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Obsession Confession: Knee Socks

You all know by now I have fallen hard to the knee sock trend…hard! The awesome part is there are so many fun colors & patterns to choose from. I’m aย big believer in making your workout attire fun!! If you feel good in what you are wearing you might actually look forward to going to the gym…trust me it works! As always Hannah & I are looking out for your wallet as well…so we found some great deals out there for you. Take a look & let us know in the comments if you like knee socks…and most importantly where you get yours!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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I am def stocking up on some knee socks now! I love you guys more then ever! you help me every single day.. EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! I wish I can meet you someday.. well not gonna give up on that.. you are the most inspiring ppl god ever created in this universe!!!

Liba (your purple step sister ;))

You had me at ‘knee socks’!! Def going to have to check out the sock market you ladies were talking about ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’ll tell my husband to send the ‘thank you’ card to you… hehe. Thank you for sharing this awesomeness with us!


Hey! Love the videos, like always! I haven’t been a big knee-socker, but you always make them look so fun! I tend to sport the black capri spandex with the ankle/no show sock because my legs are WHITE and, well, I’m still working on that tone! Some day. (SERIOUSLY!)

I DID however buy the ankle sock version of your knee-socks at Target on that same deal! I’m all about the neon/stripes/polka-dots/hearts/skulls/prints! Fun!


I love socks. I do find that wearing them to run I get holes in the toes pretty quickly.

Can you give us the link to the sock market?

I LOVE your knee socks!! I asked for some for mother’s day but didn’t get them. I’ll have to show my kids this blog so they will believe me that they are super cute and fun and I’m not just crazy!!

Are they regular socks or are the made for working out? Wi k sweat away and all that fun stuff.

Never tried them, but it’s awesome how they come in handy at the gym. However, I’m into small free weight lifting and simple exercising like chair sits.
Regarding maintenance work, your post got me thinking about buying athletic kneepads.

Ok here’s the dealio on those Target socks. Got those cutey cute aqua heart ones and they would not go over my calves! ๐Ÿ™ Now I know my calves are not small but they are not massive either! Hmmmm… Do you guys ever run into this problem?

KNEE SOCKS! thank you for loving these too! As a fellow crossfitter I have this obsession as well. My friends like to make fun of me but I always say.. hatas gon hate. I found two pairs at a sports store the other day for 99 cents each. I mean, come on. Really? Best day ever.

I live out in the boonies and have yet to see the knee sock craze…..can you show us some pictures of how you wear them with your workout stuff? And would also love some tips on buying some cute inexpensive workout clothes!

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