Celebrity Fashion Police

Don’t you love to pick up an US Weekly in the checkout line at the grocery store?? We do!! Here are a few of our opinions (emphasizing OPINION;)…

Whose style do you like? Whose style don’t you like?? Let us know in the comments here and at YouTube!

11 thoughts on “Celebrity Fashion Police”

    1. Hannah you looked beautiful at the finally…so did you Olivia…..I just love that name….I enjoyed watching this ladies…until next time

  1. Hanners besides your hair/bangs/wig you looke ahhhmmmazziing at the finale! and as I said I love Beyonce’s style/figure. shes not this frail skinny looking hollywood VS model.. you can see on her that she eats and works out normal.

    Love you gurrllzz!

    Want to meet you someday….

  2. Hannah your one of my role models!! I’m 14 trying to lose weight and didn’t get on the biggest loser this season….:'( but your really inspirational I love you!! You should tweet me @allie_478

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