Farting – The Important Questions!

Hello MyFitspirationers!! We were hanging at YouTube in LA yesterday learning all kinds of fun stuff so we didn’t get our Monday video…but here it is on TUESDAY (very special). If you didn’t know we upload new videos to YouTube on Monday AND Wednesdays. Subscribe so you don’t miss one!

So, awhile back we took questions on Facebook. Mostly fun stuff (as you can tell from the title). Today is part 1 of 3. Let’s see…we talk about farting (yes, you read that right), Disney movies, Saturday morning cartoons, and nail care (one of Olivia’s favorite subjects). Join us and next time get your questions in. Stay tuned for the rest of the series this week!

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Omg haha, i love you two! And Im SOOOO lookin forward to the nail tutorial (cause you know, now that you’ve mentioned it, i hope its actually gonna happen haha), cause you know i just went to the us and got 42 nail polishes along with me home haha. Not obsessed, no no. Have a great day!

Sooo funny! My daughter, Grace, was obsessed with My Little Pony. I remember the day she packed them all away in a big bin to put into the attic and save for her little girl one day. I loved them, because she could play with them in the bathtub and the pool also. Keep sharing!…. we love the videos. (the Nail tutorial sounds like a great one to do soon.)
Another idea…Oprah use to have her “favorite things” show in November to give ideas for Christmas…How about you each share a list of your favorite things to give us ideas for great gifts for Christmas???

LMFAO!! you girls make me turn “purple” from laughter! hysterical both of you!!
I cant wait for the nail polish tutorial i would love to do my own nails im so disgusted of salons even if i bring my own tools.. ewww

I also wanted to share with you guys some very exciting news cuz I know you told me you will keep me in your prayers and im sure your prayers did help! I am finally expecting thank God! this is a very happy moment for me but on the other hand im sturggling with my eating.. I stopped counting cals I dont overeat or eat junk I eat healthy but I feel like I can count my cals right now.. and I can only workout half hr a day instead of the 2 hrs that im used too…I know i shouldnt be focusing on weight now but I dont want to gain like 50 pounds then ill need to work like crazy after to lose it all again. Im 25 weeks and 25 lbs gained… Hope you can give me some good advice on this.

Thanks so much!
P.S. whenever you guys put up a new post I get an email to notify me, but why do i get the email at 3am? is it something I have to set on my side so i shouldnt get it at that time?

alright, bye now

Congratulations!!!! That’s so amazing. It will be tough , but you can keep your weight under control Of course, you will gain some, but keep your mind in the right place. Don’t let you appetite get out of control. You want to be healthy when that little one arrives!!

Thank you for answering my question about your nails Olivia lol Totally was not expecting to hear my name on You Tube caught me by surprise:) You both rock!
Nicole Cuvelier

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