**Update** Everyone’s been asking about the cauliflower crust Hannah mentioned. Here’s a great recipe. You could even use our topping ideas with her crust!

We’ve got one of our absolute favorites for you today. Who doesn’t love home made pizza?? Here’s the recipe….make it and send us pics!!

6 Mini Portabella mushroom caps (sometimes called “stuffers”)
Turkey sausage
No Salt added tomato sauce
Reduced Fat Part Skim Mozzarella Shredded cheese
GG Crisp Crumbles
Dry Italian seasoning

Preheat oven to 375°
Brown turkey sausage (drain excess oil)
Line mushroom caps in baking dish face up
Scoop 1 tbsp turkey sausage in each cap
Layer 1 tbsp tomato sauce on each
Pinch Italian seasoning on each
Sprinkle 1 tbsp cheese on each
Sprinkle 1 tbsp GG Crisp on each
Bake in oven for 20 min or until cheese bubbles

152 for 2 caps

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This looks, um, interesting! I’m a little nervous about how they’ll taste though! I tried cauliflower mashed potatoes when they suggested that on the show but they were yucky! At least the way I made them they were. I wonder if cauliflower crust tastes like cauliflower or what?! I liked those flat thingys and I’ll try to find them for certain sure! I don’t like mushrooms because they’re so spongy but I’ve never tried those kind of mushrooms that you showed…are they spongy? Also, where do you get those really cook crisps that aren’t breadcrumbs? I could use those in a lot of recipes I’ve been avoiding because of the breadcrumbs issue! And, this might be a silly question, but what kind of sausage is crumbly like that? I don’t really eat sausage but the only ones I’ve seen at the store are long and skinny hot dog shaped, not gound like that! And Olivia, I didn’t know the tip about rubbing dried spices in your fingertips! Thanks for that!

Hannah you were very animated this time! Getting ready to sing…I like it spicy…that could have gone really far but you reined it in! You were so funny with your teasing! You’re just so much fun and I love watching you and Olivia interact! So fun!

And how adorable did you both look? Loved your scarf Hannah and your sweater Olivia!

Boy am I excited for your version pizza recipe. I hate hate regular pizza.. but the one with the mushrooms look yummy!! I still dont have power for the past 5 days so i hope I get it back soon cuz I wanna try these. i was also wondering about the cauliflower crust.. it looks so good but it look like sucha big job to make.. is it as hard as it looks?

Ok girls love you.. Thanks for your vids and blogs.. I live and breath them! keep em coming!
P.S. Can u make a contest of something and the prize will be to meet you guys in person??? Im sure ill win it!!


I have made the cauliflower crust and it is GREAT!! I had my doubts, I’ve NEVER like cauliflower, but I tell you, it is great!! I’ve also made the same recipe, just a bit thicker, and you’ve got cauliflower bread sticks!!

Yep these little babies are heaven! Olivia gave me this great idea when I had beautiful Bellas and wanted a fun recipe. Thanks and YUM!!!!!

Hi girls! I think one of the hugest difficulties women face is how to cook for yourself ( low cal/carb) and your growing children–and I’m talking thirteen year old boy who swims two hours a day kind of growing. I have developed a ton of techniques that I’d love to share with you all if there is interest out there!

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