Getting Through the Bad Days

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Hope everyone’s rocking their January…staying on track and seeing growth. BUT….if you haven’t already, you will have a bad day. A day you want to throw it all out the window and head for the ice cream. This is the second part of our series about making it through them.

How do you get yourself through? What works for you? What doesn’t?

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Yep I am having a bad today, I missed my workout today and then I ate some not so good foods. It is amazing how those 2 go hand in hand. I just keep on tracking my food and workout on and hope tomorrow will be another day to start fresh,

I struggle with afternoon snacking. Every day it feels like a huge battle. The kids are napping, I clean the whole house and fold all the laundry, and there I am, with too much time on my hands…and I just eat and eat and eat. I’m getting better though, and I try to drink a lot of water and, when I’m feeling desperate, coffee. In the end, it’s about self control, and I’m learning that, day by day. Coming to myfitspiration and seeing what you two have to say helps SO much! Just last Friday, I was about to put a breakfast burrito in the microwave when I saw your green smoothie video, and I made myself one of those! That felt good. Thanks you two! Looking forward to the show tonight!!

Renee-have you thought about keeping some hand weights around for this time in the afternoon when you’ve got extra time on your hands? Afterward you could do a few yoga poses to unwind after the house cleaning, laundry, and arm work.

Renee–I recently read Bob Harper’s book “Skinny Rules” and one of his suggestions has really worked for me in my efforts to stop snacking after the kids are in bed at night. He says “no carbs after lunch” because carbs really set you up for cravings and snacking. Honestly, I thought this would not work for me, but decided to give it an honest effort anyway. I could not believe the difference it made from day one! It was so easy to resist my usual dish of ice cream and some other yummy carb snacks! If I feel like having “a little something” after the kids are in bed, I just have either a sliced apple with almond butter, or some plain yogurt with frozen blueberries on top. Give it a whirl…maybe it’ll work for you, too! Good luck, Renee!

Thank you so much, Suzanne and Lisa! I just read Bob’s book too and am trying to follow the rules now… although I will admit that the no carbs after lunch rule has been hardest for me! I agree that when you don’t eat them, you don’t crave them. It’s just a very hard cycle to break. The biggest thing I’ve learned so far on my weight loss journey is that I have very weak self control. So I’m trying to work on being stronger, but also setting myself up for success. Thank you for these tips! This afternoon while the babies are napping, I will definitely be grabbing an apple for a snack and utilizing the weight room!

I am having a so-so day. I also missed my workout this morning, but my eating is on point. I have a little bit of a headache though. I do have a question for both of you. My sister is 14, about 5’11” and 275 lbs. My mom and I have been encouraging her to get healthier, not even lose weight, but she refuses. About a week or so ago, I proposed to her for us, just me and her, to do a biggest loser competition at home and she has refused on multiple occasions. Mom and I do not want to force her to do anything, but how do we get her motivated to become healthier without forcing anything on her?

That’s one of the hardest things…the thing I’ve learned is that you can’t decide for anyone else. You can encourage, offer help, be there for them, but, in the end, they have to decide. They have to be ready. That’s how it was for me! And sometimes all the pressure from others can delay that decision. Does that make sense? Just be supportive of any positive change and be there so when she is ready so she can turn to you for the support and guidance she will definitely need.

Ashlyn, she might not be reacting well to your recommendations about _HER_ conduct, but would she put up too much of a fuss if your mom began purchasing healthier foods (not too suddenly, a little at a time)? Even reducing soft drink purchases with the reason that they are too expensive just might help. And if you’ve got a lot of energy, you might cook or bake low calorie foods or desserts (the latter in an effort to replace high calorie desserts). But perhaps don’t let her know that you’re doing it to help her lose weight. If things hit her too suddenly, I suppose it might be catastrophic. Good luck.

