People LOVE to be nasty!

Two blogs in two days!!! Yep…I have been debating all morning about writing this blog, but I just can’t shake it out of my head so here we go.

First, I never like to get involved in such childish nonsense, but when it comes to Bob Harper & Jillian Michaels I get VERY defensive. As you all know I would do ANYTHING for my family and these two are most definitely my family through & through. As most of you know last night’s episode of The Biggest Loser evoked many different emotions and opinions across the board. I think what was shocking was my twitter feed was blown up with ugly comments about Bob. Now, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but what was so surprising to me is how fickle people are. I read so many blog posts that were down on Bob which was based on ONE episode. These are also the SAME people who have praised the man for 12 seasons. Heard of grace much? Geez.

Trust me Bob Harper doesn’t need any defending from me, but I will say I owe him my life. Not only did he love & care for me at the ranch, but he continues to foster a very personal & meaningful relationship with both Hannah & I post BL. The man is CRAZY busy & he always makes time for me…and trust me when I say he doesn’t have to do that. What bothers me the most is people also forget that even though people are changing their lives for the better The Biggest Loser is still a TV SHOW! Things are edited for drama & interest. Also, it is impossible to understand what a pressure cooker the ranch is…I’m talking PRESSURE COOKER on crack!! It’s not just pressure on the contestants, but huge pressure on the trainers. Imagine how you would feel knowing you are given a group of very broken people who have come to you for help & are expecting major results. I cant even imagine….and he has always handled that with extreme grace & class. That being said it is also extremely competitive…which is usually a theme produced or not produced by the contestants. I don’t know about you, but there have been times in the heat of battle that I have let that competitive nature get the best of me. It happens…move on. I think throwing the baby out with the bath water is by far the most immature thing ever…which I saw everywhere online last night.

I don’t know…I was just extremely disappointed in so many blogs & tweets last night. It’s truly sad.

I love you Bob. You changed my life forever & continue to offer me friendship expecting nothing in return. For that I could never repay. You are truly the best.



Ok guys……what are your thoughts & feelings….let’s get this started in the comments. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand Gooooooooo!

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Often we have strong reactions to people’s behavior that we don’t like because it is something we are struggling with as well. I think you hit the nail on the head with “grace”. We are all humans, we need to be kind to each other and to accept that everyone makes mistakes. We should focus on improving ourselves instead of judging others. Let Bob worry about Bob!

I ABSOLUTELY AGREE! I was waiting for someone to say this!

The man has been not only a genius but so sweet for all of these seasons, so what he has a bad week? He’s human! How many of us say stupid things when we are angry? I mean come on people! it happens!

I agree about the competition aspect too – everyone stresses that its about the weight not competition but the reality is that it is a tv show and is a competition! tempers are going to flare!

Many people seemed to attack Bob way too easily over one episode.. I was really disappointed too! πŸ™

the blogs were awful, made a huge deal out of one episode. what bothered me was how some former contestants were really turning on him on twitter too!

everyone is entitled to opinion but to attack the guy who helped you get your life back over one mistake was awful to witness.

Absolutely on the side of humans are humans and a TV show must be entertaining. Not only do I and did I appreciate the approach of BOTH trainers on show 2 of BL 13, I totally loved the segment with the doctor explaining the risks of the two brother’s food behavior and the section with the BL nutritionist and the grocery store. I read an article yesterday that compared TBL to a new extreme weight loss show and the article insinuated the TBL was dangerous. EXCUSE ME? The contestants are a danger to themselves at their dangerous weights and the trainers and doctors and nutritionists are showing them the painful but correct way to give health back to their bodies instead of the slow suicide that is happening. Negative energy is all around us and is what too many too easily give into. Use your heads and see what’s right. Thanks Olivia for speaking out!!!

I agree…there are ignorant people out there unfortunately and they need to remember…it IS a TV SHOW. I think both the trainers are EXCELLENT and would give anything to be able to have them help me as they helped you and all the contestants on BL! Sometimes you just gotta ignore the ignorance in people πŸ™


I have to say, the show disappointed me last night. On occasion I feel like the producers lose sight of what the show is really about and try to throw in unnecessary drama, like last night’s spat between Dolvet and Bob. I think this is entirely on the producers and NOT Bob. However, I think it would have been nice to see Bob react in a way of admiration. If Dolvet is using Bob’s workouts, it should be a compliment to Bob that his workouts work and produce results.

You hit the nail on the head…sometimes what you see may not be exactly how it went down. For the most part it is dead on, but it’s a tv show first. πŸ™‚

I agree with you…I was disappointed as well. I REALLY agree with your statement that this is on the producers. I actually felt so sorry for Bob during the show…I know it was intentional on the shows part to make it look like there is a huge problem brewing between Dolvett and Bob in order to bring in more viewers. I work in marketing and I can tell you that is the exact direction this show is heading this season (in my opinion).

However, even more disappointing to me was my Twitter feed from the Season 12 contestants. I was dumbfounded by their comments. πŸ™ I have enjoyed following the different BL contestants on Twitter. Their tweets are almost always inspirational and entertaining. But last night I had to stop reading Twitter in order to keep myself from “unfollowing” them.

Thank you Olivia for helping put this all in perspective. I hope that many people read this and understand that how they portrayed Bob last night is NOT the person that he truly is.

Big hugs!

I can also tell that this is the way the producers are taking the “battle between the trainers” this season. What I didn’t anticipate was the childish acting of some of the contestants like I mentioned in a separate comment on this blog (so I won’t restate it here). I hope they tone it down a bit because both of these trainers are working towards the same goal.

I could NOT agree more. I was getting so protective of Bob and I don’t even know him like you do. Ugh. Thanks so much for writing this and putting a little perspective on people’s negative comments. PS- I don’t know you personally, but I feel like we’re friends and I want to give you and Bob both hugs right now! πŸ™‚ ( I got to see him yesterday.) Olivia- thanks for inspiring soooo many out there!

Preach it, sister!! I 100% agree with you. It really disappointed and upset me last night to see so many haters and I don’t even know him…. Bob only has the contestants best interest in mind and to see so many bashing him was very sad.

Thank goodness someone else feels the same way,

I was particularly disappointed in certain previous contestants (not naming any names!) who seem to have forgotten all that Bob did for them, and jumped in real quick to make some seriously snide and maybe even nasty comments! So disappointing. They sem to have forgotten when Bob was the one pushing them to their best, challenging them to be better, teaching them how to start over, giving them al the emotional support they could ever ask for, and then the love and emotion he showed in one particular case when said contestant was being sent home at the weigh in.

I love Bob! I hate to see anyone bashing him, I think these people are forgetting that this is TV, but theres a lot goin on behind the scenes too. I just was so upset to read things from people that he clearly spent a lot of time with and that previously had nothing bad to say about him when they were on the ranch..

Thanks Olivia for posting and keeping the sanity!

I completely agree!! It really shows people’s true character. That man would give the shirt off his back to any contestant past or present…no matter what team they were on. How quickly people forget that. I would bend over backwards for both Bob & Jillian…no questions asked!

This is the part I had the most problem with as well – the previous contestants making comments about the trainers. Regardless of their personal feelings, at least one markets themselves as still connected to Biggest Loser, so to see that kind of response was incredibly frustrating, to say the least.

definitely agree with this! the twitter comments from some past contestants shocked me the most! how quickly they forget! they made some pretty harsh generalizations from one episode.. pretty pathetic if you ask me.

I agree. People are so quick to judge. Like you said, TV is edited to show drama. People love the DRAMA! I believe that Bob is an awesome guy. You and your sister look AMAZING!

Olivia, I agree with everything you said. I think what surprised me most were tweets from previous BL contestants that lived on the Ranch and were right in the middle of it. I was really disappointed with the negative comments about him…so much so that I had to “unfollow” a few. πŸ™

Thank you so much for taking the time and listening to your discernment. So thankful that you used your beautiful voice in this. To be honest, I noticed your absence on Twitter last night and wondered what your response was…..

I agree that clearly Bob was sick and not feeling well at all. What dedication for him to still show up and train these people during a really hard week. How often have all of us gotten crabby when we’re sick? #Grace.

