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Go the Extra Mile

A little encouragement to go the extra mile this weekend!!! What words are inspiring you these days??

Encouraging Words – Others

Happy Wednesday!! We can get so “me” focused sometimes. Let’s take a moment to encourage someone else today. That person sitting next to you. The person helping you at the store. The amazing people who work at your gym. Your family. Your friends. Everyone needs it…give it away and we bet you’ll be encouraged too!! Here’s more of the “Encouraging Words” series.

Give us an example of how you encouraged someone else…

Consistency – Let’s Get It

In case you missed the big announcement last night…we’re hosting another DietBet starting April 30!!!! Sign up here!

Today we’re continuing our Encouraging Words series talking CONSISTENCY. Why is it so hard to do the right, healthy things on a regular basis?? Why can we do good for a little while and then just go back to the old habits? Talk to us…

Even God Took a Day of REST

Here’s another Encouraging Words video (the first one was about FAITH). This one deals with REST. It’s so easy to sidestep it and sacrifice it to things that seem more important…but that’s not a good recipe! We need it. Take it. Drink it in. It will make your workouts, your eating, your relationships, and just about every other area of your life better and more healthy. Here’s a link to the YouTube playlist for the Encouraging Words series.

Maybe you need a nap…RIGHT NOW!!! Well, do you?? 😉


Hi Lovelies!! We hope you are having a marvelous day. That your journey has moved forward and you’re seeing progress. But we’re not crazy enough to think that some of you have not had bad days. Maybe you’re a part of our DietBet game and you did great days 1 and 2 only to blow it on day 3. Maybe you’ve been doing well with your weight loss for a long time and you’re really at a plateau. It’s OK! Make your next food/fitness choice a better one. Even if you don’t feel like it.

Today we’re starting a new series. We’ll choose a word and give it a day. We’ll give you a short reason why we think it’s important and then we want to hear from YOU. Today’s word: FAITH. Faith in the process, faith in the plan, faith in yourself, faith in God. Faith that in the end you will overcome and you will reach your goal! We have to believe if we want to see results.

So, here are our thoughts on faith…what are yours?