Protein Powder?

You asked for it…here it is! Our take on which ones we like, which ones we don’t and all kinds of stuff in between. We’re not experts, we’ve just tried a lot!

What are your faves? Which ones do you not like?

A few links from the video…
Jay Robb Egg White Protein
Whole Foods
GNC Lean Shake 25

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I’m not a fan of the vanilla protein powders either – I really like these two:
NowSports EggWhite Protein (no soy or sugar)
PlantFusion Chocolate (no soy, no dairy)

The best smoothie/ shake hands down is making your own almond milk so easy especially if you have vitamix. Soak almond, grind with water in vitamix, add medjool dates for flavor or real vanilla bean. Then add Warrior protein powder!!

Warrior Food Vegan raw, ultimate protein supplement. also its non gmo, no whey no animal parts/ no chemical. Nothing artificial and Gluten Free

Genesis Pure vanilla or berry….organic, gluten free, all plant based šŸ™‚ it’s the only way I take any protein powder

I am sensitive to dairy, wheat/gluten and soy so I have to watch all ingredients. I like Vega Sport Performance Protein so far. Thanks for mentioning the Jay Rob Egg White protein. I will have to add that to my collection of options.

I’m vegan and finally found one that doesn’t give me elimination issues (like Vega) or have more than 5 grams of sugar. It’s JJ Virgin’s Protein shake, and the Chai flavor is the BEST.

I’m going to check this out….that was my biggest problem with vegan and all natural protein powders….they made my stomach SOOOOO upset! Good to know you found a good one! Thanks for suggesting it!

I cannot believe you recommended Lean by GNC. That is a chemical wasteland. Do some research on ingredients. BAD!

Did you even watch the video?? I think I was incredibly clear that it was not an all natural product and there were chemicals in it. Everyone has to pick and choose their battles…I eat as clean as I can 95% of the time. I have tried TONS of protein powders and most of them bother my stomach…Especially the all natural ones. This one happens to work well for me…it’s a concession I’m willing to make. Last time I checked a few chemicals were a better option for me than weighing 280+ pounds.

1) YES– Six Star Pro Nutrition Whey Protein Isolate Decadent Chocolate, 1.5 lb (walmart $19 bucks) Mix with fat free milk + reduced fat peanut butter + ice. AWESOME.
2) NO — Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey Protein Powder Chocolate Peanut Butter Supplement. (walmart $16) Just couldn’t get it to taste any good. pass.
By the way, you guys rock. Loved season 11.

And I have to say 1 other thing. IF a protein powder, meal replacement, etc. has no nutritional benefit, like the GNC Lean WHY drink it? Aren’t you trying to feed your body not fill it with artificial junk? Feed your body with nutritional things and it will respond in kind with performance, weight loss, energy, etc. Get educated on “ingredients” don’t just drink things you aren’t familiar with for conveniece. I would say the LEAN is equivalent to eating a McDonald’s hamburger.

Now your first comment I could totally understand….everyone has to make their own choices about what they put in their body…but, now this comment is just plain ridiculous. To even suggest that a McDonald’s hamburger is better for you than a Lean Shake is just silly. I understand your point about chemicals…but, even if we JUST compare calories the protein shake wins. Also, there is nutritional benefit in the protein powder….having a product that has chemicals in it does not negate the nutritional benefits that it also contains. The vitamins and minerals are all still there. I think I can confidently say that I take extremely good care of my body now after years of abuse. I teach at least 15 spin classes a week on top of other workouts and I have found that in a pinch this product does works for me. Once again this is a choice that I make and works for me…that is ALL this video was addressing. If you don’t want to use it…I respect that and don’t use it. As always thanks for the dialogue…that’s why we created myfitspiration!

Labrada ProV60 – most protein and least sodium!
Labrada — 30g protein / 42.5mg sodium
GNC Lean Shake — 25g protein / 150.0mg sodium
FYI: if you look at the Labrada label – it’s for men 2 scoops @ 60g protein — so for women I do 1 scoop @ 30g protein (that’s how i got the above #’s)

p.s. if you happen to be in Nashville – i have another friend that has a shop that i buy it locally in Hermitage …
American Nutritional Wholesalers, LLC
3327 Lebanon Road
Hermitage, TN 37076

A few years ago I would occasionally drink vanilla Spiru-Tein, which was great with just water, but after I started eating more of a whole/Paleo lifestyle I avoided it because of the soy/maltodextrin/other bad ingredients. Same for the chocolate Walker Diet shake mix that I tried after Spiru-Tein (which I wouldn’t recommend just because you really needed an electric blender to make it not so chunky/gritty, and it tasted much better in milk than in water, so a little more expensive/inconvenient to make). So I then switched to just making green smoothies without any protein powder. After a few months of that, I thought it would be good to add some protein back in, so I tried NOW’s Pea Protein, thinking that I could mask the flavor (which some people complained about in reviews) with my fruits and veggies. WRONG! It tasted SO gross! I hate throwing things away so it’s still in my kitchen cabinet but it’s kind of silly because I don’t see myself ever using it again, unless I’m making split pea soup or something. If I was really thinking in the first place, I wouldn’t have gotten it because peas are a legume, which is a no-no on Paleo (as is dairy, which is why I avoid all whey-based protein powders too). Egg White Protein sounds promising for me, as long as I can find a very natural/organic brand!

