Olivia Vlogs!!!

Come along with us as we hang out with Time Warner Cable talking about being healthy in Albany, NY! Showing you all kinds of fun stuff from making breakfast to the most adorable Chihuahuas EVER!!!! Let us know if you like these type of videos ;).

5 replies on “Olivia Vlogs!!!”

I have yet to find quest bars in my area. Still looking though. I must say you guys have me totally addicted to larabars.

Oh, I adored meeting your pups! They are too too precious!!! This was super fun Olivia! Thanks for sharing so openly…I feel like I’m a real friend now!

I love Larabars! They are my go-to travel food. It doesn’t hurt that they can survive being smashed in the bottom of my purse or gym bag!

Thanks for introducing us to your dogs! It’s nice to finally meet them. We love our dogs too! They bring so much joy to our lives.

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