have about 80 to go, so probably no swim suit for me again this summer! My goal for next summer though is to be in a super cute swim suit and wear it proudly! I will eventually get there!!

I love Hapari swimsuits! They are SO cute and pretty affordable (maybe mid-price range). Oh, and a side note, Olivia, when you held up your bikini bottoms my 4 1/2 year old son just happened to walk up and see my computer. He started giggling hard and said, “She’s showing her underwear!” hahaha You’ll have to do a blog post about the first time you use your bikini! I’m so excited for you!

I’m having flashbacks to the shopping trip with Olivia. I could not enjoy her shopping for her first bikini like I would have wanted to because I was walking around on my broken foot (without knowing it was broken). D’oh.

So Obird – so glad you liked it!! Miss you!

I have a swimsuit addiction, no matter what size I am…so I love this post! The good news is that I’m down from an 18 to a 16 so far for this summer, giving me more options. Planning on rockin’ a 14 before the end of summer! And that Old Navy suit is adorable!!!

I love the swim suits! You are adorable, as always. I am rocking a swim suit similar to Hannah’s red one-piece! It’s still the same swim suit I wore last year on my honeymoon–which could be the good AND motivating news! I just need a serious spray tan or something! Post pics!!

Here in Brasil is almost impossible to find a two peaces that big. Even a fancy one peace is hard to find, because only older women and fat people wear it (and who care for fat people, right?) You can look for “brazilian bikini” at google image to see what I’m talking about!
Thanks for me we are still far from summer here in the small bikini country… I have some time to prepare myself.

Boobs in the shoes! Oh…I laughed.

I’m actually looking forward to some swimming this summer. I got a tankini top in black and white polka dots a couple of months ago (on sale, in preparation for summer). It has some actual underwire structural support for the girls. And some mesh for the wobbly bits. Should be good. 🙂

Hey ladies! I’m actually trying to mentally prepare myself to go bathing suit shopping within the next week or two. I’ve lost 75 pounds since the beginning of 2011, but I’ve still got 15ish more I’d like to lose and a lot of toning still to do (up top mostly – I’m a runner now, so my legs are GOOD) and I’m on the search for stylish and SUPPORTIVE (ahem – I’m with you, Hannah!) bathing suits. This post actually has me excited to get out there now and see what I can find!

These are some great suits! I love that you guys mentioned getting a great top and then finding cheaper bottoms to pair it with or getting a solid color bottom and pairing it with some colorful tops. That’s been my theme in recent years and it tends to work well especially when I’m not sure if I’m going to want a little extra coverage so I can play some beach games or if I’m just sunning and less is ok.

Finally my step sisters are back with another blog! yaaaayyaaayyy!! Guys I love you so much! U just inspire me every day and you help me with my WL journey so much! I cant Thank you enough!! I love the swimsuites you guys got they look soo cute and sexy! I lost 95 lbs so far i still have 30 to go, I dont think I am swimsuit ready for this year.. I am scared to take the step but hopefully by next summer I will rock in one of those!

so long for now, still hoping my dream comes true and I meet you!

love forever,
your step sister

I second the Lands End recommendation! They are the only bathing suits I wore in my heavier days. Thirty-six pounds later, they were still my favorite option when buying a two piece! Plenty of different coverage options, and they last a long time. Happy shopping ladies! 🙂

Thanks for the blog girls! Hannah- I actually did the opposite of you. I’m down 60lbs from an 18 to *almost* a 6 right now and wanted my first bikini ever to be perfect. Gotta say I was completely overwhelmed and ended up dragging my poor hubby along for an honest opinion (not sure how honest it was- pretty sure he liked them all! lol!) I found that the cheaper 2 pieces did terrible things for my jiggly parts (which are not loose enough for surgery- both good and bad there right?) but like Olivia a more covered, sturdy option worked well. I am almost comfortable enough to wear it in public! In the meantime got myself an adorable tankini with boy short bottoms for $30 for JCPenney that I totally love.

Thanks again for the amazing inspiration you both provide daily! Your journey last year definitely helped start mine. 🙂

This yr I actually bought a navy swimsuit!!! I got mine at target . LOVE that store 🙂 The top is white and navy , striped, and strapless (but has a strap if you need it).. with a solid navy bottom. Its like a tankini. I have lost 80 lbs after having my son and Im SO excited to show off all of my HARD work this summer!!!! I have been doing a fitness bootcamp. What kind of workouts do you guys do? I love trying new workouts. I do zumba and bootcamp usually, and I just ran my first 10k in 1:01!!! I was so proud of myself, and Im so proud of you guys too! Thanks for being an inspiration,!!! I loved watching you on BL!!! 🙂

I absolutely love the one piece Juicy! I have never owned a one piece before but I might just have to go try that suit on! I’m shaped very similar to Hannah so if it’s good for the larger top, smaller mid section I bet I’d love it! I just love you girls! You are my fav BL team of all time. I get so excited when there is a new post! Keep the posts coming! It would make my life if you’d venture down to Orlando, FL!

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