Makeup Tutorial and GIVEAWAY

Sooo we’ve had lots of requests for a makeup tutorial and HERE IT IS! This is a bronzy eye perfect for a holiday party or any other evening that calls for a little drama. To top it off we go for the Tom Ford Cherry Lush Lip. It’s definitely on the expensive side, but today you can win it!!

All you have to do is make sure you are a subscriber to our YouTube channel and leave a comment there telling us your must-have makeup item (you might even leave a comment here to get our attention;). Contest ends Sunday night 12-9-12 at midnight EST.

Here are links to the products we use in the video…
Tom Ford Lip Color in Cherry Lush
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo Eyeshadow (Bold Gold)
BareMinerals Glimmer (True Gold)
Mac Eye Shadow (Wedge)
Mac Mineralize Skin Finish
Mac Eye Shadow (Carbon)
Real Techniques Core Collection Brushes
Revlon ColorStay Liquid Eye Pen (Blackest Black)
Maybelline Volum’ Express The Colossal Cat Eyes Mascara
Mac Prep & Prime Lip Treatment

26 replies on “Makeup Tutorial and GIVEAWAY”

I didn’t even realize you girls had a YT channel! Fabulous job!
My go-to must-have in my make-up bag is Wet n’ Wild Lip Liner #666. (I know, it sounds evil! :)) I’ve been using this lip liner for years. It seems to go with almost every lip color, and lasts on my lip better than a lot of high-end liners. And it’s only a dollar or so. I try to have two or three at all times so if I lose one I’m good to go.

I would looooove the Tom Ford lipstick…

I LOVE MAC make-up!! Currently in the process of changing over to 100% Mac. I would love anything from MAC. It’s the Best make-up ever!! Thank you for this tutorial! Love you both!!

^^Also, my must have in my makeup bag is my MAC concealer. Covers up any blemish, redness, or any unevenness on my skin. It’s a must have, for sure.

Hannah, do you use an eyebrow pencil? I need suggestions on a brand!

I just commented on the youtube video, but here’s my follow up. I tend to be quite boring with my make up, so I have to admit: as easy as you made that look, it’s still intimidating! I rely on Mac’s Naked Lunch eye shadow and Bare Minerals eyeliners. I also need concealer in my life. I’m not actually sure what brand I’m using right now. And I like really fat mascaras. The more eyelashes it fakes, the better.

Also, I’m still hopeful for another December Challenge (but have made up a challenge for myself anyway, because the point isn’t prizes, it’s AWESOMENESS)!

Recently, my favorite is Armani foundation. Pricey, but lasts all day and not too yellow. Also LOVE bare minerals prime time primer

i left a comment on your youtube channel, but if you know me im obsessed with you that I always try and leave 1 here too.
Loved Loved the tutorial! best yet ever! I got some new ideas like i didnt know that you can put eye shadow on the bottom of your eye.. it looks really pretty so imma try that soon… I also love the way you did the eye liner.. but I cant do it so neatly when I do it on myself…. I guess I need some more practice.. My must have makeup is All that glitters eye shadow by Mac I use it as a base before adding any other color in the crease. its really pretty.. I also saw you put that powder on the edge of the eye after it was all done.. I usually use the studio finish concealer it adds a nice touch.
I loved the gold though! I kinda want to get em all now!
Anyways it would be nice if I get to win that Tom ford lipstick,, I can use a gift…
And I cant wait for your manicure tutorial! im waiting for that!
Love you girls!
always and forever

Here’s the comment I posted on your youtube channel:

Thank you for all of your tips: health, beauty, and otherwise! I started watching BL on your season and loved it! I’ve been hooked ever since, but Season 11 is still my fav! And since, then, I have lost 60 pounds on my own! 🙂 Anyway – I have never spent much money on makeup, so my must-have is by Almay – the intense i-color shimmer-i kit. They sell them by eye color which is great for beginners like me! Thanks for being such an inspiration to so many of us! 🙂

Loved this video, my absolute favorite make up primer is by base de Maquillage by Arbonne, best feeling on your face, and it sets your make up beautifully. Favorite mascara is still Lancome definicils, but I really want to fall in love with one that is cheaper, it’s so expensive for mascara. Would love you to do a list of your favorite every day make up. And would love also a great tutorial and list of products you love for your hair.
I also loved someone’s idea a while back…what’s in your bag? What do you have to have with you all the time, and what are your must have’s when you travel?
Keep the great ideas coming….so much fun!!! You gave me lots of great ideas for Christmas gifts.

The make up that I CANNOT live without is Lancome Oscillation Mascara….don’t bother with the booster!! It’s a bit pricey but it is all about the oscillating brush. Excuse the science lesson here but ALL beauty comes from the inside out. We know this about food and fitness. It is the same for our hair. Massage stimulates the blood circulation which increases nutrients to your hair follicles (under the surface) and that increases hair growth. The oscillating brush actually stimulates the lash line therefore increasing lash growth. 😉 On a side note I can’t live without a small bottle of rubbing alcohol in my make up kit either. It is great for on the spot brush cleaning! It is possible to clean and sanitize your brushes so you don’t have to constantly buy new ones. Just make sure to wipe your brush from the handle down only and never back and forth. 🙂 Love this video. Guess I feel more passionately about it than I thought. Thanks lovely ladies! Please don’t keep make up for more than a year because it can become contaminated with bacteria and eye infections and skin irritations are no fun to treat.

Oooh! I learned so much! Thanks ladies! My can’t-live-without is actually Bioelements flash foam cleanser and decongestant cleanser. The flash foam is great when I just need to wash but the decongestant takes off makeup and grime like a dream.

Thanks for the makeup tutorial! I don’t wear makeup very often so count me out for the giveaway. I know there’s another subscriber out there that would love this Tom Ford lipstick though!

I use Chanel foundation’s the very best. I am always looking for a great red lipstick for that special occasion. Yours looks awesome. You both are beautiful inside & out. I look forward to all your videos n blogs, thanks for the inspiration. Merry Christmas!

LOVE the videos, you both always bring a smile to my face! Hannah, girl you are hysterical! I certainly loved this video because I have been planning my Christmas look since October – shhh I’m a little obsessed! If I had to pick ONE thing in my makeup bag that I definitely could not live without, it would have to be my Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Dark-Circle Roller. It is fabulous for when I just can’t get those bags to go away in the early morning! Coming in close second would have to be my Smashbox Hyperlash Mascara. I have looked for a red lipstick to try, but I’ve always been afraid I couldn’t pull it off – I think I’m going to just go for it and try one now!! Thanks ladies and happy holidays!

I just commented on the Youtube channel! I just wanted to add that I also use the Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo Eyeshadow in Bold Gold. I loved that you ladies included products that us college students could afford! Keep it up please!

My ultimate make up must have… MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study. This is THE perfect eyelid primer and even looks great worn by itself. A close second would be MAC eyeshadow in Pink Freeze..the color works with just about any shadow. Both are a must have.

Thanks, ladies!

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