Let’s Play Catch Up!

Hello MyFitspirationers!!!!!!!!!!! We’ve missed you so much and have lots of new videos and fun stuff coming your way. We thought we’d start off with a little catch up. Talking about what we’ve been doing, the state of Hannah’s dating life, Boy Bands, etc, etc.

What have YOU been up to this summer??

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So happy to see your post today. You ALWAYS brighten my day! Will be praying for your back, Hannah….and for Mr. Right!…..Our family went to Yosemite this summer, and I climbed to the top of the mountains and waterfalls and celebrated so much of this fitness journey, praised God for so much at the top of those mountains, including be inspired by you!

What a cute post!! I met Hannah at Carter’s retreat this last May. This summer has had lots of personal dilemma’s, but happy to say that I have been working with my cousin who is a life coach and things are back on track. In fact, when it’s time to pack up the summer clothes and bring out the winter ones, I am planning on getting rid of the summer clothes because I won’t be needing them next summer. I will need new, smaller sized clothes!! 🙂 Will try to keep watching you two!!

I can totally see where Hannah’s coming from after finally losing 100lbs and hitting my weight loss goal, I am trying to dip my feet back into the pool. I agree with Hannah first dates are awkward but I think we need to just bite the bullet.t also agree somewhat with Olivia but I’m a bit shy so asking someone out is hard. I love your videos thanks for always being so open and honest. Hannah hope your back gets better!

Hi Squirrley girls, love to see you guys are back! And Olivia, just sayin, I see Pants more than you, and we’re only a few miles apart!!! So you and Ben need to send me some dates of when you guys can mosey over tho the Double J Ranch for some of my “Crazy Delicious” healthy treats… Tag You’re It Olivia!!!

Yay! It is SO great to see an update from you two. Hannah, that is so tough about your back. I agree, that must be so scary. But with a support system like you have with Olivia and your fam, I bet you’ll be just fine. Olivia, your spin classes sound AMAZING. Boy bands? Yes, please. This summer, I’ve been blogging a TON about health and positive self-image, and working on my website redesign! Really exciting stuff in my future. I have been in recovery from a 10-year battle with an eating disorder for the last year and a half, and am ready to move forward in life. There is some fear there, but you two inspire me so much to keep moving forward and taking what I want from life.

Soooo sorry to hear about your back Hannah! Will you still be able to go to Biggest Loser Resort in Chicago next month????

Hiiii! So happy that you are back! I’ve been waiting! I had my first payed summer vacation, been to Italy and France and just hanging out in my hometown with old friends. Now back to work and back to eating and gym routines, which feels good. I hope to see some work out videos and food videos from you, that would be fun! Take care, lots of love and lots of get-well-soon-hugs to Hannah from Finland

Five times huh…… 😀 what happens when asked five times in one post :-)…. sorry that is a little creepy.

Hope you back feels better.

First, well wishes to you Hannah regarding you back. Truly. Second, though, and most important, Hannah, get over the dating fear. You are 35 you say? I am 56 and I’m dating again. Hell, talk about scary. So girl, you are tipping at windmills, my dear. And, I have a trick for avoiding the “dreaded first date” and getting on to the more fun second, third and etc dates. Here it is. For free. For you. Make your first date an hour long phone call. That’s right. Get all the awkard interview crap out of the way. If the phone call works out, hey, you’ll actually look forward to date number 2. If it doesn’t, you don’t have to have date #2. 😉 Go get ’em, Hannah, and get well too.

Sorry to hear about your back, but glad to see you both. I would like to ask you to please share the your workout (sets, styles) that you use that you find that works for you! 🙂 Thanks again

Hey, girls. It has been a while. First, of all. Hannah best of luck with your back and hopefully u do not need surgery again. Olivia I love the longer hair. You ask what I have done for the summer, well…I graduated from college with GPA 3.09 average with an Associates of Art degree in Healthcare Administration/Medical Records. Haven’t done the dating game in long, long, long, time and I am 46 years old (doesn’t act it) and I too do believe the same thing you do, girl Hannah. More focus on me. Since I have been a caregiver for fifteen years, now its my time. Starting this October, I am going back to college and taking a preparatory course for a National Registeration of Pharmacy Technician. I have been licensed for fifteen years but now its time to get Registered for myself. More free time in following my dream. Well, Olivia take care your voice and do you still do your professional singing? Hannah…good luck in the dating scene. One day I would love to meet you guys.

best luck

Debbie from CT

Child Bride #blessit

O, you forgot to mention the coolest part of your summer, Seeing Me!!! Okay, just kidding. But it was good seeing you!

