LIVE Hangout & Friends!!

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Love you guys, just had myself a summer myfitspiration youtube binge, haha 🙂 I cannot tell you how much I’ve learned from you guys!! I think about all your tips every time I go shopping or prepare a meal. You should see my kitchen it is entirely myfitspiration inspired from the fage yogurt in my fridge to the baggie of onions in my freezer for my egg white omelets. I did the last dietbet and I am down 20 lbs but have 70-80 more I want to lose. I’ll be signing up in September too of course! Keep the videos coming!! love the google hangouts..

SO FUN to finally see some faces from the community!!! All 3 of you asked such great questions! Thanks for another great video, ladies. I hope I can participate in one of these chats eventually. I’m feeling super amped up to get on track and cannot wait for the new dietbet! Thank you!!!!! xoxo

Thank you so much for the advice about doing cardio with a broken foot. I contacted our local MMA gym and will start tomorrow doing boxing. I would have never thought of that on my own so thank you for taking the time to answer questions…

Also, I’m feeling very inspired and motivated. I, of course, plan on doing the next dietbet, but I started logging my food again (I”ve been horrible at this) today! Why wait for the contest when I could start now!? xo

What kind of discount would we get with the promo code? I’m booked already but I am trying to find out if I can still use the code to get a discount. Can’t wait to see you guys!!!! I’m part of the Dietbet you guys are putting on so Y’all will be helping me win the bet!!!!

Hey, I was just wondering what you guys find works better for weight loss: treadmill or elliptical? And also, do you find running or walking at a steep incline to be more effective

You are so inspiring. You guys should do a blog post of your typical weekly grocery list. A lot of times my healthy eating failure starts in the grocery store, even before I eat because I have no idea what to get/how much to get…I end up buying too much produce and wasting money…getting discouraged.. then giving up! 🙁
xoxo Christa (from SRC)

I do the same thing. I can post what I learn from them when I go to see them at the biggest loser resort next week. Praying I learn ALOT!!

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