Hope all of our fellow fitspirationers are staying safe on the East Coast! Hannah was supposed to fly out from NYC today but we’re actually happy we get a few more days together :). Albeit stuck in the apartment!

Instead of our regular episode on our YouTube Channel we shot a quick update. Say hi!!

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I live in Miami… we are used to hurricanes and tropical storms. Here is some advice: Take out your candles, some board games, & playing cards. You might as well make the best out of a bad situation. Stay safe!

I have to say that I’m a little glad you did this instead of regularly scheduled programming! I was worried about you guys. From someone who’s never been in bad weather having lived in sunny places my whole life (HELLO – move to So. Calif or Phoenix…the weather is SO wonderful!), I do not have any idea how you are all managing such a storm! My prayers are with you all! P.S. I admit to being a little jealous when I saw you both snuggling in bed and imagined candles, hot cocoa, fires, games, and for some reason Christmas carols although it’s too early for that!

I’m a 25 yr old who has lost 187lbs and still losing. How do you feel good about your body? I like how clothes fit and the compliments but inside I still feel fat especially with my saggy skin.

Hi Megan, first off, that’s amazing!! Congratulations. I know how hard you’ve worked and you should be proud of that…I am! Feeling good about your body is a lifelong process. When you’ve lost so much weight it is very difficult to relearn what you actually look like as opposed to what you USED to look like. It’s an ongoing process. And yes, skin will be an issue. But keep working hard with exercising and it will be helped. It may be worth looking into surgery down the road to remove some of it. It obviously can be expensive, but it’s something you might could save up for over time. Especially when you’ve lost that much weight. Your doctor can help guide you in the right direction. Just know that you have accomplished something great and keep walking in that!

Hope you and Hannah had fun snuggling up during the storm! Our power went off on campus, just had some strong winds and some rain! I hope that you all ended up okay!
What do you do when you have no motivation to get out and do some exercise? I seem to be facing that lately with the stress of college.

Thank you,

I’m in Baltimore and was stuck indoors yesterday. I ended up doing my Biggest Loser Cardio Weight-loss Max video. I haven’t done the video since joining a gym and meeting with a personal trainer. (so about 4 months) I got a great workout but it made me realize how much stronger I am! I didn’t have to modify anything and I I used heavier weights!

So my question for you gals…. cheap affordable workout clothes? I love workout clothes but I rather speed more money on building my skinny wardrobe than on clothes I sweat in. I’ve had a lot of the Old Navy yoga pants because the band they have on them helps me from losing my pants in the gym. But I find that they are horrible at wicking away the moisture. Any recommendations? (and if they have pockets that would be a bonus!)

Hey, I just noticed this vid today. Great job. Easy to watch and understand. Short, sweet, simple: my kind of thing. πŸ˜€ My workplace here in Pasadena, Maryland didn’t lose power for more than a few seconds at a time.
Looks like Sandy will be retired as a hurricane name on the hurricane name list; a replacement name will need to be chosen.

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