Ready for the Return of BL?

Hey hey MyFitspiration Nation!! Have you entered the contest for the Tom Ford Lipstick yet?? If not go do that NOW! 😉 For your Wednesday night enjoyment here is a short little interview we did with Emily Joy from Season 13 of Biggest Loser back in the Spring. Give her some love over at her Twitter account.

Who’s ready for the January 6, 2013 premiere of Season 14??? We are and this video made us even more excited about it.

4 replies on “Ready for the Return of BL?”

Emily was my favorite last season! I was really hoping she would win the at-home prize. BL14 premiere is already on my calendar. I don’t know anyone not excited for Bob, Dolvett, and Jillian!

Love this! As a fellow opera singer, it makes me so happy to see other singers losing weight–it’s such an inspiration! Loved Emily, love y’all, and cannot WAIT to watch this season of BL…especially since I now weigh 25 lbs less than I did last season while watching the show from the couch! I still have a long way to go…but I’m so excited that I’ll be able to look at the new contestants not just as inspiration, but as my peers in weight loss!! We’re all on the same road to health and fitness!

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