Dolvett talks about bringing out the beast in people and he clearly brought that out in Bob last night, based on what the producers chose to show. My sense is that there was alot more going on and we need to trust Bob with this one. I finally chose to tweet him directly and ask what was going on during that episode. I know he probably can’t or won’t respond but I’d had enough judgment and assumption and wanted him to know that I care what he says. I know too well that perceptions can be skewed by our own emotions and outlooks.

I’m confused by some of the former BL contestants appearing to turn on Bob as well and asked some of them directly about that. No response, but I did pick up on some of them being irritated by people being biased towards Bob and Jillian and not being open to Dolvett. Others reached out to Bob immediately. Others stayed quiet, like you. With what I know about Bob, he’s probably worked it out with Crossfit πŸ™‚

Here’s my beef with the whole thing. I’ve been inspired by the BL since I had neck surgery 2 years ago and watched it while recovering. As a result I was out moving daily 2 weeks after my surgery and progressed with excellant results, which was not predicted. The inpiration piece is what I missed from this episode. Was time taken with the Red Team members to understand why their choice was so risky, despite their belief in the team? What about their own stories? So much focus on the competition and not about how these peoples lives are being transformed. I hope the producers don’t fall under the industry pressure of becoming more like Survivor or one of those challenge shows because they’d lose viewers.

I guess I needed a place to voice my struggles last night too and thank you for provided that. You and Hannah inspire me and I respect you as women of faith. Have wished I could talk with you as I’m breaking through a huge wall right now.

Love and Blessings to you

I feel the same as Jenny, it seems the producers are headed on a slippery slope for ratings that I’m afraid could ruin the show! What could they be thinking? I’m with you, Bob. Please hang in there.

I personally thought it was great to see Bob get irritated and competitive. He’s human – not a 2 dimensional character. I find is sad that people cannot separate fictional characters from real people on television. Give the man a break. He’s been doing it for years, and there have been major changes to the show lately. Thanks for sharing this. You and Bob are both amazing and inspirational!!

I agree, the nasty comments on Twitter were unnecessary, even if everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It’s a Reality TV show, so the editing done to add drama. I stand besides Bob just like I have in the past. He’s an awesome trainer, and it sounds like he’s an even more amazing man!

Totally agree. I forget when this moment came last night but I really loved seeing Bob with Chism. He was so tender and supportive of Chism. Those are the moments that get overshadowed by the “negative” snipits thrown in for drama.

I didn’t see any of the tweets from the show last night but I can only imagine what people were saying about Bob! I have watched the show for a very long time and I have come to just learn that TV Producers want the drama to be shown…it is what keeps people captivated! Dolvett and Bob are very competitive trainers but their ultimate goal is to help these contestants gain as much knowledge about nutrition and weight training as they possibly can while they are there on the ranch. I feel Bob is very professional and very devoted to his job! I got the privilege of hearing him speak a couple of years ago and you could see and hear the sincerity and devotion he has to help others get healthy. To shoot him down because of one bad show is wrong! We all make mistakes…we are fortunate enough to get another day to start over! We must move on! You said it all so wonderfully Olivia! Thank you!

Quite honestly, I was so turned off from all the negative comments on Twitter and all the drama on the episode itself, that I stopped paying much attention to both last night. It’s a shame. I sometimes think people care more about the “attention” they receive from their tweets moreso than what they’re really saying in them and how it might make the recipient of those comments feel.

What’s funny is that a lot of people who watch the Biggest Loser have never been in any sort of workout/pressurized situation. Even on his worst day, I would still love for Bob to hound me at the gym.

The people on BL, contestants and trainers, are just people. And we all have our issues. I’m sure if a camera crew followed me around long enough that there would be plenty of negative things others could say about me.

People just need to have more grace and to remember that no one is perfect.

Sometimes we forget people are human! Although Bob looks superhuman to me! *wink, wink*

I have obviously never met Bob, but he clearly has a passion for what he does and changed lives show that it is definitely in his calling. That said, we all have moments where the situation gets the best of us. That may have happened last night with Hottie Bob Harper. But dissappointment only comes when WE have placed someone on a pedastal, . He is just a man. He deserves an off day!

The most dissappointing thing for me was an outspoken former contestant, who I adore, that was so quick to vocalize her disappointment with Bob! She has met Bob. Bob has helped her change her life and she was so quick to throw him under the bus. I wish she would have handle her disappointment differently and expressed her opinion to Bob, who she has a personal relationship with. Instead, she chose to go on a tangent and has now influensed others to get on board with her negativity.

Thanks for letting me get that out there. πŸ™‚ love you, mean it!

I HATE to admit this, but I was one of those who was mean last night, not publicly but I thought to myself, Bob is being a butthead tonight!

With that being said, I also thought to myself, we all have bad days, we all get irritable and gotta love tv editing. I love Bob and I know he has a rough job and he is an amazing dude! He has changed so many lives and if I ever get a chance to take one of his classes I would be sooooo excited!

Thanks for the post Olivia! Love you and Hannah!!!

Fully agreed… Love this and Bob, wearing my team bob shirt at the gym today. We expect everyone to be perfect all the time, look in the mirror and then judge. You know what they say about casting th first stone….people need to relax

I 110% get that it is a tv show, but I was definitely shocked by the negativity last night. Whether the ranch was actually that negative or the producers chose to show it that way, I don’t know. There needs to be more support, from contestant to contestant and between Bob and Dolvett. Whatever issues Bob and Dolvett have (real or acting) should not be handled in front of the contestants. It’s unprofessional.

love all these comments, glad to see I wasn’t the only one astounded by the twitter comments of past contestants. those really bothered me most!

I think Bob iS awsome. He has tweeted me to congratulate me on my sucess and he doesn’t know me He is allowed to speak his mind. People should not be so quick to judge. I love Bob! He inspires me everyday as do you.

It wasn’t so much Bob and Dolvett that bothered me last night, it was the contestants. I’ve never seen an elimination room where people were being so childish and petty. Hopefully they all get past it.

The previews for next week have me a little worried. Someone quits? Bob says it’s never happened before, does he forget Rulon?

I think editing has SO much to do with how things come across. Wondering if that is the case with the “No one has ever quit before” comment. ??

Thank you Olivia!!! I completely agree with you. People who responded that way obviously don’t get it, don’t see the bigger picture of how much Bob cares for these people and wants them to succeed.
And now that Bob is a CrossFitter, I feel like he’s part of my family too; CF changed my life and it’s fun to watch it change even someone as fit as Bob :-). I found myself feeling very protective of him when people were blowing up their tweets to attack him. Thanks for saying what needed to be said.

I have to say, I was surprised by Bob’s reaction in the gym, but I chalked it up to a. production making a mountain out of a mole hill for effect and b. a crazy week getting the better of a human being in a stressful environment. I love Bob. I love his heart and how he has clearly touched so many lives for the better. If cameras were on us constantly, I’m sure there’d be more than one snide remark to show america! And, we wouldn’t have nearly as many changed lives to show for ourselves. I think people should cut him some slack.

The thing that bothered me the most was Conda v. Mike. What she did, how she responded, how carelessly she amped up the drama and convinced the team to make a decision that could change the course of a person’s life AND take him away from his brother was just so mean and childish. I’m glad she felt bad and all, but, it was sort of too little, too late. I felt bad for Mike. I hope he continues to do well off the ranch AND that Conda learns a big lesson from this about judging people as well as about how actions have consequences. Maybe she’ll grow up a bit from this.

To end on a more positive note, I think Ali handled the whole drama so well. I love her!

I LOVE Bob. I don’t care how “nasty” he is… Crossfitters stick together! Kidding aside, love the guy. He has a method. It works. Period. I am sure the rest is dramatized but I can only imagine the stress. I am less impressed w/the drama among the contestants.

People who write angry and rude posts on Twitter/Facebook scare me! Just as any reality show, we don’t know what led up to the disagreement so why even comment? Silly!!

Still need to watch this episode, but I’m getting the gist from the comments. I can totally relate to the whole “production vs reality” concept from my infomercial test group experience in NYC…the trainers want YOU to succeed for YOU, bottom line, and what you see on TV is for ratings…two very different things. Bob’s MORE than earned his stripes, one episode shouldn’t have any bearing on how people feel about him, but we live in a fickle society.

