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Happy Wednesday!! We can get so “me” focused sometimes. Let’s take a moment to encourage someone else today. That person sitting next to you. The person helping you at the store. The amazing people who work at your gym. Your family. Your friends. Everyone needs it…give it away and we bet you’ll be encouraged too!! Here’s more of the “Encouraging Words” series.

Give us an example of how you encouraged someone else…

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First of all, THANK YOU TWO for encouraging and inspiring me. When I start to feel depressed or that this journey towards healthiness is just too much for me to handle, I think about what you two have overcome and that you two genuinely care about the well being of your fans and would encourage me to keep going. RUN ON SENTENCE. Sorry :p

I have been helping my good friend Brit through her journey. I have been doing very well with changing my eating habits for the past few months and just living a healthier life in general. However, she jumped on the band wagon a little more recently. She is doing SO AWESOME and I’m so proud of her. Although our schedules vary and we don’t work out together, we still exchange healthy snack ideas and keep each other in check with our cheat meal that we typically enjoy together. I am about to move across the country, but I know we can still be pillars of support for each other. At the end of the day physical distance has no meaning when hearts are emotionally close. <3

Today I encouraged my younger sister with her post-baby weight loss journey. She’s feeling a little overwhelmed being a new mom and having a husband who is deployed. Her little one is only three months old and she’s less than 10 lbs away from her pre-baby weight which sounds pretty amazing to me!

i just love you ladies! thanks for all the encouraging words and motivation you give to others.

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