Lots of New Videos Coming Your Way!

Hey, hey, hey! We are super excited about 2014 and have LOTS of new videos in the pipeline. To get us started here is a little trailer we put together for our YouTube Channel. Enjoy….and have you subscribed??? 😉

7 replies on “Lots of New Videos Coming Your Way!”

Yay!! Missed y’all TOO much. Instagram sort of tides me over, but it is not enough!! And Hannah, you KNOW we’re gonna need Pate to make a guest appearance. Right? Right. Glad we’re in agreement.


Can’t wait for more videos, I’ve missed them! Could you make a video about your favorite music? It doesn’t necessarily have to be for working out but just in general or “guilty pleasure” favorites? That would be fun! Also maybe something on dealing with anxiety, if you’ve ever gone through that (I have a lot and I’m trying to get healthier to feel more confident in myself and overcome the intense anxiety I have dealt with my entire life). I just discovered a song by my favorite guilty pleasure band HANSON (not really guilty pleasure, I’m proud to be a Hanson fan, they’re great!) called “Strong Enough to Break.” It’s amazing and is helping me get through the hard times right now. Theme song of my life! Are you all a fan of Hanson? 🙂

So glad you are back, have missed you. Love the vlog idea! Wish I could have taken one of your classes when I was on NY!

I have lost some weight already but it’s been very slow with weightwacthers. My goal is to get out of the 200’s before my b- day in July I have 31lbs to meet that goal. Can you tell me the best way to meet this goal & is this realistic? I love you both and love, love your videos. Thank you-

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