Make Your Coffee Low-Cal AND Delish

We love to drink coffee in all sorts of ways and all sorts of times! The problem is the things that make coffee so good are so often full of calories we don’t want. Sooooo here’s our guide to still having delicious coffee but bringing that number DOWN.

Let us know how you take yours!

Some of the items we talk about today…
SweetLeaf Stevia
Agave Nectar
Almond Milk (Unsweetened)
So Delicious Coconut Creamer (Unsweetened)
Fat Free Milk
Fat Free Half and Half

12 replies on “Make Your Coffee Low-Cal AND Delish”

Love this video being a coffee fan!!!
I was just looking at the sweetleaf and I saw something about liquid drops that are flavored. Have you tried those? If so, do you like them? Do they make the coffee sweet and give it a flavor?

Catherine Coulombe

Hi Catherine! Yes, the drops are great. I think they have a slightly different taste, but they are so convenient and you don’t have to wait to dissolve. Sometimes you need coffee STAT!

LOVE this video! I’m a truvia and unsweetened almond milk girl, although i’m thinking about trying the sweet leaf. we shall see. also, loved the shout out for the caribou k-cups, hannah! they’re my fave. i order giant packs on amazon. ohh coffee. sweet nectar of the gods. thanks for this vid, girls!!

I think that the best way to drink a coffee is WITHOUT sugar!!!! That way you can taste the real deal with the coffee. I have the luck to live in Brazil, so I can buy not the best coffee (sadly the best brazilian coffee goes to Europe). I use a french press or a percolator or a traditional Bialetti 🙂
Try it without sugar, especially the espresso!!!
Stop taking sweeteners, I think it’s better the brown sugar (organic or mascabo).
Good luck!

Every Friday is my Starbucks latte day! (skinny grande for 120 cal)
Hannah – good news – Stevia is fine for your teeth! dentist approved, unlike sugar & honey
Olivia – do you ever have Vanilla Coffee protein shakes? 1 scoop protein, half a cup of strong coffee chilled, 1/2 cup of almond milk. Yum!

I’m a recent Stevia convert (thanks to one of your previous posts) and I don’t miss sugar or other sugar substitutes at all. I have tried Truvia too but I prefer Stevia. The Starbucks Blonde roast is one of my favorites and if I were going to try drinking coffee black I would bet it’s tasty without anything added!

I love my daily amount of coffee and I can´t give it up! NO WAY!!! Definitely, the best way to save calories is to drink it without sugar. This way you can even enjoy its taste better. Trust me, it is just a habit!

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