Hi Lovelies!! We hope you are having a marvelous day. That your journey has moved forward and you’re seeing progress. But we’re not crazy enough to think that some of you have not had bad days. Maybe you’re a part of our DietBet game and you did great days 1 and 2 only to blow it on day 3. Maybe you’ve been doing well with your weight loss for a long time and you’re really at a plateau. It’s OK! Make your next food/fitness choice a better one. Even if you don’t feel like it.

Today we’re starting a new series. We’ll choose a word and give it a day. We’ll give you a short reason why we think it’s important and then we want to hear from YOU. Today’s word: FAITH. Faith in the process, faith in the plan, faith in yourself, faith in God. Faith that in the end you will overcome and you will reach your goal! We have to believe if we want to see results.

So, here are our thoughts on faith…what are yours?