Hannah’s Boyfriend And Other News of Note

You’ve probably seen a mysterious gentleman popping up all over Hannah’s Twitter and Instagram…well here’s the SCOOP! Hear all about Pate and lots of other stuff as we get caught up!

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Catch us up on you! What are you excited about in 2014?

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Would love a vlog about food journaling, specifics; also nutritional eating ideas; and, of course, workouts.

I always love seeing my Hannah Banana! Glad things are still going well with Pate after our text exchange about two months ago! I look forward to hearing and SEEING what you lovely ladies are up to this year! Would love to see you next time you’re in Nashville. P.S. I always love to hear about beauty products and healthy meals. Love you, Jen

Welcome back, Olivia & Hannah!! I’ve missed you both so much / although I’m thankful for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook – so that we at least knew you were still there. It’s totally understandable about zoning out. Sometimes we all need to!! So thrilled to see you ladies back here. As usual, you both look healthy and absolutely stunning. Congratulations are in order to both of you ladies – Kudos to you, Olivia for getting your PT Certification. And Hannah, *BIG* congrats to you and Pate. Here’s wishing you two many, many years of happiness and love.

A few things I’d like to see in your videos:
(1) beauty reviews – skincare & makeup
(2) more information on the type of PT cert you got and what made you pick the type you got.
(3) throwing in .. Just because – you mentioned interviewing people, so feel free to interview me

I am so happy to see you guys back! I have missed ya! Four things I want to see are:

1) I love LOVE LOVE the Vlog idea. I am always curious what a day in your lives look like. I know you guys are always on the go and lets face it most of us are. So something so small in your daily life could change how I do something to keep me on track
2) Google hangouts! I loved when you did your Google hangout and allowed others to to join in and ask you questions “on air”. I could ask you questions for hours if you would let me. I think these sessions are unbelievably helpful to those of us trying to make a lifestyle change. Shameless plug….pick me for your next one!!! 🙂
3) Cooking Videos! I love all the ideas you give us and seeing that what you personally cook and prepare is very helpful.
4) Extra credit for me? Workout clothes suggestions. As a bigger lady it is hard to find clothes that I feel comfortable in at the gym. Suggestions and product sharing would be awesome

I also have to say that I appreciate everything you guys do. I have tweeted both of you several times and EVERY SINGLE time you respond. It is touching how much you care about your fans and want to help in any way possible. Thank you for being so awesome and helping me along my journey!

Great video! Love both of you and enjoyed watching you on BL! My ideas:
1. For the Vlog – possibly giving details of your schedules and how you fit in workouts and for how long each day – trying to find a good balance with work etc
2. Definitely some tips to make quick and easy healthy meals and planning ahead
3. Maybe a live question and answer session – streaming video of you guys while taking questions via chat?

Thanks for being such an inspiration and those Lush products look great!

I was SOOOO excited to see you friends! I’m glad you looked so happy! Thank you so much for making these videos and posts. You look so beautiful Olivia! I loved you
with short hair so when you said you were going to grow it out, I was worried but it looks so fabulous!!! And I’m so proud of you for successfully getting your PT cert. Yay! I know so many will benefit. Congratulations and best wishes to you Hannah and Pate. I think it takes a special heart to work with special populations and of course someone who helps cancer survivors is especially meaningful to me and I’d love to have his perspective on a post someday.

I’m praying that the personal thing(s) to which you referred about this fall are not sad or traumatic. You two deserve the best and now I’m worried and can’t wait for the next post.

Thanks again beautiful, wise women!

Posts I would love:
1. Guest “speakers” who share a post on an “expert” topic.
2. Cooking demos…easy meals, quick, few ingredients, and for beginners who know nothing about cooking
3. For more advanced meal prep people, cooking swaps for healthier choices. from kinds of pans/tools to ingredients

I commented on your YouTube page with my thoughts on what I would LOVE to see in 2014 but wanted to say… Hannah, I am so happy that you have learned how to love yourself so that you are better able to accept love from someone else. That can be one of the hardest things to do. Congratulations!! Looking forward to 2014, Hannah & Olivia! 🙂

UGH!!!! Thank goodness you ladies are back. I’ve missed you guys! I would love to see more about 1) depression and weight loss and how to get yourself out of the rut. 2) more about working out at night (I work full time and I have to go to the gym at night) 3) more easy meals. Thanks for coming back. I love you ladies tons!

I love this video! I’m so glad you two are back. You are both my favorite contestants from the Biggest Loser and I am so glad you are super social and motivating everyone STILL so many years after your big win!

I can’t wait for the upcoming videos. Beauty, recipes, guests, whatever….bring it on!

Oh…my top 3 things I’d like to see from you:
1. Travel. I know you guys travel a lot so I’d love to know how you stay healthy away from home. Do you research healthy restaurants before hand? Bring packable gym equipment?
2. Workout Videos! I loved you both in the Biggest Loser workout videos, why not make a few of your own? Even if they are quick routines.
3. Fashion. I love your style and would love to know your tips and tricks on dressing well for different sizes while losing weight.

Soooo happy that you girls are back…just shared it on Facebook and passed it on to all my friends to get them hooked! Looking forward to the vlogs. Soooo happy for you Hannah, how awesome is God’s timing! Most of the things I would love to see, people already posted.
1. What’s in your suitcase when you travel, what’s in your purse…all your “must haves”.( would also be fun to have a vlog of each of you trying to find the perfect dress for the BL finale. We all go through that tough time of trying stuff and figuring out the best look for our bodies, it would be great to go along with you as you search it out and find it.)
2. A day in the life of each of you.
3. Grace and her friends are waiting for Olivia’s tutorial on painting your nails.
4. A workout with Hannah and Pate, I’m sure everyone would love to see! And it would really be awesome to have a vlog of Olivia singing something, maybe with Ben. We have been singing some of his original songs at church, and they are awesome, it would be a great way to get them out into the world! Just a thought.
Sooo excited you are back. Thanks for continuing to inspire the world!

Hey Hannah! I know you in passing from H2U where I was a consultant with Marye during 2013. I’m super excited about my book for single women that is being published by Beacon Hill Press this Fall of 2014. It’s called Truth, Lies, and the Single Woman: Dispelling 10 Common Myths. It’s a nonfiction, Christian book for single women. I would like to send you a free copy and add you to my list of “influencers” for the book’s release. Would you email me at akflexer [at] gmail [dot] com so that we can connect? Happy New Year! Allison

Great to see you both again! I have missed you. As far as what I would like to see…

1. More of what you eat on a daily basis
2. I would love to hear how your faith helped fuel (and maintain) your weight losses
3. Finally, not to be too personal, but I would love to have an update on Olivia’s struggle with infertility

Love you ladies! Cant wait to see more 🙂

This is awesome! I would love to see more about food prep, maybe dispel some of the MANY food/fitness myths that are out there, also the beauty tips! As someone who has already lost almost 100#’s I am starting to find that my skin has changed as well! Any topics are welcome of course!!

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