OLIvia i want to say something we all luv u and hannah & bob i dont way ppl would say something like that bob is not their to be mean or whatever he is there to change there life’s for the better but it may seem like he is been mean to them he is there to inspire them. one thing OLIVIA We all have your back. oh that was nasty & gross about all of that. Love, always Chasity;)

I have been watching BL since it started.. and what I think people forget is that the trainers are just people. Everyone on the show has so much pressure on them, and of course the drama is what is left for the viewers to see. It’s all about the ratings! I think people have to remember that, just as Olivia said, they are all under so much stress, and we shouldn’t be so quick to judge! This show has changed so many peoples lives, and we should remember that aspect! Give them a break if they have a bad week, they are all entitled to that πŸ™‚

I totally agree with you that the whole situation between Bob and Dolvett is likely being fueled by the editing room and the producers. People love controversy which is an unfortunate fact of life. Jillian and Bob had to have had their snarly moments, but people wouldn’t have liked that, so no one saw it. I adore Bob, I adore Dolvett. They are both excellent at what they do and they are human beings.

It’s too bad Bob is being painted in a negative light, he still is my favorite southern boy!

Was just talking about this with a friend. Everyone has bad days, even Bob Harper, we just don’t have a camera around to catch it. Bob had a bad day and everyone needs to get over it. The show will air that kind of stuff because it causes drama and drama increases ratings.

Alright, here we go…

Human nature will tell you that if you put two men in a room and give them a gave of pixie sticks, jenga, or hungry hungry hippos they will want to beat the other man. It is a very rare occurance that you find one man without that competitive bone to defeat another man. This is also true for women, but I would venture to say the percentage is slightly lower. Jillian is obviously in that higher percentile of competitiveness.

Furthermore, as a very demonstrative person like Dolvett and Bob, I myself can you tell you I get very, VERY irritated when my company hires people louder and more obnoxious than myself. I don’t like competing for attention/laughs/enthusiasm towards the cause…and make no mistake about it…Dolvett screaming at his team in the weight room, albeit possibly annoying, is his primal nature of barking louder than the other dog. (think of Tim Taylor for Home Improvement)

I believe it says NOTHING about their desire or love for the contestants, in fact more so, they love them THAT much to really get involved and care about them enough to yell and scream. I’ve always told my three oldest kids, if I don’t yell at you or teach you, you should start to worry.

I would use the word “disappointed” to describe my reaction to Bob last night. I felt like he brought some negative energy to his team so much so he had to RE-focus them from paying attention to his “annoyance” at Dolvett. Regardless of how the producers displayed it on TV, Bob was annoyed, and DID say something in front of his team, and that doesn’t fly in the professional world. It immediatley creates tension between the two factions and that’s not what BL is about. Especially since the other team this season is ALSO family. It doesn’t at all affect my feelings about Bob or Dolvett or Biggest Loser. I just think it should have been handled differently…just like he did…he took them outside away from said distraction. He just shouldn’t have displayed it to his team. In my opinion.

In regards to former Biggest Loser contestants…If they were disappointed in his actions…you can multiply MY disappointment by 100 because they KNOW him. When you look up to someone as much as you all look up to these trainers and they do something out of character that disappoints you…you might think “come on, you’re better than that”…whether that be on twitter, facebook, in your diary. It is what it is….I doubt these contestants have any less love for Bob than they did when they were the ones thanking him for their life. I wouldn’t read too much into it. You’re now disappointed in your fellow contestants for the same reasons, you look up to them, and therefore expect better things out of them.

These are VERY imporant people you’re talking about and therefore you need to take the emotion out and understand human nature.

Sorry so long winded…you asked πŸ™‚

Much Love from the Hicks6 (although these opinions are mine….we’ll see if Cindy responds)

Thanks for addressing the issue of former contestants. I actually had no problem with them expressing themselves. I think they are entitled to opinions the same way Olivia has expressed hers in support of Bob.

I agree with you Olivia. I would give anything to have a workout with Bob. I need somebody to push me like that. I’m not that much overweight, maybe 15 pounds, but motivation is my thing. Someone like Bob is a master at motivating people. I have his voice in my head when I pick up my kettlebell or when I’m out running and wanting to stop.

Shame on the producers for unnecessary drama. It’s NOT funny and takes away from the integrity of the show. Bet they dont’ listen though.

I remember turning to my hubby last night and saying, “Really Bob? Suck it up, that’s flattering that Dolvett wants to use your exercises that we all know bring results!” … but I never thought anything poorly of Bob or anything about him as a trainer. He’s a genius and I could only be so lucky to have him treat me that bad at one point in my life! Hahaha… Not only that I then mentioned to my husband, “Nobody is fun to work with when their sick, especially your trainer!” — he was clearly sick that week but obviously still has to put in his hours with the contestants… ANYONE would have been in a bad mood. Lighten up people… I love my blogs but the one thing I hate about them is how nasty people get out here in blogosphere!

I wasn’t following the blogosphere last night, but did keep an eye on Twitter commentary. Frankly, It didn’t seem to me that the negative comments on Twitter were any nastier than what Bob himself brought to the screen on last night’s episode. I was actually appalled at this behavior, which struck me as extremely unprofessional. If anyone brought a “toxic” atmosphere to that gym, it seemed to me that it was Bob himself. And by the way, those exercises are not proprietary. when one of the contestants commented that they were “very Bob,” I said, “No. They’re very STANDARD.” And Bob muttering about Dolvett having watched the show year after year and “stolen” Bob’s routines? In front of the contestants? No.

Yes, I realize that TBL is a TV show, but the producers and editors can only use what they are given. If Bob doesn’t have a hissy fit, it doesn’t happen on our TV screens. Now, if the producers are ENCOURAGING the “rivalry between trainers” angle, then shame on them. That’s not what the show should be about. It should be about the CONTESTANTS and their path to fitness and health. To that end, I really wish the show went back to NOT having the trainers present during the weigh-in. It’s becoming much too much about their reactions to the losses (or lack thereof), with the contestants anxious not to disappoint their trainers.

Olivia, I couldn’t agree more! Tv is Tv they do that to get people to keep watching! Bob is amazing and if he wasn’t he wouldn’t have been on the show for this long. He knows what he is doing for sure. He knows how to break you down at the right moment and bring you back up! He has changed many lives and will continue to do. So all I can say he is good at what he does! Good for you for writing this!

Really, can you not disagree with her without calling her an idiot? You’re being hateful to a real person (with a big, sweet heart) over a television show.

No need to be nasty, Pauline. Olivia never said that Bob didn’t have a rough night. She was referring to how others responded and to give credit to Bob for the human that he is. We’ve all succombed to pressure and stress and being sick.

Please don’t post if you can’t be respectful.

Wow! I am curious why Hannah got thrown in there. As for taking a hike, it would definitely burn some calories… πŸ™‚

I have to do nothing but agree with you Olivia.. I hate it when people who know nothing about what goes on behind closed doors Judge others for what they see on the screen. Yes last nights show was a bit harsh, but I know what Bob does and the amount of stress he has on a daily basis. I only wish I could get to teh ranch and have Bob kick my ass…… But I am on my own journey with the help of Hannah and the inspirational moments Bob shows me on the show, I have lost 30 lbs now and heading for sucess of my own. God Bless Bob, and all those on the show that inspire me on a daily basis. God Bless you and Hannah as well. Hannah knows the place she has in my heart.. #onmywayhealthy

So I did not see what happened on the boards last night however I’m sort of Switzerland in this situation because I wonder how many times Bob got mad at someone and might have not handled it as gracefully. I don’t blame him, the dude is human! I don’t feel one way or another about his character based on his reaction on the show. Dolvett could have also toned it down, the man is a great trainer as well but it’s only his 2nd season and the audience doesn’t know him as well as we seem to know Bob. I just wish people would realize we do not really know Bob, he is only on our TV and just because of 1 show people are all up in arms about it. Dolvett and Bob just keep on doing your thing πŸ™‚ you both rock!

Olivia (and Hannah) you girls are inspirational to me, thanks to you both πŸ™‚
Again I wanted to mention the link to your sisters website on the side bar is still not working

Thank you for your post. Personally, I would be much more offended if Bob didn’t get riled up. His passion for changing lives is what we love about him. I think it’s awesome that he hasn’t been jaded by going through this process so many times, and still cares about his contestants. I’d write more, but I need to go workout :).

