First Things First

Heeellllooo my lovelies! How are you at firsts? First day of school, first kiss, first impressions aaannndd the list goes on! Have you ever met someone who you grew to love but gave the worst first impression? Something to think about. When I was overweight, I always gave an “unhealthy” first impression. You know when people give you the elevator (when they look you up and down) and I’m not talking about men that are checking you out, I’m talkin about straight up judgmental people! They always thought I just sat around on the couch and ate bon bons all day (which is only PARTIALLY true, ahem Saturdays only ;)). Realistically I always thought my first impressions were horrible due to people making assumptions about me due to my weight. The truth is, I made them horrible and never let my fabulous personality shine through because I was so focused on not being stereotyped as the fat chick! I now realize that SO much of that was in my mind. Yes, overweight people DO get treated differently. That’s FO SHO! I never knew men (strangers at that) to open doors for me, give up their seat on the subway for me, randomly ask me out, etc. That NEVER happened to me when I was a heavy gal. I became bitter about that so much so that I dreaded first impressions, always thinking that whatever I was doing was being judged because of my weight. Um, can I just say that being overweight made me a little, um, well…CRAZY…!!

Ok, as I get off track (we ALL know I can get off on a tangent or two!) it’s time for us to OWN our first impressions. Walk into your first day on the job with confidence, meet his or her parents with grace and humility, enjoy that first kiss with no expectations and take these firsts in! Celebrate your first 10 lbs lost even if you have 100 to go, celebrate with your child on their first day of kindergarten (even though you have been up all night crying!). Enjoy them and relish the fact that you are doing something new for the first time!  I started a new position this week at my company (not to worry, I am leading a double life, still doing all things BL too!) and my first day I relished it. Giggled as I walked into my new office, shouted with joy as I put my new dress on that morning which was a first (I have never worn a dress to work…EVA!) and at the end of the day rewarded myself with dinner with a friend followed by a mani pedi, purple please! Yes, there is a lot of work to be done but why focus on the hard road ahead? I have another first coming up. You guessed it…….SPORTS BRA CHALLENGE! I guess if Olivia can talk me into wearing a bikini in front of the world we can do this one together! Let’s celebrate our firsts together and take this thing one day at a time! Here are a few cheesy pics of me on my first day! Tell me about your recent firsts? Or do you have any scary ones coming up? Let’s hear it people!!!


Hannah….aka, BananaPants