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It’s time, It’s time!! Everybody’s been asking about our challenge and it’s finally here! You can win cash AND a trip to NYC to meet us. Sign up RIGHT NOW :).

**Lots of you have been asking how the NYC trip winner will be chosen. She/he will be chosen randomly from those who lose 4% in the game (verified by DietBet). We’ll use to make sure it’s fair!**

The Details:

  • 28 days starting March 18 and ending April 14, 2013
  • $25
  • Everyone in the game who loses 4% of their body weight will split the $$
  • One of the winners will be chosen by us to win a tip to NYC to meet us! (includes airfare for 2, 1 hotel room for 1 night, dinner, and a workout) *Airfare for US & CanadaΒ only – We love everybody, though;)*
  • Great information on the game page:

So what are you waiting for?? Find some friends and enter NOW…..let us know you signed up in the comments!

79 replies on “Ready for this Challenge??”

Loving this! I would pay my way ( and 10 others too) just to be able to sit down, have a cup of coffee, and thank y’all for your story and your mission. Recently heard of you two about three weeks ago when I typed in “back injury and weight loss” into google and found Hannah’s story, then ended up watching y’all’s season. Crazy right?? I played volleyball in high school and during my “senior night” (when all the college scouts were there to see me) I fell, herniating 2 discs in my lower back. So here I am 8 years later and 100 pounds heavier than I was then, finally ready to make a change. What Hannah said on the scale during her first weigh in is what finally got everything through my head. “No more looking for tomorrow, today is time for change!” I’ve taken those words and made them my motto! While the money is a great incentive as is a trip to NYC, letting y’all know your impact and finally learning to believe in myself is what will motivate me to do this 28 day challenge. (and also to be challenged beyond those 28 days as well!)
God Bless y’all from one southerner to another!

I’m a Southern girl too Sarah. Where are you from? “No more looking for tomorrow, today is time for change!” is hands down my favorite quote from Biggest Loser and one that resonates with soooo many people. Good luck in the challenge Sarah!

Hey Suzanne! I was born and raised in wild and wonderful West Virginia which most people don’t consider “the South” but I surely consider myself southern with my twang and relationships with shrimp and grits and black eyed peas! Spent a little time in Alabama and Texas after college and now live in Orlando when I’m not traveling overseas with my job. Good luck to you as well!

I’m in!!! This is exactly the push I need to shed some extra weight and step it up with my workouts and food choices. Thanks for hosting the challenge ladies and thank you so much for offering such a generous prize for one of the lucky DietBet winners!

Very exciting. I live in Philadelphia so I wouldn’t need the airfare but a car service would be nice πŸ™‚ I only need to lose 5 lbs but I think that is 5%..

I am sooooooooooo on board!!!! Both inspired me to continue my weight loss journey while they were on BL. Then after my car accident with a back injury, I remember how Hannah pushed thru her fear…and now I’m working on pushing past my fear and would love to workout with both Hannah and Olivia!

Two years I was able to lose the weight and am working like crazy to keep it off! I have maintained fairly well since last July but am really struggling again. This challenge is what I need to turn around and get back on track. My dream activity would be to run a 5K in NYC!!!

I just signed up! I’m freaking EXCITED!!!!!!! Killer incentives, guys! Getting cash is pretty sweet by itself, but a chance to hit NYC and hang out with you girls is AMAZING! πŸ™‚ Thanks for putting us up to this challenge! 4% is so out of here!

I too have been working through some very challenging emotional fears (cancer and loss of ability to have children) but I am FINALLY coming out of the fog and ready to take my life back and get it on the right track!! This is exactly what I need to refocus and get things started! THANK YOU! Meeting the two of you would be simply amazing! Good luck to everyone πŸ™‚

Adrienne, I can relate to your comment too as a two-time cancer survivor who also cannot have my own children. It’s hard to mourn such huge losses but I just wanted you to know that you re not alone and that every day is such an opportunity for hope; for happiness! I just wanted to wish you ALL THE BEST!

I’m a college student hoping to lose the freshman fifteen. I’ll be graduating this year and I’m still carrying the extra weight around! I’m hoping this will help me lose it and keep it off for good! πŸ˜€

I just signed up! I’m a mother of 3 kids (5, 3, and 6 week old) Excited about the extra motivation to lose weigh and would love you meet you guys!!

What an awesome and motivating way to lose weight. I am SO IN! Any tips for someone who struggles with eating healthy foods?