I finally found a vanilla protein powder that I love: Lean1 Vanilla. Almost tastes like cake batter! It comes in a big tub and also in individual packages for on-the-go use. I like it just with water and ice in my blender bottle.

GNC carries About Time in some of their stores and online. There is a mocha mint flavor that is actually really good. It’s a lactose free, gluten free, carb free, and fat free pure whey isolate. ( The birthday cake flavor…eww, definitely doesn’t taste like any birthday cake I’ve ever had.

Also Syntrax Nectar has a variety of flavors that can be mixed with water on the go and taste like juice vs. a milky type shake. The grapefruit tastes like grapefruit juice. The chocolate is very good. For a warm morning or winter drink, I mix 1-2 scoops with hot tap water, stir it really well and microwave it for 30 seconds. Tastes really good!!

I love Isagenix Isalean shakes! I used to have a chocolate for breakfast and they updated the vanilla and I crossed over! It’s organic, gluten-free and 99.9% lactose free. A dairy free shake just came out but I haven’t tried it yet.

My personal opinion Isagenix Vegan shakes are truly gross! They have a ton of artificial sweetener and all you can taste is stevia! or whatever sweetener is in it!

There is actually no artificial sweetner in Isalean Vegan berry. The stevia used is, completely natural, organic and safe, and not the chemically laden stevia that there is controversy about. Isagenix is third party tested to ensure that all products have exactly what is claimed. The batch test every single batch. That’s integrity! šŸ™‚

I love Raw Organic Whey – it is pricey and you can only get it online right now, but it is worth it if you’re looking for a plain, simple powder. The ingredient list is “raw organic whey protein” and that’s it!

I tried Hemp protein once – and if you’re interested in drinking lawn clippings, this is for you. It was so awful!!! Anyone had the chocolate? Maybe it’s better than plain?!

I like the Melaluca Vanilla shakes. Try them. I really love the Melauca products they are totally GREEN.

Hannah (and Olivia)…for vanilla, you have GOT to try NNW brand (Hy Vee) Vanilla Caramel Swirl. It is TOO DIE FOR. Seriously.

NNW is an AWESOME brand. Their protein powder is CLEAN and contains no junk. Awesome flavors and come in several bag sizes so you can try out flavors before purchasing a larger amount. Very affordable too. 1 1b bag is $12.99. 2 lb bag is $19.99. I find it at HyVee grocery store in the organic/healthy foods section.

PB Chocolate is an incredible flavor too.

Also. This one is GREAT with milk or water to mix it.

Good luck!!! Thank you for sharing your favorites!!! Please so some more smoothie/protein powder video ideas!!!

This is an old thread…my mom loved this! Iā€™m visiting her in Kansas…any idea what happened to it? Maybe under another name? Ty!

In your butterfinger smoothie video, Hannah was mentioning JuicePlus as a great chocolate protein powder. Have you found better tasting chocolate one or still using it as well?
Love your videos gals!

First of all you handled those negative comments beautifully šŸ˜‰
I listened to the video.
My dear friends use Shaklee Cinch protein. They have recently reformatted the fiber and I’ve found that it bothers my tummy ,however , if I drink more water throughout the day it’s fine. It’s really yummy!

I’ve never really used protein powders because I just feel like I know enough about them to chose one. My husband has seen the GNC one that you guys mentioned and said he thought I might like it. It looks like I should have listened!

Thanks for the info and the recommendations on protein powders to try!

They sell it at Smoothie King, but I usually order mine from Amazon. I imagine they would have it at a place like GNC, but I’ve never bought it in an actual store.

I am love in with Meal Replacement Shakes from Advocare!!! Being a coffee fan, the Chocolate Mocha is my Favorite!!! But if you are looking for Vanilla, they offer one that is sweet almost like cake batter! Very Balanced protein-carb ratio! They come in pouches for easy carry on…. You mix with water and your have deliciousness in your shaker bottle! You can add PB2 for an extra kick it keeps the protien carb balanced!

Thanks for helping me find a vanilla protein powder that I can tolerate. I had tried Designer Whey in my smoothie and it smelled and tasted so bad. I got Jay Robb and it was great in a smoothie.

Bets protein powder I have ever had: AboutTime Mocha Mint flavor! Tastes amazing in water, and it only has 5 ingredients (all of which you can pronounce). They have sales for buy one get one every so often, which is when I stock up, otherwise it is a little on the pricey side…

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