Even More Questions!

This is part TWO of our three part questions series. Don’t worry, we’ll do it again soon ;). After all the gassy discussions in part one, this seems a little more tame…don’t know — you be the judge!

We go after Halloween costumes, favorite TV shows, and Hannah’s unfortunate Makeover Week bangs. Let us know what you think!!


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Another Vampire Diaries fan-yay! I love these videos where you two are answering the questions. I’d love to know what you guys do to treat yourself. Manicure, massage, or something completely different?

This video made me laugh out loud! You ladies are hilarious and I absolutely love reading your blog and watching your videos 🙂 I also am a huge fan of vampire diaries, just got into it this past month and I am in LOVE with Damon!
What are some of your favorite workouts?
Thanks for continuing to share! Y’all are so sweet <3

Hi Guys,

I’m a big fan from the UK and have always struggled with my weight but exercised regularly. I came to a realisation recently that I am not the exception to the rule and I need to track what I’m eating and look at my calories in vs. calories out (which I am now doing). However I am a bit confused about 1 aspect of the process. I know that you need to burn 3,500 calories a week (roughly) to lose a pound, and therefore need a deficit of 500 calories a day. How to I work out what my body is using naturally and take it into account in my diary because all I can track on my fitness pal is the exercise I have done e.g 60 minutes of spin, so I don’t think I’m getting an accurate picture?


Hey ladies! You both crack me up. Love following your blog and all your tips. Gotta ask, is Tim Gunn as genuine as he seems? I know those make over dresses were a hot mess, but did he give you any other fashion advice?

Hi Joy!!
Well Tim Gunn is wonderful! What you didn’t see are the actual dresses he picked out for us that didn’t go with the “Theme” of makeover week. They were stunning. He wouldn’t be caught dead picking out the dresses we actually wore! 😉 It was a time crunch so we didn’t get to spend as much time with him as we would have liked! He really emphasized dressing for your body type and accentuating your best assets. For me, I have a smaller waist so belts and things that are cinched look good, etc. He also is not afraid to experiment with color which I loved!! He also showed us that sometimes less is more when it comes to an outfit! Spend $$ on nice basics and less $$ on trendy stuff. He was awesome!! THE WHOLE MAKEOVER WAS AWFUL!! 😉

You both are amazing. It was SO wonderful to meet you both on Wednesday, and to find you every bit as genuine, funny, and warm as you seemed to be on TV. Thank you for being such an inspiration, and for continuing to share your ongoing success stories – as Olivia said, real people, real inspiration…

I went and found the half plan you suggested Olivia – looks VERY doable, and as soon as the doc gives me a go on the hamstring, we’re ready to go 😉

Thanks again!

Hi Dani!
I am so glad we got to meet you!! I DVRd the episode so I haven’t gotten to watch yet but am excited to see more of your story! Congrats on you and hubby’s success, you look amazing! When you start your training/half program, don’t forget to really ice the hamstring and knees and use a foam roller. It will save you!!


Hello! I saw a picture of Olivia and Ben at your wedding and I was just wondering if you have ever thought of renewing your vows and having like some sort of “Skinny Wedding”? You both have lost so much weight and you look AMAZING!!

Ok, one more question…who are you still in contact from Biggest Loser and how often do you talk? Also, (maybe you have answered this before) what was the deal with Rulon? Heard from another contestant’s neice that he had food sneaked in. True or false?

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