I am IN! I’m so excited. This means two pounds a week for me and is DEFINITELY a challenge! But, it has been my dream since I was ice skating at five years old to go to New York and to skate at Rockefeller Center so I just absolutely have to try! It would be AMAZING to have a life-long dream come true with such special people that I’m honored and humbled to know and to lose weight like this would absolutely be a win-win situation for certain sure!!!

Woo! I just signed up. My $25 is in the pot and I’M GONNA WIN! πŸ™‚
Trying to psych myself up… been down lately about having gained weight the past few months (due to stress and thyroid issues). So this is a good motivator and challenge. And a GREAT prize… I wanna win!
I am so appreciative of you ladies and what you do. OH and I checked out Ben’s website- lovvve it. He seems like the kindest man. You scored, Olivia! πŸ™‚ (And yay Jesus!)
Ok girls, keep doing what you do – it’s helping change lives.

I am soooo excited about this challenge. I’ve been overweight for over 10 years (cry face) and I’m sooo tired of feeling negative about myself. I watch the biggest loser and cry and laugh along with the contestants… I was right there with you guys, Olivia and Hannah. You both are beautiful inspirations to women around the globe. I did get right in there and lose weight. I lost 23lbs in 2 months and was SUPER proud of myself…and then I got pregnant and I’m right where I was to begin with again. It’s depressing, really. I just want to get motivated to do it again and drop this 50+ lbs that has been hanging around for way too long. Thank you for striking that fire in my heart again and helping to motivate me. You guys rock!

I want to do this…but I am not super overweight, but could afford to lose 5 or 6 pounds…which when I did the math is exactly 4% of my body weight. Is it okay if we don’t have a significant amount to lose, but we are still motivated by yall’s story and would love to meet you? guys!

I’m really excited for a little extra incentive to add to my journey! I will hit my weight loss goals this year and have been so thankful for the education I have already received in just a couple months on healthy eating and now am working on training for a 5K in April. Now just need to learn about working out and what is right for me…I’m so glad I enrolled in “school”! You both are such an inspiration and after meeting you in Raleigh a few months ago you were a stepping stone in helping me start my commitment to being a healthy, well woman of God! I think the best part is I have been able to encourage others…isn’t that what its all about!?! Thank you and I hope I get to come and see you both in NY πŸ™‚

This is such a great opportunity! How are you deciding who is going to New York? I’ve been following you from the beginning of your weightloss journey and I’d be so honored to meet you!

Just did this exact challenge with friends the month of February. Love the idea of everyone that gets down 4% gets a payment. πŸ™‚

Just signed up and invited friends to join with me. This is amazing and shoot ya’lls give away is the best prize ever! Hope to be that lucky lady! Lets do this!

So excited! Just the extra motivation I need to keep on this journey! I have 3 weeks left of a “Biggest Loser Challenge” at my gym, it was a lose 10 pounds in 10 weeks challenge, so I have been working hard, and will definitely accomplish that… and this is the perfect challenge to keep me going. I’m signing up now!

hannah was sweet enough to reply to my comment under her picture of her back bend this week. she told me i was killing it on my weight loss journey that started 5 weeks ago. i have a long way to go and this is a great opportunity. getting to meet hannah and olivia would be incredible. im signed up and cant wait to see how i do against everyone else.

Soooo looking forward to this!! Ive been needing to get on track for a looong time. Is there a section to read the rules? I look forward to supporting everyone and I know everyone is going to do great!!!

Signing up now! This is perfect timing for me. I started changing my eating 3 weeks ago and was needing some extra incentive to take the next step and add in exercise. A change to meet you two is perfect!! Oh, and be warned…if I do win and get to meet y’all, I will probably cry. I’m a crier. It’s what I do! πŸ˜‰

I just signed up for the dietbet competition! I’m super excited and pumped for it to begin and help me continue forward with my own personal weight loss goals! Hannah and Olivia, you ladies are awesome and a true inspiration! πŸ˜€ Thanks for all you do!

