Do You Wear Makeup to the Gym??

So we sometimes disagree…we are real people!! Olivia likes to wear makeup to the gym and Hannah does not! Today Olivia tries to convince Hannah to try it her way :).

Which way do you go? If you do wear makeup to the gym, what products do you use? If you don’t, why not…let’s discuss!

Products used in this tutorial:
Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer (SPF 20, Bisque)
NW 25 Select Moisture Cover MAC
MAC Paint Pot Ground Work
Tarte Amazonian Clay (Color: Exposed)
Rimmel Max Volume Mascara Extreme Black
Chanel Eyelash Curler
MAC Fix + Setting Spray
Kiss My Face Vanilla Honey Lip Balm

12 replies on “Do You Wear Makeup to the Gym??”

Since I go to the gym right after work. I usually have makeup on from ”the day”. On the weekends it depends, sometimes I put on a little powder with some Covergirl Outlast lipstick (it doesn’t come off until you take it off) and some mascara.

I don’t usually wear makeup because I’m pretty dumb when it comes to knowing what to do with all the products. But this is a look that I would be comfortable wearing to work or shopping. How much can I mess up with just using my finger?

You girls are both beautiful with or without make-up! Hannah looks so much like her mother and Olivia looks a lot like her grandmother Alba!

I work out at home or run outside after work so I guess I have makeup on but I never put on makeup for the purpose of working out. The only thing I do, especially if i’m going out in the cold to run is I put on heavy moisturizer and sunscreen.

Question: Olivia what hair products do you use? Your hair is so healthy and shiny looking!

Ha ha, Olivia I love that you have a Chanel eyelash curler. A girl after my own heart. I’d like to raid your stash.

Hey girls…thanks for the tips. My fave concealer *ever* is by Amazing Cosmetics. You really don’t need much (seriously, for a red spot a dot is often enough) and it is buildable.

That’s funny my spin and instructor and I were JUST talking about this today! To me, the gym is a place just like anywhere else I would go, and anywhere else I would go…I would wear makeup!. And I don’t feel confident without AT LEAST mascara and a tiny but of eyeliner. That’s all I wear to the gym.
I remember Jillian once said that sometimes it helps to get yourself motivated to work out if you like how you look so treat yourself to some nice workout gear. Same goes with my face! I feel a bit better with just a bit of make-up. Not to necessarily impress, but I do want to look like I normally would going out as I would at the gym….I’m also single and there ARE boys at the gym! (That’s just a small reason…hehe). But I think it’s totally preference and I wouldn’t judge either way 🙂

My favorite light foundation is Maybelline dream dream nude airfoam. I always like to wear a little makeup to the gym because whenever I watch myself lift weights in the mirror, I get a little confidence boost.

I never wear makeup when I work out but when I am wearing makeup I stick to Bare Minerals. My skin is really sensitive and this is the first makeup I’ve found that doesn’t bother me and it’s so light that I never feel like I’m wearing makeup.

You ladies both do a beautiful job with your makeup!

I was going to post the same question above, what hair products do you use? What do you keep in your gym bags for beauty? I’ve been keeping a steady stream of weigh loss motivation going the past 6 months and love your videos!

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