Light Lunch On-the-Go

We’ve got quick, low calorie, and of course delicious lunch ideas for you today. Let us know your ideas. We love fresh ideas to spice up our routines, too! Hope you like these!!!

Ingredients in this video:
GG Scandinavian Bran Crispbread Crackers (2 for 24 cal)
-Hummus (2 tbsp – 50 cal)
-Fresh cut Deli Turkey (Low Sodium, 30 cal per oz)

“She-Deviled” Eggs:
-Pre Hard Boiled Egg (without yolk, 17 cal)
-Fill with Guacamole in place of yolk (60 cal for 2 tbsp)

Sally Smart Key Lime Jalapeno Almonds (170 for 1 oz)
THINAddictives (3 pieces 110 cal)

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Thanks for sharing…I always struggle with packing a lunch for work. This is easy and looks tasty! And, I was able to find everything on Amazon.

I have two ideas for you lovely ladies!

These are both all natural:

First, you can get this at Whole Foods and it sort of reminds me of the GG Scandinavian Bran Crispbread Crackers:

They’re called Suzie’s Thin Cakes
They have many flavors, and three cakes are only 45 calories!
They’re great to have with like you said peanut butter ,low fat cream cheese, etc
They don’t seem to have a website so you can just google them or check them out on amazon

The other thing I wanted to mention was GNU Flavor and Fiber Bars!
They are all natural, between 130-140cal (depending on the flavor) 12g of fiber, 4g of protein, 4-5g of fat!
They keep me so full (i mean they have 12g of fiber!!!) and they taste like Larabars but are nutritionally better! I know you guys made a video for snack bars over a year ago and talked about larabars being higher in calories, well these taste even better and are lower in cal and high in fiber! Check them out. They have so many different flavors too.

Enjoy! You guys are my favorite and I love frequenting this website. I hope I helped!

Love my GG’s! Thanks to you i have been putting wholly guac and turkey on them for over a year! Never thought of PB and banana tho… Yum :). Sometimes i will make tuna salad ( the healthy way) and top GGs with that!!!!

I like the egg white guacamole idea for something different. Though, to be honest, out of laziness I’d probably just eat the whole hard boil egg w/o the guacamole. Less calories (and I’m not afraid of in the yolk).

Every day: 1/2 brown rice tortilla, 1/2 c cottage cheese, 1/4 cup egg white with 1/3 can wild salmon, 1 cup spinach, 1 tsp parmesan. Place egg on top of tortilla and dollop with cottage cheese….high protein, filling and healthy!

Great ideas but why do you eat just the egg white and not the yolk? Don’t you find it more filling? even Dr Oz says to eat the whole egg.

I buy the costco 6 pack of egg whites. They are easy and I don’t have to touch the egg. And 1/2 cup is only 60 calories, so it fills you up more.

Just wondering how much one package of the GG’s are normally in your stores?

Also, I can’t wait to try the egg with guac! yum!!! I happen to have some 100cal packs of guac waiting to be used and I’m going to pick up some pre-hard-boiled eggs tonight in my shopping trip. 🙂 I always manage to fail at boiling eggs, either they crack open while boiling or they’re harder than heck to de-shell.

If you want easy hard boiled eggs, cook them in a muffin tin in the oven…I tagged you (Hannah) in a comment on my pin on Pinterest. try with one egg first to get the timing right for your oven. It does make the whole house smell like fart, but it works!!!! 🙂 Peeling is sooo easy if you do it right away.

I’m really surprised when I went back and added up the calories that all of that is just over 500 calories and it could be a bigger lunch or a lunch and a snack. I like cutting up a couple of strawberries to eat with spinach leaves for a little sweet something to go with my lunch. Adding fruit with greens and eating it last is a nice way to get some extra greens in and cure your sweet tooth at the same time.

Hey Olivia,

I meant to ask you today when I saw you at SoulCycle, but I am wondering where I can buy the GG’s in NYC?


I tried this and enjoyed it. I did try it with turkey but today I tried Boars Head Chipolte Chicken Breast. It had a good kick. Thought I would mention it to Hannah (30 cal per ounce too but I neglected to look at the sodium).

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