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Happy Friday!!! We saw lots of lists floating around wrapping up 2012 — most popular this, best that. So we decided to dig into our stats and see what you liked the most this year. So, drumroll please…the top 5 of our YouTube videos and top 5 MyFitspiration blog posts. If you missed any or if you just want to experience again they are linked below.2012_top_5

If your fave didn’t make the list let us know in the comments below! We love you all and are so thankful for your support and encouragement. So excited to see what this list will look like next year!!!

xxo Hannah & Olivia

YouTube Top Videos:

1. Sports Bra Challenge 2012
2. BobHarper.Com Workout Preview and Interview
3. Obsession Confession: Knee Socks
4. Gym Hair How-to
5. A Big Announcement!

Top Blog Posts here at

1. BobHarper.Com Preview!!!
2. People LOVE to be nasty!
3. What Does Plus Size Really Equal?
4. Quick Fix – Is It Worth the Risk?
5. Farting – The Important Questions!

12 replies on “2012 Top Posts and Videos”

I really loved the breakfast video Olivia did (I actually made an omelet this morning with onion and spinach, feeling inspired by it). I also love the video about Friends. It really struck a cord with me and made me feel not so alone. Thanks ladies!!

I loved them all , but my favorite by far was The Big Announcement! Followed by the video about friends. I can honestly say if it weren’t for the initial announcement I would not have stepped out in faith as much as I have and am continuing to, and I would not have made some of the most encouraging friends a girl could ask for!!! I have went through and continue to go through some crazy emotions but I am certainly learning better “out than in.” Living life is so much better than life living on me!! Thanks to you both Hannah and Olivia and please keep up the encouragement! I don’t have any doubt that you are changing lives!!! I believe you have helped change mine! Much love and respect to you both!!

Tonyia!! Hey girl hey!! I’m so proud of you! You stepped out in faith and it’s paying off. The retreat was awesome! We were honored to have you be a part of it! Cheers to a fab 2013!!

My vote is def for the gym hair how-to! I definitely rocked it with a curled side pony at christmas and got LOADS of compliments! But seriously, I love them all. Thanks for everything, girls! Here’s to health, happiness and much more in 2013!

I totally agree with Tonyia…my favorite was The Big Announcement! We all waited all day for that announcement….still so thankful that my husband surprised me and signed me up right away. My life has been completely changed since that week away meeting our Unleash the Champion Family, experiencing and learning all that we did there. It was such an incredible gift that continues to be unwrapped every single day. Thank you Olivia and Hannah for passing on all that you have learned to all of us. You continue to inspire and change so many lives, especially mine! Love all of the videos and look forward to all the new ones in 2013!

Wendy! I’m so glad you became part of the MyFitspiration family and came to the retreat! What a sweet hubby you have. It was such a great week for everyone including Olivia and I. You and I showed that weight bar who’s boss at BootCamp!!! Happy New Year to you my friend!! Xoxo

Running back and forth on that turf with that weight bar with you is a moment I will never forget…I wore those bruised shoulders proudly for the next week, showing them off to friends, saying, “I did that with Hannah Curlee on the turf with Carter Hays!”…Only God could have orchestrated that week down to every single second…including ending the week with you and that weight bar yelling “Over” ever time we crossed a white line on that turf. It was amazing!

I honestly have enjoyed all the blog posts and vlogs so it’s hard for me to pick a favorite. I am really grateful that through you two (and Ben) we started sponsoring a child through World Vision. We think of this sweet child so often and are honored to be a part of his life. Wishing you and your families all the best in 2013. May God bless you all!

I would love to introduce you to a new energy bar that would be great for your workouts AND Jillian Approved! Organic and better for you than LARA Bars! Please reply if you are interested! Happy New Year ladies…only 7 more days until BL PREMIER!!! Can’t wait to see you gals on it!
Lisa V, Colorado

I loved the knee socks one! <3 I tried to do the gym hair but I think my hair is just a tad too thin to really pull it off, but maybe I'll give it a go again!

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