Mama Said Beware of Cupcakes

Sometimes people ask us, “Do you have any bad days?” The answer is YES and YES!! We’re human just like you. We’ve overcome a lot in our journeys, but every day requires a new determination to overcome again. Today we’re discussing just how to deal with those bad days…it involves cupcakes and asking for help!

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Having someone to keep you accountable and not being afraid to ask for help translates into so many different areas of life besides just weight loss. Hope you ladies had a good weekend!

Its soooooo true! It boils down to having people in your life that support you…in whatever way you need. Thank you for mentioning that…it’s an important point to make! xo Olivia

My question is, how do you not let this one slip up, turn into multiple slip ups? I do GREAT during the week, impeccable diet and exercise, but the minute the weekend comes around, it becomes very difficult. I am a college student attempting to balance two different lifestyles. Any tips for that? Thank You! xo

It’s true…sometimes one bad choice can lead to an avalanche. The best thing to do is to just step back and take a moment to breathe. Just like I talked about in the video….maybe call a friend or a family member to talk it out. If no one is around pick up a notebook and write down what you are feeling. Most of the time bad choices are really manifestations of other things going on….maybe stress over an upcoming test or project. I find that taking that time to step back and flesh out what’s going on can stop the snowball from becoming the avalanche. As far as weekends go…make sure you treat them like weekdays…plan ahead what you are going to do…even plan your “rest and chill” time. That way you aren’t stuck in a situation that makes bad choices easy. You can have a plan and enjoy the down time! Hope that helps! xo

Hi Leah,
That’s where the planning comes in. If you decide you are going to give yourself one non healthy meal a week or 2 or whatever you are comfortable with, you have to plan that meal out. Where your going, what time, who is going with you, etc. If you plan it and don’t do it spur of the moment, you are more likely to stay on track!


I’m so glad that you posted this! Not about the cupcake eating or anything, but because I needed to know that you aren’t always right on cue, and I’m not the only person with slip-ups.. But what do we do if we don’t have anyone that we can really talk to… someone that completely understands it? I’m 20, I’ve lost 65lbs and for the past week and a half, I just don’t feel like doing anything.. I am doing this by myself and I don’t have anyone to talk to… also, I’m sure you deal with stress, whats the best way you deal with it? I have tried exercise, but that just hasn’t been working for me.

Thanks Ladies! I always love your videos and I hope that one day I could meet you, so if you ever come to New Hampshire post about it so I know πŸ™‚

I’m so glad the video helped…we are ALL humans with slip ups. First, any time I have a few days I don’t feel like doing anything I first look to see if I just need a break. Sometimes that is our bodies way of letting us know it needs rest. Now, if you know it’s not because you need rest, then take a moment and try to flesh out why you are having those feelings. Are you stressed, upset, or maybe even bored? It’s hard that you are doing this alone…remember you are never alone….there is always someone. Maybe not someone that is on the same journey, but I’m sure there is someone in your circle that would LOVE to be your sounding board. Everyone struggles with something….one of your friends may not struggle with weight, but all students feel stress and anxiety. I find talking about stress and anxiety is one of the best ways to keep it at bay. Keep up the exercise….you may not feel like it is helping with the stress, but it really does. Another suggestion is to journal. Journal your food, workouts, and what you are feeling. If you feel stressed go write it down….I have found that so many times when I was stressed about one thing or another by just writing it down I felt so much better. If we are ever in New Hampshire we will let you know!!! πŸ™‚

Hi Catherine,
You can find support in the strangest of places. A gym class, your neighbors, a local weight watchers meeting, etc. Also Facebook and twitter are awesome forums for support. So many people have pages about weight struggles. Just jump in and get involved aaaannnddd of course Olivia and I support you 100%! Believe me, olivia and I have slip ups, we just don’t dwell on them!!

You Can Do This Girl!

You couldn’t have posted this at a better time! Seems like there are more bad days than good days lately! Struggling to not fall back into old habits and eat everything in site!!!! Asking for help is so hard sometimes.

Asking for help is hard…but, you will feel so much better when you do. When you want to eat everything in site…go tell someone about it!! I do it all the time….Ill call Hannah or a friend. Sometimes, Ill just tell someone at the gym….I’m a nut that way. You know what? EVERY time I have told someone that I want to eat the house down….they ALWAYS reply with “Me TOO!!”. Everyone goes through days like that….even people without weight problems. Food is a comfort for most people. I mentioned in a comment that on days that you feel are bad sit down and write a list of everything “good” you did that day….and everything “bad”. Good things are even simple things like “I ate breakfast at home” or “I woke up on time”. I promise you at the end of the list you made WAY more good decisions than bad. It’s a great way to gain some perspective AND a great way to tackle some of the not so good decisions as well. Thanks for the comment! xo Olivia

Hi Sarah,
Asking for help is hard but it’s brave! It was the one thing that I worked on and it helped me really change! You need your support system. NO ONE can do this alone, not even wonder woman! You have to focus on one meal at a time, one choice at a time and one workout at a time. Rome wasn’t built in a day1 I promise if you stay faithful and when you mess up do not get discouraged, you will reach your goal!!


Guys! first of all I finally got my electricity back after living a week and a day in the dark!! now i have to start baking all your yummy stuff… cookies, pizza, applesauce etc.. cant wait!!

and Second thanks for posting this video im soo thankful! and Im happy to hear that you are human beings too! I always think how you guys are doing when you have a bad day.. do you still have eat junk food or fatty fried stuff when youre in a real bad mood.. and you know what im so glad that i heard it from you thats its OK to indulge once in a pink moon…
I was struggling the past week to stay on track with my healthy eating.. it was disaster plus with out power and all the flooding.. I can say I was a good girl but I think one day I just broke down and I couldnt anymore so I had a slice of cake or something.. I felt really guilty about it.. so hearing this from you made me smile πŸ™‚

Thanks for always being here for me!

P.S. What is your take on eating Dark Choc everyday? I just read somewhere that its healthy to eat like 1 square of say 85% dark choc. Just wondering… K bye

Well, last week was an abnormally hard week for many people. Not having power and being stuck in doors for days on end is really tough! If you only ate a piece of cake than I would say that is a HUGE victory. πŸ™‚ For me I can’t eat chocolate everyday. Some people can….I view it as a treat. If I’m going to have it I wait until its a treat day and have it then. Everyone has to find out what works for them. As far as health goes….I know there is lots of research in favor of adding dark chocolate to your diet….it contains antioxidants and such, but I say eat some broccoli instead! πŸ™‚ xo Olivia

Thanks O! ye how do you give yourself treat days? for me id tread myself everyday πŸ˜‰ i think I might have a controlling issue or something… Im a chocoholic! i just cant get it outta my diet… πŸ™


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