I agree with you! Olivia, I obviously don’t know what people were tweeting you but you have to understand that as a former BL insider your views may be different from viewers at home. We can only base our reactions on what is shown on TV. Bob is an awesome trainer and he has definitely changed lives, there is no denying it. My problem with last night’s episode was not Bob’s training capabilities but his attitude towards another trainer who is also trying to change lives. It was honestly unpleasant to watch and in the end he came across as the cocky one (even if it was for ratings).

I haven’t watched the episode yet and I’m wondering now if I even will. I hated the season when the producers pitted Bob / Jillian against Cara and Brett….I didn’t like last week when they pitted Dolvett against Bob. It doesn’t do anyone any good – and is destroying the BL fan base. We want to be inspired and motivated – I don’t think any of us want the drama! Anyone that has listened to anything Jillian has said about what the producers did to her – or have seen anything she does when she is being closer to herself versus what they portrayed her as on BL will know that there is very little reality in this area of BL. It is a shame that the producers are taking something so amazing and inspirational and destroying it. All I can say is I bet Bob is relating to Jillian in a way he never has before – he is the victim of this bad guy portrayal now – I bet Jillian can give him some advice in that area.

I agree, too. TBL used to be more focused on the contestants and their journeys. They showed them on the opening credits. The opening songs were about them–“Looking Good,” “What Have you Done Today.” Slowly it has become a drama where they pit WHOLE groups against each other, and all but pit the viewing audience against them, too. Brett/Cara and their teams got a really RAW deal that season. Those contestants should have had their stories told objectively so the audience could get to know them, instead they were labeled the “others,” and the trainers were pit against Bob/Jillian as if they were interlopers on these great trainers’ territory. I remember clearly when Bob began training that girl who was a “barnie” and she told him about her car crash. And he was like, “I don’t even know you.” And I was thinking, you sure don’t. But you were talking major smack against her and the rest. The trainers are supposed to be there for everyone. Even if you’re not their trainer, you should NOT be speaking ugly against others because they are not on your team. So, Bob lost me with Joelle, and he’s only gotten worse. Bob/Jillian lost me with how they treated “Crazy Tracy,” who was doing her best to stay in the GAME. But when it’s John from last season, well Bob thinks he’s a warrior with superior focus to get to the end of the game. Ugliness. The show itself is losing me with it’s drama and how the contestants seemed to be valued less than the trainers and Allison.

THANK-YOU!!!! I mean, Bob is human too and I am appalled by how many former BL have been making anti-Bob statements lately, ESPECIALLY ones that were on his team in the past in YOUR SEASON even!!! Thank-you for saying that grace should be given to everyone cause we all mess up. I think the moment could have very well been egged on and edited for drama purposes and it sure worked if so, huh?
Thanks for staying loyal and true Olivia and Hannah! It’s few and far between that you can find that these days.

I guess I don’t really know what you are talking about because I don’t know what Bob did that was wrong. I mean, I know you said you got all of these negative tweets about Bob, but… what did he do?! Bob seems the the most genuine, selfless and awesome man, I can’t imagine anyone putting him down! But when people put others down, it’s usually because they are upset with themselves in some way and are trying to make themselves feel better. Which is just awful. Go Team Bob! πŸ™‚

Olivia, I’m so glad you posted this! I totally agree with everything you said. Yes, I also read all the nasty tweets from previous contestants (who also owe their life and health to Bob) and who still associate themselves with biggest loser. It made me sick and I made the decision to “unfollow” more than one of them. What bothered me the most about the episode was not the trainers (major love for both of them, especially Bob) but the lack of grace extended to fellow contestants. Like you said, all of these people come to the ranch broken and I would hope that it could be a safe place for all of them. But as evidenced by the final vote and the attacks against Mike it looks like it could be a long season. Seems like there are a couple of bullies on the show this year that I won’t have much patience for. And it looks to continue next week. Ugh!

Olivia, thank you for continuing to share your sweet spirit and inspire others! I always love to read your twitter, blog, etc and am so happy about the new life you’ve found! Oh, and just last night I was telling my husband “you know, I just haven’t gotten attached to other contestants the way I did with Olivia and Hannah!” Much love and best wishes to the both of you!

I love Bob and I continue to believe that he’s a saint. Geeesh…people are annoying. That man is pure heart and seems to be all about helping people…and I’ve never met him!

Bob is amazing. I don’t even care about last night’s episode because I’ve learned that television twists and turns things to make mountains out of mole hills, and even if Bob had a bad week. Who cares? That man has produced more positive “fruit” out of the show so to speak than anyone else. He is awesome and I am truly inspired by him!

Ok so after reading all of this I am ever so very grateful that im probably the only human that isnt on twitter…well i have an account but i never check it. Im grateful i didnt see the comments from members of the previous seasons.

Watching without seeing the comments I saw it as Bob having a bad day, and EVERYONE has a bad day, I dont care who you are. To me he did the right thing by going outside and getting out of the environment that was making his bad day worse.

Its sad to hear that previous contestants, and fans of the show were saying negative things. Guess they were having a bad day too. Any body that has been a trainer on the show has a passion to make peoples lives better. They see things in contestants that they can see, yet, and it has got to be frustrating, and hard work to get people to see that they are worth a healthy life style. Its not about being skinny its about being healthy and all the trainers have a deep deep passion for it, hence why they have the job that they have.

All in all im sure the producers do make the show as close to reality as possible, but it is a tv show and producers will probably focus on certain things for the drama and to keep your attention. Nobody knows how it was except those that were there, we cant judge.

I would love for Bob, Jullian, Dolvet, Sam, Koli, Ashely, Courtney, Olivia, Hannah, to kick my bootie in that gym.

Thank you Olivia for your honesty, one of the many reasons people love you. Thank you for being an inspiration to many many people, including myself. Your starting weight is where I am right now.. yours and Hannah’s before and after pictures are on my “make it happen” wall and i know i will make it happen.

Thank you!!!

I too felt Bob’s behavior was nasty and childish; however, UNCHARACTERISTICALLY so. There is a life principal that says we reap what we sow and last night negativity and nastiness was sowed on BL in many ways, including Bob’s comments and attitudes toward fellow trainer, Dolvett. People have come to love Bob Harper but have also come to love Dolvett and saw him as being unfairly treated and now Bob is reaping back what he sowed last night. I go back to my earlier statement that this was UNCHARACTERISTIC Bob behavior, THEREFORE, my cynical mind says that it was the producers who are behind this. Possibly Bob is leaving the show and they are working to get him not so loved so that when he leaves, people aren’t crying in their Jeanie ground turkey as was the case when Jillian left. Could it be a strategic move, by the producers, instead petty jealousy and rivalry on the part of Bob, as we are being led to believe?

I didn’t see the nasty comments about Bob and I honestly don’t want to. This season so far has been a huge disappointment to me. I have loved The Biggest Loser because of contestants like you, Hannah, Antone, Sunny and Vinny (to name a few). All of you have show great sportsmanship while competing on the show. It is competitive but you never made it about that. You all made it about the weight loss and your journey.

This season is full of negative people that are making it all about the competition rather than about themselves. Healthy competition can be good but the girls who are being so catty are being ridiculous. The person sent home was someone who really needed to be there. His story was so heartbreaking and yet the pettiness of a girl who didn’t even take the time to get to know him or his story was more set about getting rid of him then what was best for him or the team.

Bob Harper is someone who has taken people and changed/saved their lives. There are so many people that would love to be on that show just to have the opportunity to be in this man’s presence to learn and be trained by him. Myself included. He didn’t say anything last night that wasn’t true.

Dolvett is a new trainer. Last night he acted like a child. Spray painting a wall, yelling, writing on the contestants and just being totally obnoxious. He is supposed to be a leader. Look at his team at the end of the show. You don’t encourage behavior like that.

Bob and Jillian had a rivalry but it was friendly. They trained their own way and got their own results. Bob had every right to be mad when Dolvett is acting this way while he is trying to train his team and also sees the man using his techniques to train his team. I would be infuriated too. Get your own game plan. Dolvett will never be Bob Harper and he will never be Jillian Michaels. They are two trainers who at the end of the day care more about the people then the competition. THAT is what makes a great trainer.

