DietBet 2 Grand Prize Instructions

*We’ll be doing our 3rd DietBet starting September 9th!*

To be entered to win a trip for two to Biggest Loser Resort Chicago or one of two BodyMedia Core Armbands and displays with a one year subscription follow the directions in the video:

1. Be a verified 4% winner
2. Subscribe to our YouTube channel
3. Leave a comment on the video on YouTube
4. Follow us both on Facebook and Twitter

Tune in Sunday, June 2 at 4pm EDT for a live Google Hangout on Air to find out who the winners are…it could be YOU!

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DietBet 2 Bonus Prize!

Join the game here

Exciting news!! All our international players can win the Grand Prize Biggest Loser Resort Trip! Keep in mind the airfare portion is capped at $1000. So excited everyone can win!!!

This is what you’ve been waiting for!!! We sure have. We are so excited to share with you that one of the 4% winners in our DietBet game that starts Tuesday (4-30-13) and a guest will win a week at the newest Biggest Loser Resort in Chicago!!!!!! Airfare is included too! (up to $1000:) In addition, anyone who joins the game can use a discount code ($250 off) to come*…and guess what??!! We’ll be there too!! We can have an in-person live meetup! Just when you think it couldn’t get better, we have two BodyMedia core armbands and displays with one year subscriptions for a couple of runners up.

Thanks so much to Biggest Loser Resorts, DietBet, and BodyMedia for being a part. They are providing tools to help us all make CHANGE!

Here’s the scoop…When the official weights are all verified all those who lost 4% will need to make sure they are subscribed to our YouTube channel, follow us on Twitter, and like us on Facebook. Leave a comment on the video we will designate. We will randomly choose winners from those people!!

We will be hosting a live Google Hangout this week to discuss this awesomeness and answer any of your questions…stay tuned!

Also remember you can enter through May 6!!

*May not be combined with other offers or promotions, subject to availability, and must be booked for a stay before 12/31/13