Shoes, Undies and So Much More

Part three of our Question and answer series is upon us. Just in time for Friday and the Weekend!! This one covers the gamut from shoes to bras and panties to some of our favorite behind the scenes times on Biggest Loser. Check it out and share with your friends. Girls we recommend to get one of our secret, the walmart foot massager, it promise certain health benefits. You can also use foot massagers after a day of hard work, walking, running, trekking or travelling.

Have an amazing weekend. Sweat, laugh and love!!!

Hannah & Olivia xxoo

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Ok I’m immediately ignoring your request to not ask about exercise, sorry! =) But I just recently started using hotel gyms when I’m traveling. (Always had a fear or mental block or something before so thanks for the motivation btw!) What do you do with your sweaty, stinky gym clothes when you’re done?? I cringe every time I’m packing back up to leave and they aren’t dry! I use a plastic bag but then I feel like they’re just growing mold in there until I get home. But I don’t wany them touching my other clothes. I know…I have issues. haha

Maybe just a packing tutorial in general since you two are travel pros?! I pack the same amount for an overnighter as I do for a 6 month trip…send help! =)

Do you guys have a hard time with your self confidence still? I have heard people say that you always see your fat self in the mirror after weight loss… I am hoping to start a weight loss journey soon and I appreciate all ya’lls inspiration… by FAR my favorite BL contestants yet!

I am way more confident now than ever…BUT…I had to really work on that while I was losing weight. I opened up to MANY people about my struggles emotionally with myself and that helped more than ever. Now, to say that my self confidence is perfect would be a lie. I still look in the mirror some days and struggle. That’s when I look back at what I’ve done and realize that I could be 300 lbs again! It’s all part of it. You have to learn to love being in your own skin, and when you start struggling mentally is when you reach out to your support system. Tiffany, if I can give you any advice it would be to not “Hope to start a weight loss journey” to just do it. You owe it to yourself and your own personal happiness to know what this feels like. It’s freedom and living your life in a whole new way. I am just an average gal and if I can do it I KNOW you can!!


Not exactly diet related, but I’m curious how much you spend on groceries a month? And do you think you spend more now than before you went on the ranch? I know you girls are big planners, so how far in advance do you plan your treats?

I recently took your advice on one of your segments and reached out to my sister when I had a big craving. Well worth opening up vs eating it and felling guilty afterwards.

and I love Clarks, there aren’t too many places I can find cute shoes for my amazon sized feet!

Hi Divina,
That’s a great question! I spend waaayyyy less in an average month. Before the show I ate out ALL THE TIME. Now I cook more and pack my lunch when traveling. I also clip coupons and follow local groceries on twitter and FB to see what’s on sale! I save around $350 on average a month sometimes even $500!
I am so glad that you called your sis! Just like me. The buddy system works! PS. I love Clarks too!! So comfy! Keep up the good work. Small steps add up to big changes!!


I swear, you two… we are totally BFF, I just know it! I was just at the Wicked Spoon this weekend at the Cosmopolitan! AMAZING!

Ok, serious question: I’ve been blogging for the past two years and have been getting healthy (dropped 84 lbs – – what!?!) Now, I really want to help others get healthy and lose weight… any tips? xoxo – Kelly @ No Thanks to

Hi pretty ladies!!! I want to leave a juicy question but I’m not sure what to ask! Ok so what do you do when you want to feel extra sexy? Besides going to the gym of course (Duh! :P)

-Shannon G.

Hey Chickadee’s!! Hope you are happy & well. Hannah, I’m sure you know about this site, but I wanted to make sure you saw it if you don’t – It sounds like you purchase from department stores – so I wasn’t sure if you knew about it.
Thanks, ladies, for constantly inspiring me and making me laugh from time-to-time. You chick’s rock. God bless!!

I just love y’all. Ok, I have a few questions ::
1. How often are the trainers actually with you on the ranch? I’ve always wondered if the show is just edited to make it look like they are there all day, or if they just come in a couple times a week. Would love to know!
2. Hannah – what do you look for in a future hubby? Have you dated at all since the show ended?
3. Olivia – you always have such pretty lipstick. What are some of your favorite shades?
4. Do your other siblings ever feel left out because of all the traveling and appearances you get to do now?


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