DietBet 2 Grand Prize Instructions

*We’ll be doing our 3rd DietBet starting September 9th!*

To be entered to win a trip for two to Biggest Loser Resort Chicago or one of two BodyMedia Core Armbands and displays with a one year subscription follow the directions in the video:

1. Be a verified 4% winner
2. Subscribe to our YouTube channel
3. Leave a comment on the video on YouTube
4. Follow us both on Facebook and Twitter

Tune in Sunday, June 2 at 4pm EDT for a live Google Hangout on Air to find out who the winners are…it could be YOU!

Original post with rules…

5 replies on “DietBet 2 Grand Prize Instructions”

I’ve never participated in a Google Hangout before. What website do I need to go to at 4pm today?

PLEASE say HELLO to my husband Keith Stephenson( he’s on LIVE with u right now) he turned 40 this year and decided to make some healthy changes so he lost 14.5 lbs all together on this diet bet and has lost 43 lbs total in three months. He’s been working very hard and is an inspiration to me and our daughter!!!

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