My hubby and I are in…..this is just what I need. I started my journey back in Sept .and to date I have loss 54.2 pounds. This past month I had a rib injury and the congestion yuk! So this is great motivation to get me back on track again. Thanks!!!! But I believe the best part would be to meet you both. πŸ™‚

So excited to join this challenge! I could totally relate to Hannah and Olivia’s stories as I watched them on BL. So thankful that they inspired me to get healthy. I’m 7 months into my journey and still going strong! And about to drop 4% more!! πŸ˜‰

Just got finished with my first Dietbet challenge, and it was a blast! I made my goal and won a little cash in the process! πŸ˜€
Stumbled across your dietbet challenge and it caught my eye since I am a HUGE Biggest Loser fan (and even tried out for the show here in good ‘ole UT) and loved watching your transformations, which were amazing BTW! πŸ™‚
Where as I’m just starting my weightloss journey (of 180 lbs to lose) and love getting a jumpstart to get back into the swing of things I think I am going to give this challenge a shot and would love to have a chance to meet you guys and see New York (only ever seen the inside of JFK ariport, Lol).
Thanks for putting this together and look forward to succeeding in this challenge with you! πŸ˜€

Love this!! And I am going to join this challenge. The idea that I could possibly get a chance to workout with you two is simply a dream come true!! Thanks for your constant inspirations and contests to get everyone motivated and moving!!


Crystal Estes
Twitter: @healthismygame

I signed up last week! So excited for this challenge and for the chance to meet you two! I admire you both and always look forward to new myfitspiration posts. πŸ™‚

This is awesome! I am so doing this challenge – this is so great. Love the competition! Thankful for you guys.

I just signed up today! I’m so excited!! I need the motivation of competition and an end date to get me going!! I’m ready to break through my plateau!. The money would be nice but i really want to meet you gals!!!!! THAT is my big carrot! I know that winner will be picked at random, so I’m crossing my fingers!! You girls have been a big inspiration! I want to take my sister if I’m lucky enough to win the big prize- the four of us could really have some fun!! Thanks for setting this challenge up ladies!!

I am excited to start my first dietbet! One question… What is the purpose of the weigh in “word”? Do I just write any word on paper and set it by my scale when I weigh in and out? Thanks!

Weehooo!! Im all signed up n ready to go. Looking forward to conpleting this challenge and kicking it in the butt :). Thanks so much ladies for setting this up! You both are a true inspiration to me. Your both beautiful inside and out!

I’m so very excited about this fun challenge! Hannah and Olivia, y’all are seriously inspirational. And sassy. And fit. And fashion-forward. I just love y’all and am delighted to get the chance to meet you in NYC!!

So glad I found this website! I will be doing the challenge…hoping it’s just what I need to give me that extra boost in motivation. I tend to fail in the eating dept. although I make it to the gym three times a week! I loved you guys on The BIggest Loser:) Good luck all.

Just what I need! Lost 100lbs 3 yrs ago but ended up gaining it all back. Been trying to lose the weight. It’s been driving me crazy! I hope that by signing up for my first DietBet with my 2 fave gals from the Biggest Loser. This is gonna be my motivation. Thanks ladies for doing this!

How exciting! I am mom to 7 kids with 4 of them 7 yrs and younger! I should be skinny chasing these kiddos from dawn to dusk BUT NO! Too much snacking, fast and convenient foods, park stops where I crash on a bench etc. Time for a change! You gals are darling for putting this together–thanks!

You two are still my favorite of all seasons. I have PCOS and always thought I was doomed for life and then you showed me the weight loss CAN happen! I’ve fought my internal demons and have lost 50 lbs since Oct 1st. Hopefully another 4% this month. Thank you so much for sharing your story!

oh I cant wait for Tuesday ( Im in Australia) to really put some umph into my weight loss through a dietbet, Ive been trying out new ways to exercise…loving the malibooty work outs on Youtube by Tone it

I have to ask though, If the winner of the trip to NY is not in Canada or the States and can not afford to pay their way to NY is there a substitute prize? because it would be very depressing to win such a thing and not be able do it.

Hannah and Olivia, Does dietbet get a %age of individual winnings, did not see that posted here but saw on dietbet webpage. please let me know asap , thanks Rose

Can’t spend the money right now – but I’m still going to aim for 4% in the next for weeks! Thanks for the encouragement.

Decided last minute to join and just signed up. Not sure if I can lose that much but I need the extra motivation. πŸ™‚ Good luck everyone.

Thanks for the challenge! I feel quite motivated. Do you sisters have a spin class tutorial or would you consider it. I have a spin bike at home that I never use. I would love to follow an online tutorial class!

Already a couple 10 days in and feeling stronger and more confident. Thank you so very much for starting this challenge. I love how every one on here as well as on the DietBet sight are so inspiring. The feedback and support is amazing!

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