Hey Ladies!! Love love love the video! I had a rough week this week and even just thinking about comparing what went wrong to what did go well there is always more that goes well. I love the idea of the listing good and bad choices — thank you for sharing! Big Hugs 🙂 #UnleashTheChampion

I love you girls soooo much!! This just made my day! I am one of those people who said “Starting January 1st I’m going to get healthier, exercise every day, eat better blah, blah, blah” but since the beginning of January I have lacked the motivation to actually start doing it. I take my dog on walks frequently but right now it’s really snowy and cold out so I haven’t been able to do it. I have a goal to work-out on the treadmill tomorrow. And to make better food choices for the rest of the day! Your blog really has helped me so much! Thank you for all that you girls do and are willing to share with us! I was you’re biggest fan on your season of BL and have been following you ever since your season (which was the BEST!) ended. I wish there were a way I could re-watch it! Are you guys going to do a review after every episode of BL this season? Or maybe at least every now and then? You’re videos are the best. I’ll be checking in again soon! 🙂

Just what I needed today! I ran 14 miles yesterday for my marathon training and then ate McDonalds for dinner tonight cause I was too tired to cook. Bad decision but TBL is getting ready to come on over here on the West Coast and I’m excited to plan my workout for tomorrow and I have decided to do a bunch of batch cooking this weekend. You both always put a smile on my face and it’s wonderful to know that I’m not alone in my struggles. I’ve lost 90 lbs and am within 5 lbs of a healthy weight range for my height but even though I’ve lost this weight and kept it off for almost 4 years now the chocolate still calls me…enchiladas SCREAM my name. Somtimes I feel like a hypocrite cause so many of my family and friends look to me for motivation but like you said we all have struggles, it’s about building upon those positives! Sending hugs your way!

Right now my struggle is being comfortable and confident in my new body. I’ve lost 85 lbs and I feel awkward in my body. And now people are lecturing me about being too thin. (I’m nowhere near being too thin and my current goal is actually to build more lean muscles not to lose weight.)

Right now my struggle is being comfortable and confident in my new body. I’ve lost 85 lbs and I feel awkward in my body. And now people are lecturing me about being too thin. (Which isn’t the case!)

I am struggling with this too! I’ve lost 100 lbs but I’ve always been self-conscious and I thought that would change. It hasn’t. AND now my mom is telling me I’m getting too skinny. I am not…I still have fat to lose and muscle to gain, and it hurts to get hell on the other other end of things after being told to lose weight for so long! (I’m still at overweight according to my BMI by about 15 lbs)

This was a good video for me today (though perhaps I should have watched it two hours earlier than I did; siiiigh).

Like Marissa, I had a KICKASS day yesterday: I ran 18K in the cold, Canadian outdoors in the morning because I’m three and a bit weeks away from my first half marathon. I walked down, then back down, a looong hill in the mid-afternoon (about 3K total) for some hockey watching fun. And in the evening, I played soccer and was shockingly energetic considering my morning run.

Today, I am sore and it’s a good sore. But on my walk home from work, I swung into a drug store, bought ice cream, and ate it all. It has been a very bad (food) day, indeed.

So, thank you for this timely video. And I’m going to try to invoke Anne of Green Gables’s, “Tomorrow is always fresh with no mistakes in it” (and Miss Stacey’s dash of reality, “Well, there’s no mistakes in it yet”). (Are you familiar with Anne of Green Gables? Am I the lamest ever for referencing her?)

kerry, i LOVE anne of green gables! you are totally not lame, and i love the quote. i mean, I don’t know about olivia and hannah. but you get mad props for it in my book!

I had an okay day today, but I’d like to share with you (primarily Olivia since I know she ran a half marathon) one of my worst days. I trained my BUTT off for my first half marathon—I was planning on running 9 minute miles the whole way, and I even noticed that my usually stocky body had become more long and lean from all the running. Three weeks before the half marathon (and when I moved back home for the summer), I kind of burned out of my training. I still kept the workouts up, but I noticed they got harder as I kept eating more and more food. I had such little energy and lost all motivation. BUT, I still wanted to compete in the half marathon, not because I wanted it for me, but because I wanted to show everyone that I could do it (big mistake, I know). Well, the day of the race, I got so dehydrated at mile 9 that I passed out and didn’t complete the marathon. I know that if I had continued to be as motivated as I was for the previous month, I would have completed the marathon in my goal time. Instead, it was a huge setback in my life, and I let that terrible day lead to so many other ones.

