Cruise with Us!!

We’re going on an amazing cruise with many of our favorites and we hope that includes YOU! All the info including dates, price, destinations and so much more are here.

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BL11 Friends Discuss NY Times Article

Here’s the archive of the Live Hangout we did with Courtney, Marci, Jay, and Jen! We also announced a Biggest Loser Season 11 Five Year Anniversary DietBet…JOIN TODAY!

Hannah Wedding

Hannah’s Wedding Video

Enjoy this recap of the big day!!

Day In My Life

Olivia’s Day In My Life 2.24.16

Come with me breakfast, lunch, and dinner! xxoo Olivia


Brand New DietBet!!

Join the DietBet HERE!

To celebrate the end of another awesome season of Biggest Loser we’re hosting a DietBen starting 2/24/16…join TODAY! We’re announcing it LIVE with a Google Hangout Wednesday night 2/17/16…join us!!!!