Its funny you say Dolvett should get his own style but then you criticize him for spray painting the wall and writing on his contestants. Personally, I don’t think Dolvett is trying to be Bob. In all fairness those are not Bob’s techniques. Just because he used them in prior seasons it does not mean he owns them.

PS: I love them both.

I was pointing out that spray painting on a wall and writing on contestants is not positive and is immature. That doesn’t motivate.

I also didn’t say Bob owned the techniques but if you want to stand out as an individual as a trainer than use your own. I had no problem with Dolvett until last night. In fact I enjoyed him last season because he was different. Just like Jillian had her own style and carried herself very differently. Same as the two trainers that were into boxing.

I respect your opinion even if I don’t agree. I guess the producers definitely got what they wanted, they gave us something to talk about.

This is just my opinion and mine only. I have never had the privilege of being a contestant on the Biggest Loser so I have no idea as to what truly goes on before and after the footage that we get to see on television.
With that being said, I have watched TBL from the beginning and will continue to watch it, but it does amaze me how some of the contestants act. You are given an amazing gift when you get to be on the show. Yes, I’m sure the money is great, but to be honest – I myself would love to be on the show even if there wasn’t a monetary prize at the end. The MAIN prize is that you are getting your health and life back!!! Isn’t that priceless enough?
I’m sure it is very stressful being on the show and away from your friends and family, but it just seems like people would try and be more kind toward each other and not be so petty.
As for Mr. Bob Harper – well, that man rocks and I would LOVE to be able to have him as a trainer. I can’t imagine a single thing bad that anyone could say about him. Keep in mind that everyone has bad days and we say things that we normally wouldn’t if we actually thought about it. BOB HARPER IS WONDERFUL, CARING and KIND!!! I’m not fortunate enough to know him personally, but I know good when I see it. πŸ™‚
This is a great show and I hope it stays on the air for a long time to come. Maybe they can tweak it a little bit. I’m not sure how, but get it back to the true meaning of the show – to lose weight – not just to win the money. I hope the people that run the show itself knows that people will still continue to watch and love the show without any drama between the contestants and or the trainers.
Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying that every contestant has been after the money, but you know there have been a few.
THE BIGGEST LOSER is a GREAT SHOW!!! Keep up the good work!!

I love Bob and I have enjoyed watching him season after season. I know that if someone taped my life for a week, they could make some pretty bad looking footage. I think that even with his “bad” week, he kept it mostly cool. You could tell he was upset but he never crossed that anger line in my opinion. This week 2….tough love is what its about right now. Love You Bob, Hannah and Olivia! You are inspiring and I will continue to follow all of you on Twitter. πŸ™‚

I don’t use twitter so I didn’t catch all the things you are talking about, but I agree with many of you this is a TV show! BL is a competition not only for money but for regaining a healthy and productive life. I am sure trainers and contestants alike experience tremendous pressure and become stressed over time. I was a little surprised at Bobs actions myself but would never put him down over it. I for one know it’s a TV show and two he is a great person and a top notch trainer! I would be blessed to have just one week with him pushing me through workouts and educating me on nutrition. I fight my weight constantly due to the fact that I am in the Army National Guard. My weight problems arent as severe as others but could definitely affect my career. So, this show with its ups and downs keeps me motivated! For example, after watching the Thanksgiving show I was inspired to complete an Ironman! Tara Costa is a true athlete and has inspired to me to complete this grueling event! 2014 Ironman World Championships here I come!

Olivia and Hannah you too accomplished some amazing things! I would love to spend some time with any former biggest loser contestant to talk about the experience and receive some great advice on staying fit.

I didn’t read the online stuff, but I tend to blow it off. People NEED entertainment, and they’re sure not going to be entertained by saying nothing or being all smiles. That’s when they’ll tune out of the show.

I admit I was a little surprised that Bob attacked Dolvett for writing the number of pounds he wanted his team to lose, but maybe they edited something out that blocked me from understanding Bob’s reasoning.

Finally, my own take: Bob won. If I caught more I might understand what the 5 pounds issue was, but Bob won. Congrats to him. And he’s not used to seeing his methods so heavily employed by another trainer. My opinion: We don’t need a deadend show; we need innovation. If Dolvett has trained a long time and doesn’t have his own methods yet, then the show should’ve hired one or two female trainers to have variety.

So there you have it. I agree with Dolvett about writing on the wall and I agree with Bob about overuse of his methods by Dolvett.

Okay…. I just have to comment. I have always been one to silently sit on the side and read all the posts, agree or disagree and move on, BUT!!!!! Last night’s episode and subsequent twitter/blog fall out hurt my heart. I am not pleased with the turn I feel the show has taken this season. Reality show drama does not make me want to watch. Inspiring weight loss stories, healthy tips and workout advice is why I watch. It hurt to see a contestant actually say they were hoping for someone to step on the scale and gain weight. The point of the show feels lost, maybe Bob is feeling that? Judge not least you be be judged….own your own journey and hope your actions inspire someone to live a better life.

I would give my right arm for an opportunity to train on the ranch with Bob. Enough belly aching and more action!

Keep your life and spirit clean and be rewarded in the end….PROOF needed you say. Meet Olivia and her sister Hannah!

Well said Olivia, well said. The caring that Bob shows for the contestants on the show no matter who’s team they are on comes through loud and clear every season.

Bob Harper rocks — I wish I had the pleasure of knowing him personally, but I feel like I do because of the candor he shows on BL. Everyone should have a Bob Harper in their life!!

You are SOOOO right on!! Sure, Bob doesn’t have a trademark on exercise, but it would certainly “irk” me if someone was doing things that were uniquely “my” moves for years. Who wouldn’t be bothered by something like that if they were in his shoes?! Add to that the pressure cooker environment, high expectations, and competition & I’d say he handled MUCH better than I would have!!! :o) Plus, it’s clear that for whatever reason there is much less of a “friendly competition” spirit between Bob & Dolvett (like there was between him & Jill), but more of a full-on rivalry. Since the only thing that is new is Dolvett, my suspicions are that he’s been a bit of an instigator (especially given the spray painting incident!).

I agree with you. The little fit Bob had did disappoint me, but I realized this was an isolated incident and not something that should define what we think of Bob. We are all human. And if we ourselves expect forgiveness for being human, we also need to give forgiveness when others are. What bothers me is that the producers are focusing more on those dramatic moments than the transformations of the contestants now. That’s what’s really getting out of balance.

I always wait until Wednesday afternoon to post my blog, because I like to have time to think about what happened on the show the previous night before I write. So I just posted my thoughts a little while ago. If you have a chance to read it I would love your thoughts:

Thank you for being a voice of reason among the knee-jerk reactions!

Marie :o)

Just a quick note to say that I REALLY miss the positivity and supportiveness from your season. You (and Hannah and Marci and Courtney and the list goes on…) were a class act, and the teamwork of Bob and Jill was awesome, too. Keep up the good work – you are the best kind of inspiration!!

Technology is a blessing AND a curse! With it we can talk to people across the world like they are just around the corner. We can be more productive than ever before. But also, with it we can instantly slander and voice our opinions to the world.
What blows my mind is how individuals find the time and energy to ‘finger point’ and ‘name call’. One more thing, its easy to gossip behind close doors typing away on your computer, but i wonder how they would really respond if Bob was in their home talking with them face to face?
hmmmmm. just some food for thought..

much love to you Olivia and Hannah : )

ps. my mom met you when you were out her in socal doing a tri race. I wish i could have been there with my son Oliver. She was there supporting my aunt and her crazy friends who ran a tri for a friends birthday, dressed in tutus n such.. anyway, thx for the small words of encouragement you wrote to me that day!!

And thank you for always being such a class act. You and the reponses on this mirror my own thoughts and feelings.

Love Bob! He rocks! Watched the episode last night and I gotta say: I felt he was totally justified in his frustration. And you are so awesome to jump up and defend him. The Entertainment world likes to create drama and stir the pot. Sometimes the writers of said blogs and tweets forget that they are talking about real lives that are edited together.

I completely agree! At the end of the day, it’s a TV show and how boring would it be without some controversy? AND, while I LOVE all BL alumni and enjoy “following” them on Twitter, it was hard to see people commenting about Bob, the very person that a year or so ago was deemed “the man who changed my life, etc.” XOXO

P.S. I freaking LOVE your new bangs/highlights, Olivia!

