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Obsession Confession: Bars!

No, not that kind! The protein/nutrition variety :). Today we’re talking about NuGo (they sent us some) and Larabar (we bought those). These are great tools and some of them are very tasty so press play and then let us know what YOU like and don’t like.

xxoo Hannah & Olivia

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Larabars are awesome. I love that they only have a few ingredients. I love the chocolate chip one. Not so much a fan of their Jocalat line.

Also, if you are looking for food low in processing. Trader Joe’s has a whole wheat bread that only has 5 ingredients that is too die for. I suggest you keep it frozen or you will eat the whole loaf!

I recently starting eating Lara Bars for dessert. I wanted a chocolate chip cookie (a homemade one!) but I knew if I actually made it then I would want the whole thing, so I had a chocolate chip cookie Lara Bar. Not the same thing, but still yummy!

I am OBSESSED with Chocolate Peppermint Luna Bars. They’re filling and get me through a work out. They’re a little high for a snack, calorie wise, (most bars about 180 calories), but sometimes I only eat half and save the rest for later. They have a Caramel Chocolate Brownie that is delicious and Peanut Pretzel one that is great too!

When I need a chocolate fix, I grab a mini Chocolate Brownie Clif Bar or the Kidz Chocolate Brownie Clif Bar…100-130 calories for each and I satisfy my sweet tooth!

LOVE the larabar pb & j! The other bar that I enjoy are the kind bars..definitely more of a treat but they are super filling.

LOVE the lara bars. Also, am obsessed w/ Greens Plus Energy Bars – their Peanut Butter & Chocolate is delish (trader joes & whole foods sell them). I’m excited to try NuGo bars now! thanks for the suggestion 🙂 Olivia – what kind of watch are you wearing? i love it!

I have a Think Thin bar for breakfast about 4 days a week. The peanut butter is my favorite but they are all pretty yummy… And ZERO sugar grams! I’ve heard a few trainers say its the only nutrition bar they recommend. They fill me up until lunch which is a miracle! Have you all tried these? Check ’em out!

I am liking the Fruit and Nut Kashi bar at Costco lately! It’s a mid-day snack for me, and the cranberries taste way good! That bar was recommended to me by my trainer! Can’t wait to try NuGo and Larabar! I used to LOVE ZONE bars–but they are not great for you! Love the video!


I have yet to find a Larabar that I like. Oy.

I like KIND bars, with their non-pulverized ingredients. Their dark chocolate cherry cashew bar is delish, as is their cranberry almond.

Also LOVE Lindora’s protein bars. Lindora is, as far as I know, only available online. But worth it! Their chocolate mint bars have 150 calories and 10 grams of protein. And they taste so good! Not chalky or “off”.


I love Larabars as a dessert option or special treat. I haven’t tried too many flavors but I do love the key lime pie, chocolate chip cookie dough and PB & J. My obsession, however, is Cliff Bar’s Crunchy Peanut Butter. I know it’s not the best choice because it is higher in sugar and carbs so I try to only eat one before a longer, more intense workout where I’ll burn a lot more calories. I have yet to try the NuGO bars so I will give them a try based on your recommendations. 🙂

Power crunch bars are the best! The vanilla one is like candy an they are only around 200cals, high protein, and low carbs. They are hard to find but I’ve found in health stores and the food place sometimes connected to equinox. What do you think of the nutrition facts?

I watched this vlog today and later went shopping at my local Target when I stumbled upon the lara mini bars! Don’t have any budget left for them today but I’m excited to try them! Thanks for the tip ladies!

I need snack ideas because I am always under my calorie goal but then eat wasted calories like Hershey’s kisses or my worst thing is peanut butter and jelly toast. So I’m thinking a healthy bar might be a better alternative to try. I’ve tried one Larabar once in my life and I didn’t like it…I might be too picky. I don’t like raisins or dates so I think that was the problem. Years ago I had trouble because I loved chocolate peanut butter balance bars but those are just like candy bars. So needless to say, I’m HOPING I’ll like NuGo…will certainly give them a try and appreciate the suggestions!

