Fave Videos from Our Season of BL!

Friday!!!!! Olivia and I are filming at YouTube Studios in NYC all day but we took a little break to bring you this playlist that made us laugh AND cry.


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i teared up watching this video—sooo many great memories. one of my favorites was when hannah did her back bend. i recently injured both of my knees (patella and quad tendonitis) and separated my shoulder (from doing too many arms since i couldn’t do legs.) NOW i get why you’d be afraid to do it…BUT i constantly think of the back bend scene while i’m in the gym…taking baby steps while still on recovery…but that scene is burned in my mind. NO FEAR.

Loved this!!!!!! Thanks for sharing some great moments.

Olivia, I didn’t know you had surgery. How neat of you to share that…(um, yea..I don’t have a t.v., so I watched TBLoser on internet and didn’t catch the extra shows you’ve appeared on. :/)

Thanks girls, it was fun to see you two on Friday. 🙂

Hey guys. Really enjoyed it. I had a hard day at work so watching these videos brought back a lot of good memories of the show. So r u guys going to watch the return of Jillian this January. I am for such. She made the show. I am very glad both of u are still maintaining the weight your weight loss. Have u found any one yet, Hannah. How about any baby news for u, Olivia. Take care and happy holidays to both u and see I can get response from u two. I knew you guys were going to win.

This was a great dose of inspiration (actually Fitspiration!) that I really need going into the holiday season. Season 11 is still my favorite…followed closely by 8 and 7. ;o)

Thank you for posting these. Giving me courage to conquer some fears! xo

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