I love Bob. But I also think Dolvett is a great edition to the show. I was a bit surprised when Bob got angry that D was ” stealing his moves”. Even if he was, obviously Bob gets results and D is no fool! So yes, I was surprised bc I like to think B and D are friends and work together. Did anything about last night make me think less of the show or trainers? No. I’ll probably forget about it next week until it gets brought up again.

You know, I don’t have a problem with Bob. I LOVE Bob. I have a problem with the contestants this season. Nobody really sparks my interest. Last week I was disappointed, but figured it’s early yet. But they all seem very whiney. Dunno, but my vote is always to support Bob. As for the contestants, I at least give them credit for being on the show. I don’t think I could work my butt off as hard, but where are the friendships? I just don’t see it this season. Hmmmmm…. Where’ s the love?

I was quite busy last night while the show was on, preparing fruit for my dehydrator, so didn’t see the negative twitter stuff going on, etc, and I follow a lot of past contestants on twitter and facebook both. I think that because of the tension between the contestants, and boy is there a lot of that this season, the producers also highlighted minor tension between Bob and Dolvett to give even more fuel to the flames, so to speak. But I agree that people get so attached to a public figure who they ‘think’ they know and when that person doesn’t behave the way the perceive they should they have a big hissy fit! So silly!

I do not know what happened with the blogs/twitter, last night, as I did not follow any of it. But, if I may offer this: I used to work in the TV business and I know exactly how you can tweek this, edit that, and make something totally different out of what was really shot. I have such a hard time watching TV, sometimes, because I can pretty much tell when something was edited for the dramatic. That being said, if Bob was having a bad night, who cares and why should anybody out there in TV land care. I can tell you that I would most certainly not ever want to be in his, Dolvetts, Jillian’s (when she was on the show), or Ana’s shoes and have to deal with the majority of these people on a weekly basis. I could tell, from “edited” pieces, that Bob was having to really push, PUSH, a couple of people last night. That has got to be down right exhausting! I have spent the last 23 months losing 120 pounds, ALL BY MYSELF, getting healthier, eating better, and cooking better. I would have absolutely welcomed any help, (although I did do it on my own), by any wonderful trainer like any of these people. I can tell you that I would not have pushed back and made them feel like it was their job to push me towards MY goal. So, since I do not know what all was being said, last night, I will say this.; To all of you haters, that must have been posting some really crappy stuff, try to do something like this and see how far you get by yourself. Try to quit smoking, quit drinking, quit eating crap, lose weight, get healthy, or whatever, and let’s just see how far you get doing it by yourself and what kind of an attitude you may end up with.

Sorry, Olivia, but Bob brought any negativity onto himself. He’s been acting like a spoiled brat for awhile now and last night was just the worst. It’s become increasingly clear that he doesn’t care about the contestants at all and only cares about himself and how he comes across on camera. The fact that you continue to have a co-dependent relationship with him (he did NOT “save your life” he just stood over you and told you to exercise and eat right – millions of people do that every day), just proves that. As to not really “knowing” him, he’s no different on camera than he is on Facebook or on Twitter or on his blogs – he’s self-centered everywhere.

This wasn’t one episode, the backlash has been a long time coming. Plenty of people have far more stressful jobs with far fewer rewards and handle them with far more grace. Bob isn’t someone to look up to. When he realizes how blessed he is and starts to act like it, people will start to give him a break when he does slip.

Kris, you said that its been apparent for some time now that Bob doesn’t care about the contestants only himself. . .yet you neglect and fail to account for the same show where Bob helps more than once. Since you’ve forgotten let me recount just two examples: First, Gail – he calls her out hiding behind the corner praying to the medicine ball that she was suppose to be throwing high on the wall AND later he creatively and quit in a fun manner gives her a ride to sit on that will cause her never ever to sit again through a cardio workout; Second, the 18-yr old kid who has never worked out so hard in his life and has trouble breathing – Bob not only earned said kid’s trust, he reached out to the kid’s father with an I got your kid’s back promise and telling the kid, you’re lucky because he now has two fathers at the ranch. You Kris just have an axe to grind and a big personal problem that you need to take care of before anyone listens to you.

One more thing, Kris. Bob and Jillian and the other support personnel on TBL DID SAVE OLIVIA AND HANNAH’S LIVES. Do you think that every healthy person is an island? They are not. While Olivia and Hannah and, yes every other person in America unlucky enough to not have the direct support of TBL trainers and staff, fuels their own energy and moves their body and sweats and loses weight, guess what? They have help whether that is from trainers or nutritionists or doctors or websites or books – no one can do these things on their own without the expert help and encouragement of experts. To seek and then acknowledge valuable help given is NOT codependent but healthy and, uh-hum, gracious. Thank you Olivia for bring up this topic in an excellent and positive way!!! btw, I myself have lost 40 lbs and have 60 more to go to reach a healthy weight – I am doing this on my own with the help of TBL show, MFP website groups and friends, and Fitspiration, all of which are helping me save and improve my life. I’m ever grateful!!!

I COMPLETELY agree! Bob is the greatest! He has done so much for sooo many people, including you and your sister. I know that Jillian expressed one of her reasons for leaving the show was because of all the editing the producers do. She felt her message was being sent in an improper way and so much of the IMPORTANT stuff that would actually help people at home was cut out. Although I obviously enjoy the show I NEVER judge because I have no idea what is actually going on on the BL ranch. Sooo no worries i’m still going to strut my Bob Harper lovin’ πŸ™‚

Oh yes, I must add…if people disagree they should do it respectfully. Attacking someone you do not agree with is not the way to go. And it says more about you than the person you’re attacking. People are going to have different opinions based on their own thoughts and experiences, so please keep everything in perspective. Only God is present for every moment of every person’s life, so only He knows all and can judge. Our call is to love each other on this very human journey- even if we disagree.

YESSSSS!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! I was getting SO MUCH hate last night on twitter for simply DEFENDING Bob! I didn’t understand it! I am so thankful you posted this because it definitely is exactly what was running through my mind last night. Everything you said is what I was saying and thinking! It’s crazy that people were getting that worked up 1.) Over his actions in a SINGLE episode out of a million and 2.) over a TV show!! Now, yes, I got caught in it too, on the defensive side, but really. The point is he’s helped transform so many lives and we’ve seen that for the past 12 seasons. I don’t understand how one episode could flips so many peoples’ views of him on their heads. THANK YOU for writing this! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Erin, I totally felt bad last night because of some of the comments made towards you. It was horrible and totally uncalled for. I was so disappointed in past contestant and there comments. It is one thing to “turn” on Bob, but it may have been more appropriate to comment on the uncharacteristic behavior Bob had last night. It made me rethink my opinion of the past contestants a little bit and wonder if the positivity they had previously displayed was fake or if last night was uncharacteristic of them as well. And honestly now that I have watched the episode, Yes, Bob was a little cranky, but it really wasn’t as bad as people were blowing it up to be.

Olivia thank you so much for the post, I didn’t get to watch TBL till today and I was curious about what you and/or Hannah thought about the episode. I think with the exception of your season, every season starts with some major drama as the trainers and contestants get to know each other (not to mention how cranky you can get when you start a diet). Thank you for your opinions. And I am rewatching BL11 because it was the most inspirational season I have watched. Thank you for your inspiration.

The thing that bothered me the most about last nights episode had NOTHING to do with the way either of the trainers were acting but rather the contestants. I felt like I was in high school all over again with the drama between team members. And the excuses continually coming from some of them – I thought this was a season of no excuses? I don’t feel that any of the previous seasons I’ve watch has been that immature and dramatic (keep in mind, I’ve only watched the last three, this is my fourth), but these people are there to change their lives – no one is going to get along with everyone, they need to focus on what they are their for instead of bickering back and forth about what someone said and didn’t apologize for.

I don’t understand all the hub-bub either. Bob’s a great trainer and has been for 13 seasons of Biggest Loser. How can anyone turn their back on him because he felt competitive? I know in my blog I did my best to gloss over anything about Bob but did mention he was annoyed with Dolvett. ‘Nuff Said. I’d be annoyed by a ‘toxic’ environment too.