Omg guys thanks for sharing this 411 cuz I am a bar lover and I’m always trying to figure out which ones are the healthiest to go with so this post def means a lot to me! Thank you thank you thank you!!
I just have 1 question, how often would you eat these bars, is 1 bar a day to much? How many bars per week would u go with? I find bars the easiest and best snack for me pre or post workouts… Would love to hear your input.
Always and forever in my heart

Hi gals! I just found this blog of yours! Love it! And you two are such an inspiration. Truly. It’s not my way to write to celebrities, but you two are AMAZING! You are inspiring me to lose those last 10-20 pounds. And, I’ll be run/walking the More Half Marathon, too! I did it in the POURING rain two years ago and still had fun! I really enjoyed participating in an all-woman race, and Central Park is glorious in the spring, even in the pouring rain. Anyhow, I love the Kind Almond Coconut Bars. I keep a couple in my purse. Even half a bar can really take the edge off for me. Just beware of leaving them in your car when it’s cold outside. That will make them hard as rocks, and you don’t want to break your teeth! Warm them in your coat first…. I think they have very few ingredients and don’t have too much if any junk in them. Have a great day!

I’m actually into Jen Bars. They might be a bit pricier, they come shipped in dry ice! Everything in them is either raw or organic. Considering they are packed in their own little cooler with the ice, I find the price to be reasonable! I take them to work and keep them in the fridge at work…with my name on them!…but wow what a nice treat and healthy 🙂 They are very dense, so only a third of the bar for a snack in the afternoon is all I need to be satisfied! Right now I’m really favoring the White Chocolate bars. They seem naughty but yet they’re not, what a deal!

Ok need to get NuGo Slim!!!! So many mornings I have to eat breakfast in my car! 🙁 Need something to fill me up and be portable! LOVE!!!!!

Y’all are precious!!! I love this video! I would love to pick your nutritional info filled brains so this was just great! I love Lara bars. I will definitely try nugo. My daughter has been keeping us crazy busy with club vball and I’ve been using that as an excuse to eat poorly. I need to get back to planning and keeping easy snacks available for on the go. Thanks for your great tips and as always for sharing your journey with us!!

God bless,

Hi– I am JEALOUS!! I wish I could understand what you have speak…. Can you please kindly add caption to your videos? So that I could join you all in your journey. Thanks so much! 🙂

Thanks for this post! I am officially hooked on Lara Bar- PB&J!!! So delicious and perfect for a meal replacement!!

Tried the nugo slim before my race on Sunday… loved it! Also, wanted to tell you about QuestBar, couldn’t find a chocolate (down side) but the cinnamon roll is good and wait for… 20g protein, 12g fiber and all natural!!! Also, gluten free (for those that need it). I have few other that I’m currently trying as well. I’m always on the hunt. PS love the larabar too!

Larabar – peanut butter cookie flavor and cherry pie are our favorites.

For a good mid-day snack I like Kashi’s Dark Mocha Almond. It’s not really a protein bar, but with 6g protein, 4g fiber, and only 6 sugar grams, it keeps me full till dinner.

For me, it’s Clif bars; crunch peanut butter and blueberry crisp. I eat one before I work out. My daughters love the Luna bars, especially the Chocolate Peppermint Stick and Lemon Zest.

I’d really love to see more posts like this. Never tried a NuGo bar before your recommendation and absolutely loved it. I’m interested in both your thoughts on various fitness/nutrition products. More please!

I’m a big fan of NuGo bars (it doesn’t hurt they’re based in my hometown, Pittsburgh :> ). They have quite a lot of varieties, but the Peanut Butter Chocolate is my favorite. I eat one for breakfast most days. They were my replacement for the Pria bar I used to eat for breakfast every morning when I first started my weight-loss journey.

i am with you hannah on the pb&j thing. my new favorite Paleo-ish snack are Apple A&C sandwiches. you slice green or red apples quite thick and you put 1 tablespoon of Almond butter & a handful of dried cranberries between the slices…. super yummy filling and totally hits the spot!

also LOVE the coconut creme pie Larabar!

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