I’m not really overweight or anything, but I’ve got a few (10-15) pounds I could definitely lose. I really just wish I could be confident like the rest of my friends in college, but my weight and my shortcomings are holding me back.

Paige, I’m in the same position as you with about 10-15 lbs that I would like to lose. Pick a redemption race and start training again for a half marathon. If you were doing 9-minute miles in training then you are obviously a very strong runner. I ran my first full marathon last month and ran 12 half marathons last year. I say that not to imply that I’m an expert (I’m definitely not) but if you ever want any advice or need a little encouragement feel free to reach out to me!

My experience seems to be a bit different because I noticed that while it was tough to give up sweet treats at first, it got much easier over time.

It’s true on the other hand that my interest in awesome people of the opposite gender doesn’t seem to subside no matter how long I stay away. totally agree on that point.

And how do I get myself through a bad day? I guess adjustment within: prayer, shift of focus, painful sacrifices. What doesn’t work is slumping down and blaming circumstances.

Love the list idea! and I needed this video also. Your honesty in still having issues with food, exercise, choices…really helps me, and is a great heads up for me that when i get to goal weight one day, it is still going to be about choices. Thank you for sharing when you guys slip and fall also, but more importantly…how you get up. I pulled out 80 pounds the Saturday before Christmas, and then put my guard down for the week while everyone lived at my house for the week. The weight crept up very fast in just 1 week, and i am still battling to get back to the 80 pound mark. But…I am back on target faster than any year before, believing that I can do this. It really is soooo hard. But I am remembering all that you taught us…sending out my SOS”S (Hannah), and choosing to put my logs on the fire (Olivia)…one log at a time….including the most important one (reading my Bible)..and just building my fire and trusting that it will burn and these pounds will continue to burn off. Still have a ways to go, but believing this will be the year that I get there! Thanks for all of your help and support…Off to the gym!

Thanks for the reminder that a bad day isn’t the end of the world. I love the idea of making a list of the bad choices versus the good choices you’ve made when you’re having a bad day. Sometimes it’s all about perspective!

This couldn’t have come at a better time. Today, I felt like Alexander from “Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day”. Looking back at why it was so crappy, the bulk of it was me. I gave up on my workout because it felt like more than my body could handle and I left thinking I am not cut out for this and considering giving up (still kinda am). I have grown tired of fighting the weight loss battle and not being able to move forward. I came home and wanted to do what I have done my whole life: seek solace in food. While I haven’t jumped into the deep end of fattening foods, I am standing on the diving board considering it. More than anything I think that I need a place to be honest with myself and someone that will be patient while I fall apart and then help me figure out the best way to put the pieces back together. I’m not giving up, but my soul is on injured reserve right now. Tomorrow is a new day, full of new experiences. I will take that day and make the most of it.

Thanks for always having perfect timing with perfect words to remind me that I am not alone regardless of how I feel.

Jen, I applaud your honesty. We all have these days. But don’t give up and move to Australia! 🙂 No but in all seriousness, don’t give up. I think the biggest triumph for me is in remembering that when it comes to weight loss, calories in/calories out is the name of the game. Ergo, skipping the gym for a day or two is not the end of the world as long as you keep your calories in check. When I first started losing weight, I was trying to work out 7 days a week, and it backfired, big time. I was burned out and tired and frustrated, and therefore, overeating. And my weight was yoyo-ing. Now I work out (hard, at the gym) 4 mornings a week, take a ballet class one night a week, and the other two days, I just try to make sure I do a lot of walking throughout the day. You don’t have to be a hero! You CAN lose weight without losing hope. You just need to find the amount of workout/life balance that works for you. Hang in there, girl! You are a strong, capable human being who deserves to be HEALTHY and HAPPY!

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