2012 Top Posts and Videos

Happy Friday!!! We saw lots of lists floating around wrapping up 2012 — most popular this, best that. So we decided to dig into our stats and see what you liked the most this year. So, drumroll please…the top 5 of our YouTube videos and top 5 MyFitspiration blog posts. If you missed any or if you just want to experience again they are linked below.2012_top_5

If your fave didn’t make the list let us know in the comments below! We love you all and are so thankful for your support and encouragement. So excited to see what this list will look like next year!!!

xxo Hannah & Olivia

YouTube Top Videos:

1. Sports Bra Challenge 2012
2. BobHarper.Com Workout Preview and Interview
3. Obsession Confession: Knee Socks
4. Gym Hair How-to
5. A Big Announcement!

Top Blog Posts here at

1. BobHarper.Com Preview!!!
2. People LOVE to be nasty!
3. What Does Plus Size Really Equal?
4. Quick Fix – Is It Worth the Risk?
5. Farting – The Important Questions!