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Hannah in Mandisa’s Overcomer Video

Hannah in Mandisa's Overcomer Video!For those of you that have asked…Here is the official link to today’s GMA segment for Mandisa’s #Overcomer video debut. I’m so proud to be a part of this project with such amazing people with stories of hope and perseverance! Watch til the end so you can hear Robin Roberts give me a shout out! Oh, and in case you don’t know…Mandisa has lost over 100 lbs herself!!

Hannah Vlogs the BL Finale

Heyyyyy! So I vlogged my Biggest Loser Finale experience just for all of YOU! Sometimes I forgot to turn my phone the right way…but you get the picture! 😉

Did you watch? Do you miss BL already?? I do!

Mama Said Beware of Cupcakes

Sometimes people ask us, “Do you have any bad days?” The answer is YES and YES!! We’re human just like you. We’ve overcome a lot in our journeys, but every day requires a new determination to overcome again. Today we’re discussing just how to deal with those bad days…it involves cupcakes and asking for help!

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Fave Videos from Our Season of BL!

Friday!!!!! Olivia and I are filming at YouTube Studios in NYC all day but we took a little break to bring you this playlist that made us laugh AND cry.



Hi Lovlies!!

In case you missed it yesterday on our YouTube channel, here is a new video from Olivia and me. We did an INTENSE workout and then interviewed our trainer: Antonio Compton. He also owns the Barry’s Bootcamp in Nashville.

Watch the vid for all the details (like: “what is Barry’s”??) and even if you don’t have it where you live you can find bootcamp style workouts to go to. Whether at your gym or even grabbing a couple of friends and putting together a workout. There are tons of resources online to help like this one.

Have you ever put together your own workout? If so, did you like it?