And one final though people are forgetting. Editing can make anyone look worse than they are, or better than they are. I hope all the butting head drama is laid to rest soon. I want to be inspired by the show again, not annoyed.

I completely understand that it is a TV show and that it is Editied for Drama, but there is a point in which Drama ceases to be entertaining and becomes Uncomfortable, the show is walking a very fine line with this since the finale of last season and this one. I’ve loved bob from the beginning, and I still do, but the way he was portrayed last night made it difficult to remember the good things i love about him. I did love the momment where he breathed with the gray team member and was right there with him, this is the bob I know and love.

I think that my concern is not with the personalities of trainers in reality, but with the over all arch of the Show. I think we may be comming to the end and that makes me Sad, Biggest Loser is my favorite show on Television ( I have watched since season one episode one) because of the way you get to see people make positive changes for the good of them selves and others. I think that they are trying to change things up and make it fresh or something and they are alinating their core audiance, people who are looking for inspiration. The trainers are not Just there to change the lives of the people on the ranch, Viewers look to them for advise and inspiration as well and as an example of how to lead an inspirational and health life. When the trainers are portrayed as they are this season ( I believe they are portraying Dolvette Poorly as well) they cease to be inspirational and become difficult to follow.

I love the show and understand that some Drama is normal, but each episode needs to have some element of Celebration and Positive change and I feel like they are lacking that. I felt icky and uncomfortable watching last nights episode not inspired or motivated. I know that the trainers and contestants have little to no controle with how they are portrayed and they are condensing a week of expereinces into two hours, but I disagree with what they are picking for those two hours. I want them to look at the posititive more, not who hates who. I want back story and inspiration get me emotionaly involved with the contestants. I am just not feeling it and I don’t think it is because it is not there I think it is the fault of the Producers, editors and directors who are deciding want makes the cut.

Thanks for reading I would love to read anyone’s take on my opinon even if you disagree but I would like to know if you agree as well.

Jennette: The ONLY kudos you give Bob last night was for his reach out to the young gray team member? What about to Gail and her sedentary ways and they way he and the rest of team lovingly and hilariously shamed her? What about his over-using his obviously raw throat even though he should have protected his voice more? This season’s contestants have a greater percentage of whiners and unmotivated unhealthy people that I’ve ever seen. Kijnda reminds me of priviledged Americans to begin with – we want what we want when we want it and have no or little experience with actually working for it.

The contestant’s lousy, ungrateful attitudes are making this show and taking the editing in the direction it’s going – not the trainers, who are trying to turn the blasted negativity around!

Thanks for your comment Debra. I agree that the contestants attitudes or at least how they are bein portrayed is part of the problem. As I said in an earlier post, I really don’t think it is a problem with the trainers personalities, it is how they are being portrayed and what the show is focusing on that concerns me. The reason I only focused on the the incident with Chisim is because I feel that that momment emphasises truly who bob is. He can stand toe to toe with a client and give them exactly what they need. He helped Chisim calm by modeling the behavior and being in that momment with him.

I haven’t seen it yet and was not on Twitter last night to see the nasty comments…thank goodness. I love Bob and I don’t think I would react well to people trash talking him. From what I gather here…Bob did not have a good day. Thank Goodness I am not judged by my bad days at work because I tend to much to react first and think last.

Ok, so after reading this, I immediately turned on last night’s episode on my DVR and I really hope someone can tell me what was “so bad” about last nite’s episode. If the comment that Bob made was that Dolvett was using his techiniques is what set everyone off then SERIOUSLY WORLD, ALL OF YOU NEED TO GROW UP! First and foremost, I’m not sure why everyone is getting so defensive about people you don’t even know and will potentially never meet. I honestly have to say that I’m not a BL fan and watched it the season Hannah and Olivia were on and only saw about the last half of the season. I sort of watched last season but honestly, I was bored to tears. I can find something better to watch or do with my time than sit in front of a TV and watch people get yelled at. Do I find the show motivational? No. I think EVERYONE can lose weight if they really want and need to. I’m not going to lie, after watching the first episode of this season, when I was at the gym, I heard Dolvett in my head telling me to not touch his treadmill but this obsession and over sensitivity everyone has about people who get paid MILLIONS a year for helping people lose weight is a bit ridiculous. No one changes anyone’s life. YOU CHANGE YOUR LIFE IF YOU WANT TO! I really think everyone needs to just take a deep breath and seriously, stop being so dramatic! TV is TV and EVERYONE that goes on BL is just looking for stardom and how to make some serious $$$ while on the show and of course, post BL. I really have a hard time believing that that there are people in this world who are willing to go on national TV and show their bodies off in front of everyone and cry and show emotion because they’re so “sick and/or depressed” for being overweight. Everyone is in control of their physical, mental and emotional health. So seriously, lets cut out all the crap and stop taking things so personal for people who LIVE for this kind of drama and crap!

wow, I was a little shocked to read this post Olivia. I didn’t realize so many people were upset. I watched last nights episode and don’t think BOB was bad at all… i’m a little puzzled to why people are so upset. I really hope people realize this is a show– A REALITY SHOW…. I’m sure the producers are trying to take bits and pieces to show drama.. I think Bob seems so wonderful on tv and i’m a frequent follower of his on facebook and twitter. I think it was really sweet of you to stick up for him. You should always have your family’s back… I love all the trainers just the way they are.. I hope they don’t let any of the blogs change them…

OK I’ve seen more of the show now. I take back my support of Dolvett’s writing. I didn’t realize it was vandalism. It was a white area and I thought it was allowable to write there. Bob was right after all.

And finally, I understand the 5 pounds now. That is hilarious how red team members sunk their own chances. A 5 pound loss against Bob Harper’s team is way too much to hand on a silver platter like that. heh heh

Even if Bob was right it doesn’t justify being rude.

I wish people would just acknowledge Bob is not the only trainer in the world. Give credit where its due. Technically the black team would not have won if they did not have a 5lb advantage. Dolvett has proved he is a good trainer two weeks in a row. Bob is also good too.

I haven’t liked Bob since he was horrible to Joelle. No contestant deserves to be treated so badly. He has been mean to contestants who weren’t on his team-especially those playing the game aspect of TBL. The show is losing me, too. The way they dramatized the “Unknowns” and trainers and made them out to be the ones to root against… why? Heck, the introduction doesn’t even include the names of the contestants anymore-just the trainers and host. Because that’s who the show is is really about, right?

I think one thing I have learned from BL is that a lot of those contestants need that in your face approach. They need to be pushed past all that nicey nice to get them to a place of raw feeling where they get angry and deal with their problems and figure things out so that when they go home…they aren’t so inclined to take the easy way out. That’s what gets us into that place. Taking the easy way. Some people need the Bob and Jillian’s and the Dolvett’s pushing them past their comfort zone.

I understand being pushed. I get pushed at my gym. But I thought Bob’s treatment of Joelle entered into abusive territory. Contestants end up on TBL after they have all but begged and pleaded to be there. Sharing their most embarrassing moments and shameful feelings about themselves. They go there raw. The trainers have so much power over them: physically, emotionally, and financially–if they want to win. To be berated by a trainer who wants you to “just trust them and their process” is emotionally abusive. I would have shut down on Bob. I probably even would have wanted to leave, but I wouldn’t because I was there to meet a goal. But I definitely would have jumped to another trainer at the first chance I got.

I do think that Bob has genuine feelings for some of his team members. But he regularly crosses the line and berates people for no good reason; people who aren’t equipped to fight back. Take Sunny… when she found out that she was going home for a week. She was excited to see her family! It was right of Bob to remind her that she would not be on vacation, that she’d be working hard. But he just went too far. He rode her hard over her little bit of rightful excitement. I was like, wow. Unnecessary. There are many more instances, but I’ll stop there.

I honestly think Bob has a right to be upset. It seems like, from the episodes, Dolvett has a mission to beat Bob. I think instead of figuring out his own way to beat him he decided to try and be Bob, using his workouts bc he knows thats how bob wins. Obviously from last season what he was doing wasn’t working. I admire Bob and I was right along with him saying thats crap. I haven’t read the other blogs but I don’t get why they are turning on him. I think Dolvett is a great person but I don’t think he’s in this for the contestants but more for winning. My personal opinion. It would have been nice for the producers to leave a lot the arguing/drama out last night but lets be honest would be watch the biggest loser if it was just a bunch of overweight people walking on treadmills ect day in and day out.

