Behind-the-Scenes with Bob

Happy Friday! It’s the beginning of a new month and time to step up our game to a new level. In honor of Bob launching an 8 week push over at we thought we’d give you a quick, fun behind-the-scenes look at Olivia working out there a few months ago!

Enjoy 😉

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Hey Ladies!
I was wondering if you would do a video on the calorie counting device you use… I saw Hannah wearing a bodymedia… But I just want to know more about how well it works, since I am trying to decide what to get, because I think it would help me in my journey. You can also just email me your thoughts about it if you want, my email is
Thank you! You’re both amazing and a great inspiration!

Love. I just wanted to say thanks for your ‘fitspiration’. I’ve only been a follower for a few weeks, but am loving your realness. Right now I weigh 215, mom of 2. My first goal is to lose 25# so my awesome Huz can buy me my first pair of Fryes…because let’s be honest, he’s just dying to. 😉 Hello, everyone woman needs a pair. Thanks again! Oh, & your hair style how-to, changed my life. Gracias.

You look so strong and you look like you’re actually enjoying the workout exercises which is so cool since I know they are so hard to do! Do you know much about membership of I’m having trouble budgeting and wanting to do it ALL!

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