Happy New Year!

Hope you’re having a wonderful New Year’s Eve!! We love you all and are so thankful for another year on this journey. We are so excited to see all the amazing things in store for 2013. What are you most excited about? Let’s make this a year of change for good!!

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Happy new year, ladies!! Can I just say. That today, I went last-minute-new-year’s-eve-dress-shopping so i can have something cute to wear out tonight to my new years eve party with my honey, and I found it. The perfect party dress. At Anthropologie. And it is a MEDIUM( 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 )!!!!!!! And it shows a lot of leg. And it is sexy. And I want to shout it from the rooftops!!!!
Anyway, had to let that one out. Whew. My goal for this year is to run 1000 miles. (!) I’ve never kept track of my miles before, and I know it’s an ambitious goal, but I’m going for it! Running is so zen for me…really a great time to clear my head, so this goal is about letting go of stress and making time for “me” time as much as it is about fitness. Happy, happy 2013, Hannah and Olivia!!

Happy New Years, Olivia, Hannah, and all fans and family!! Praying everyone has a New Years filled with peace, love, joy, good health, and positive changes

Happy New Year Hannah & Olivia! Hannah!
Hannah, I’m so blessed to have you “coach” me through a situation that I’ve lived with my whole life. I just turned 28, and because of you, I have finally taken control of my happiness! 2013 is going to be a GREAT year 🙂 THANK YOU! I can’t wait to see you and give you a big hug! XOXOXOXOXOXO

Happy New Year! How incredibly blessed I was to spend some time with you two and some incredible ladies this past year at UTC! 2013- Year of ME! You both are such a blessing to so many! Have a great 2013!

Happy New Year Olivia and Hannah!! I hope you guys have a great 2013! Thank you for opening up your lives and blessing so many in the process! So thankful to have met you ladies twice in 2012! Thanks for inspiring me to never give up and encouraging me along the way!

For the first time ever im starting my new year not having to lose 100+ lbs! Only 45 from goal!! 🙂

Happy New Years ladies!!! Last year I lost 30 pounds and was only 5 pounds away from my goal weight until the holidays and cold set it and gained 10 back! 🙁 starting today I’m getting to my goal weight this year! I’m making changes that will turn into habits. Gym 5x a week, protein shakes for breakfast, I’m converting from mayo/sour cream to organic plain non fat Greek yogurt, no more ground beef I’m switching to ground turkey! You ladies are such inspiration! Thank you for everything you share and do!!

I am making this year about me! I need to take my life back and make some serious hanged for the better. While these changes might cause some issues for others, it isn’t about them. If they bring me down I’m not keeping them around!!!

Looking forward to an amazing 2013!….More dreams to be made and goals to be met! Thank you Olivia and Hannah for inspiring us all and helping us come to a place of believing that we can do this also! I can join both of you, and Sara Theesen starting this year out in that, for the first time ever, I don’t have to lose 100+ pounds! I celebrated 80 pounds lost this Christmas…and I’m joining Sara with 45 more pounds to go to my goal….and believing for the first time ever that I will meet it!
Dreaming BIG dreams this year, and keeping the faith that they will come true! Happy New Year!…And, Looking forward to all you will be sharing with all of us in the New Year!

You are making me think..lot just what do I want to accomplish in 2013, but what am I going to change? Hhhhhmmmm….. I’ll have to get back to you on that. 🙂

Happy New Year ladies! 2013 is the year I will be turning twenty years old and I need a major change. I do need that fresh clean start especially with a diet. I have been over weight all my life and last night at a nye party I felt so uncomfortable because all the skinny girls were wearing nice outfits and talking to guys while I just stood in the corner. I hope this year I can change my ways of eating healthier and become more confident. I have a good 80lbs I really need to lose and it’s is going to be tough.. I just hope this time around the end results are what I want. I watch your videos all the time and you both are such great role models. Just had to vent …thanks you two are awesome. xo

This year I am going to get comfortable operating outside my comfort zone. Love you guys & can’t wait to see what you have in store for us for 2013 and the next season oh Biggest Loser

My New Year resolution list
Stick to my Resolution !!! I seem to slip & fall off around mid year …
Eat better -Continue on a life style change of a Gluten,Dairy, & Soy -free diet.
Drink more water !
Stop eating after 8pm …
More sleep-….zzzzzz…..Go to bed earlier.
May try going Vegan. (Undecided)
Exercise more -without injuries !!!!
Stress less-Meditate
Spend more quality time with spouse & family.
Get organized , remove clutter , recycle .
Budget better, less spending, start saving $$$$
Be more forgiving…Remove anger and negativity!
Be positive!
Continue to have faith & trust in GOD!

I don’t have a resolution… I like picking a word as my theme. This year my theme is forgiveness. I want to learn to forgive myself when I mess up and forgive myself when I’m not as dedicated to my health as I should be. I want to accept my own humanity and not just throw in the towel and give up when things get rough. Forgiveness. Happy New Years, Ladies!

Happy New Year ladies! This year we (Allan and I) are going to make weekly planning a priority and every Sunday we will sit down and plan our workouts, to dos, go over what each of us have scheduled for the week, and track our expenses from the prior week. I know that taking 20-30 minutes once a week to do this is going to make 2013 our best year yet!

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