Sports Bra Challenge 2013

It’s TIME again!! If you remember (here & here) we’ve been a part of a challenge to “love the skin you’re in” and ride a spin class in just a sports bra (!). It’s been such a wonderful celebration the last couple of years and we’re excited to be a part again.

It’s happening April 14, 2013 in Union Square Park in NYC. We’d love to see you there but if you can’t make it to NYC do it in YOUR hometown. Get a group together…if you workout in a class rally them to participate. There’s something so amazing about taking an uncomfortable step with lots of support! And if you plan on it…let us know!!

More info at the SEAK Foundation.

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SEAK Foundation sounds like such a wonderful organization with programs geared toward changing the mindset of how women view themselves. Sooo excited for the third annual Sports Bra Challenge! I still remember you guys gearing up for the first one! “Dancing on a bike”-love that Jenny!!!

I love the idea of boasting women’s self confidence! After losing 88 lbs, I still find it hard to be comfortable with the imperfections of my body. (dang you lose skin!) However, I’m a very modest girl. I’ll be rockin’ out in my sports bra at home.

I just posted this to the head ladies at the gym…. We’ll see. I also sent them info on the diet bet challenge. They are always looking for creative things. At the holidays we had a “Hold the Line” Competition to encourage people to make smart choices at the holidays since we would be checking in immediately after. And there were prizes, of course.

I love this!!!!! I am making my goal to attend 2014. I’m on my journey now. I would be over the moon happy if you checked out my little blog at Love you girls!!!!

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