Creative editing plays a part, and Bob’s behavior plays yet another. I don’t think you get the portrayal without both ingredients. A few others have spoken on that matter more eloquently than I can, and someone pointed out that Bob is a Crossfitter. Nice. I hadn’t noticed the wall balls until the last couple seasons. Good to see it.

However, a salient point came up earlier in the comments, and I think it’s important for you, Olivia, and everyone else who undergoes the process of losing a lot of weight, has already done it, or hopes to do so.


I lost 100 pounds on my own and have been at a healthy weight for 3 years now. I made up my own silly Excel sheet and tracked my meals and exercise and just made it happen. I was unemployed, so I had no money for a trainer, a gym membership, or workout equipment.

Here’s the thing. Many people have trainers, gyms, and equipment, but whether we have those things or not, it doesn’t matter. We’re all the same. WE put the work in. WE confronted our demons. WE saw it through. WE maintain our loss. We can thank those around us that may have helped us along, but it was YOU, Olivia, who did it. Bob Harper didn’t save your life. YOU saved your life. No one else did it for you.

Please don’t diminish your hard work. It was quite the thing to watch. Own it.


Ok. I have to pipe up here.
I don’t get to watch the biggest loser till Friday. So I’m here and I haven’t got a clue. But I’ve been reading the posts here.
My husband is my trainer. He is retired delta force. (Special Forces Army.) There are times while he is training me, where he has to snap. There was one point in my training, I had set a goal for myself, and was falling short. It was his job, moment by moment, mile by mile, to snap, get me to focus on my task at hand, and not whine, and moan and complain. I guess what I’m trying to say here, is when you have someone shaping your life, as these gentleman do, you have to trust them with your life. You have to know they have your back. If there are any other feelings about them, they should not be your trainer.
People ALWAYS have a choice, to be given a gift, and turn on the person (people) who give it to them. That’s their choice. If I ever see that from one of the former contestants, I know where the unfollow button is, and will use it with free will. I set very high standards for myself, and have very high Christian values and morals. I wil not tolerate people who chose to make a mess of things. I trust Bob, Jillian, and all of the trainers! If there was an action taken, it must have been necessary!! I wasn’t there, so I don’t know all the facts. But I do know there was a reason for what ever Bob chose to do. The contestants who made the choice to make a mess, and cause disention, have more baggage they need to get rid of. Like you said Olivia!! It’s all about choices, and the life we CHOSE to live.
Just sayin.

Girl, I feel the same way. It’s so easy for some to be so cavalier with negative criticism. Wednesday morning I initiated a private chat with a blogger about that blogger’s negativity towards Bob. I felt compelled to encourage that blogger to focus on all of the positive things happening in last night’s BL episode instead of Bob-bashing. I’m glad to say that I think my effort had an impact.

We all could do with practicing the Golden Rule more often. And we all should cry foul when we see someone’s good name being sullied.

Good ON ya, girl!

I am really disappointed with most of the comments here. If it had been the other way round, if Dolvett had called Bob a child, or if he had accused him of copying his exercises, would you all rise to his defence this way? I love Bob too, very very much, but i think we have to admit that what he did was VERY VERY VERY wrong. If the pope calls a homosexual a ‘faggot’ on national TV, are you going to say that he is excused because he has been a good person all this while? It doesnt change the fact that what Bob did was wrong. Maybe he was in a bad modd, or whatever, but he really didnt have to talk that way. his workouts? Jeeez. Does he have his signature tied to the workouts? That was so so arrogant.

Also i think the producers didnt have to air that part anyway. Whether we want to admit it or not, Bob was wrong and there was a lot of negativity in the last episode.

Oliva, you are a class act and the definition of a true friend. Love your style, personality & integrity. You rock!

We watched the show and I don’t get what people are so upset about. The fact that Bob is competitive, has emotions and can cuss like a sailor? Guess what, that makes me love him even more. I don’t have the pleasure of knowing him personally but I love how much he cares and dedicates himself to each and every group that walks into that ranch.

Like Tara said:
“I love Bob, I love Jillian. πŸ™‚ I love you and Hannah. and I can’t believe people and their negativitiy. Bob is amazing. I love him.” DITTO

I felt like Bob had the right to feel what he was feeling.Aren’t we told to exress yourself and not hold back? That’s just what he did. So you know what? I support what was said. Whether right or wrong THIS is my opinion.

Olivia and Hannah: KICK ASS!! I still watch some of the old episodes and constantly follow on Twitter.Girls you two are the ones that hep motivate me.Keep it up.I hope someday I get to meet the both of you!

Ok after watching the episode…I am kind of wondering what the big deal is all about? I don’t think it’s been any worse than things we’ve seen in the past. Reading some comments and blogs and tweets about it makes me wonder about the people writing these things. What is their motivation for writing that stuff? I’ve seen comments on how horrible all of the contestants are this year. Really? Because I find most of them to be very likable. There are a few toxic personalities, but isn’t that life in general. I kind of have a soft spot in my heart for Chism. I hope he makes it all the way. He seems like such a sweetheart. I think some people just be ashamed of themselves for stirring the pot and I unfollowed quite a few of them on twitter and my blog feed. I’m getting my head into a good place and I don’t want the negative to occupy any of my time. So glad that The Curlee Girls are of quality character. Kudos to mom and dad for raising y’all right!!!

Hi Olivia, and Hannah!

I just saw the final of The Biggest Loser. I have no words for how amazing you are. What a trip you have done and what wonderful people you seem to be. I will follow your blog as long as you blog and recommend it to all my friends. We are many here who have followed you and I know they would like to continue to follow you in your everyday life. You really are an inspiration to us all!

Regards, Mikaela from Sweden

Amen Olivia.
Does it really make people feel better about them selves when they say something nasty and hateful about someone else.

Was Bob’s behaviour all together cool in the latest episode? No. But is it understandable? Yes! The man was sick, and even if he wasn’t: who of us has not sometimes let something “not so cool” slip from between our lips?? I know I’m quilty of sometimes having talked before thinking what I’m going to say..

I didn’t see the posts or tweets about all this, but I saw the show. I didn’t think Bob was one bit out of line for getting angry; and in fact I appreciated him showing a different side. He’s always so gracious I had no problem seeing him get perturbed.

You are right (which of course you know you are, because you were on the show – I feel like I’m writing a celebrity…) that TBLoser is about drama and entertainment first. Amazing how it’s so easy to get upset when someone else isn’t perfect, but then cry if they point out what we need to change.

Thanks for sticking up for him!

Drama attracts viewers and gets people talking. It’s a great hook to get people to watch the next episode. Next week, they’ll probably show Bob in a nicer light.

Nonetheless, Bob has consistently shown love and care for the contestants. He has spine and understands how to approach people.

I feel the same way you do. I may not agree with everything that my friends say or do but I don’t turn around and start bashing them on social media. Bob is such an inspiration to anyone wanting to live a more fit and healthy lifestyle. I will admit that I unfollowed some people on twitter after the comments they made last week bashing him. It offended me and I don’t even have a personal relationship with him such as what you guys have so I can only imagine how you both felt.

I’m glad you wrote this — you are right on the money. People lose sight of the fact that it’s a TV show and that no one is perfect! I appreciated that they showed a different side of Bob and you know, it made me love him even more!!

Keep it up, Olivia. πŸ™‚

Thanks for speaking up Olivia. AND, I do not think Bob’s actions are any worse than Dolvett. Again, this IS a tv show.

I always watch “reality” television with a skeptical eye, and the understanding that the story we are shown is the end-result of splicing & dicing hundreds of hours of footage into a spin that best serves the producers’ interests. The contestants/trainers are at the mercy of the edit. That said, so are the viewers. Highlighting Bob’s “misbehavior” was designed by BL & I hold them responsible, so, like Bob, I think the folks at home deserve the benefit of grace.


We as fans need to remember that editing plays a HUGE part in what we see each week. I think its horribly sad that there is so much negativity this season, and I have been one of the many to wonder if I should keep watching. I guess I was completely spoiled by season 11, which was the first I ever watched.

I have wondered about some of Bob’s behaviour, but again, put it down to editing. I think he and Dolvette are amazing!

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