Stuff We Like Right Now!

Hope you’re having an AWESOME week! Here are three things we’re loving right now…

Blender Bottle for protein shakes
Frozen spinach cubes for smoothies
Rogue Speed Rope

What are things that are helping you right now?…we want to know!!

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I’d love to see a body weight workout. I’m always looking to do new stuff in the gym.

Hannah- I’d love to hear more tips relating to being single. The spinach one is great! I’m always fighting the battle of produce and food going bad before I can use it all.

Hey ladies!! I really enjoyed watching this video. As I was sitting here watching this video it finally dawned on me exactly why I admire you two so much. I am in awe that you ladies continue to motivate, inspire, encourage, and educate us (the subscribers) and the general public. I mean – wow!! You guys are from season 11 and your still going STRONG. I want you to know how much I appreciate what you share with us. Thank you so much!!

Now — as for the bodyweight workout .. I have a jump rope, but your very right about the tired arms syndrome.. Maybe a speed rope would be better. Also, I do jumping Jack’s, but it would be so cool if you two put together a body weight video. I would love to learn other options and ideas.

I will have to add spinach to my veggies. My big green is kale. I eat it daily and when it starts to go bad I blend it with good fresh fruit. Can’t taste that yuck!!

Thanks again!!

I loved hearing you both talk about body weight only workouts! I’m going to be opening my own personal training business soon and that is my stand out ovr others! 90-100% all body weight. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!! You two keep me going!

I love my Interval Timer and it goes everywhere with me. Anything I do from spinning to weight training I’ll make sure to use it. It keeps me on track the days I really don’t feel working out. Even at school (in hungary we are not allowed in the gym or the sport stuff areas without a teacher, but still I have classes from 7am to 8pm): I pick a nice staircase, have my 30 sec work/10 sec off and START!

Would love to see a body weight workout video!!

Love the tips about the frozen spinach. That’s how I would make all of my homemade baby food for my little girl, but never thought to do it for myself.

I love the Isagenix Isalean shake and am happy to send you a Free sample packet, it is made of organic whey protein from New Zealand probiotics, digestive enzymes and fiber, 24 grams of protein and 9 grams of fiber per serving. No artificial sweeteners and it is a full 240 calorie meal replacement mixed only with water or water (no need for milk or almond milk).

Love your tips, especially the food/recipe /meal tips! OKay I also like the makeup and gadget tips. Got my playtex wipes and love them-love the smell too! My isagenix site is: my email is: if you want to send me a message πŸ™‚

Hi Olivia and Hannah!
I would love to see a body weight workout video too (maybe some tips on how to modify leg workouts for people like me who have bad knees?)! I’d also like to hear more about these protein shakes and how y’all use them within your meal/workout plans!

Love you guys! I would like to know what’s your fav. work out clothes? I’m a size 18 and i want cute work out clothes and it’s hard to find any, besides going to walmart.

Hey girls!! This isn’t a product but all your protein powder talk reminded me of this protein chocolate bar recipe that is awesome (Hannah….you’re a chocolate lover right?…def. try this!!!). The recipe is from TrulyJess. It’s basically mixing protein powder and cocoa powder with coconut oil and a little bit of sweetner and then you can add a little something to mix in if you want to (I use pb2–yuuuum!) here’s the link for the recipe!

Love you guys (and your videos)!

Love this! My kids at work drink smoothies with me every afternoon– 2 frozen bananas, 2 cups of almond milk, 3 tb of PB2 and 4 large handfuls of spinach (makes enough for the four of us). The kids love that it’s green and I love that they KNOW it’s spinach and they still drink it! They know the spinach is good for them and they ask for it! The other day the kids grandma was here during shake time and Lilly, my 4-year-old, turns to her grandma and says, “gramma, check out my spinach smoothie! it looks like snot but tastes like a candy bar!!!” I’m pretty sure grandma was disgusted, but I was SO proud!! πŸ™‚

The spinach ice cubes are genius!!! I introduced a friend to using speed ropes last summer and the group she works out with during lunch starting using that in their circuit and loved it.

I’d love to see a body weight workout that you guys like to use when you’re not able to get to the gym! Do either of you do pilates or yoga?

Keep inspiring everyone you both do such a great job. The ice idea is great! I have already commented on YouTube about #BodyWeightWednesday and what i do. Can not praise you two (and Ben) enough for what you do for people out there both in the US and around the world. (pat yourselves on the back time).

I agree with the others… what protein powders do you like best? I would especially like to know which ones you think are good with just water. Love watching and following you girls!

Hi ladies! I don’t want to sound…..awkward I guess, but I have to know! What do you girls do to workout when you start the worst time of the month….I think you know what I mean. πŸ™‚ I never have any motivation to do anything and the first few days are kind of icky/painful for me. Do you guys take a day or two off or do you just do something more low-key like taking a walk? I would really appreciate if you could give me any tips/suggestions! You girls are my favortie and Biggest Loser hasn’t been the same since your season ended!! I would also really love to see a workout video from you girls! Thanks so much! πŸ™‚

Hi ladies! Also curious what kind of protein shake powder you like that is good with just water?? Thanks for all the videos, I love yall!

Hi Olivia & Hannah…what a great vlog, so informational and fun! Olivia thank you for coming out to Roseville, CA today, was a great morning to walk the mall, and the way you answered the questions, back to the basics baby! Hope you enjoyed your small gift & card, hopefully both of you can be here next time! I remember the spinach cubes you spoke about and am def challenged to try them – good way to secretly juice the veggie! Will be sharing this vlog w/ many girlfriends looking to being inspired on the road of getting healthy! Have a blessed week!

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