I have been doing lots of diet bets, losing weight, boot camp, and dating. May have found one. We shall see….

HANNAH, you HAVE to do the 1st date thing and OFTEN! You have to learn to weed them out. You cannot know what and who is good for you without giving it a good try and learning what it is you really want.

Hey ladies! It is so good to hear from you. I check every so often to see when you both will be back and I was so excited to see your video posting today. I miss you two!
My summer has been very stressful actually and rewarding at the same time. I was very fortunate to get into a very competitive post bac program to prepare myself to apply for medical school and since June I have been MCAT bootcamp. I literally sit on my butt all day studying loads of information for a test that will dictate the rest of my life. Unfortunately, I have gained a LOT of of my weight back that I have lost 5 years ago. I don’t exercise and I eat more then I should because I am constantly stressed and in high anxiety levels all day and of course I turn to comfort food for the immediate “pain relief”. I know that all of this is not good for me but I just can’t help it. However, I just told myself this is not the season of my life to lose weight. I have less than 3 weeks til I take my test which I hope to thereafter to get my butt into gear (while being a full-time science student). I told myself that after this experience, I will no longer but myself or my health on the sidelines. Living a life where I feel guilty about not exercising, or nourishing myself with healthy food, or just having some me time despite the crazy life schedule can no longer be an option. As a future medical student and doctor I want to show my patients that one can achieve good health and still get stuff done. Sorry to go into a rant but this but I really feel that you girls would understand and offer some words of encouragement for me.

@Olivia & Hannah- How do you girls manage to do it all, especially when the tough gets going, and still keep the weight off? When and where do you ask for support?

@Hannah- I completely understand where you are coming from. Unfortunately, I too have injured myself which does not allow me to perform things that I use to do, I lower body extremity problem, i.e I have bad knees and feet. I injured myself from losing weight very intensely with high impact exercise without proper supervision and without any rest days. I feel like I am barely accepting my body, for a 27 year old, and have to really modify myself and perform safe ways to exercise. Now that I have gain a lot of almost all the weight back that I have furiously burned off I fear that I can not achieve my body back because of my ailments. However, I am still trying to keep myself positive and hopeful about it. If I can offer some words of advice is not to be scared. I think that emotion can really put you in a depressive mode, which I have been since 2009, and it is NOT pretty. You can still do the things you want but you want to scale it down a bit and modify for sure. Plus, we are not going to DIE if we can do that particular activity anymore. It may suck but can always make safer exercise swamps that we may never thought to be fun and enjoyable. 🙂 We just have to just keep on moving and remember the basic science of it all (energy in and out) plus you both mentioned that walking is very effective. 😀 As long as you can feel that you are in control then you will not live in fear. Also, try not to compare yourself. I think that is the worst thing we can do too for being young women in these unfortunate predicaments. I wish you all the best as you getting more medical advice on your back. Take care and see you both very soon.

*Sorry for my long message again. :p

Need advice about Spnning, I tried it a few times and my tailbone is in pain for a week afterwards. I tried a cushioned seat cover from amazon and it did not help. I would LOVE to go spinning if I can eliminate/prevent this problem- any advice?

Also, Please post more of what you eat in a day, it would be soooo inspiring. Plus I am searching for a great eyeliner that wont budge, run smear etc…any suggestions? Love all you do!

great to see you girls back, i’ll praying fo a full recovery on the back Hanna. is 47 to old for a date? Hanna you looked great in the red at the finally and Olivia you rocked the _____ out that dress. keep the vids coming, there cool, i’ll be watching

You two are great!! Praying for your back, Hannah! And I’m loving the longer hair, Olivia! You are both such an inspiration and a reminder that it is possible!!

Oh. Man. Hannah, I so, so identify with your dating woes. I’m less that two years younger than you (33 today!) and I was fat for ages and didn’t date at all during that time. I’ve been making this half-hearted attempt to internet date lately because like Olivia, my friends have been harassing me to get my butt out there. But so many of the dudes are not appealing. Like, if you feel it’s appropriate to post a selfie where you’re wearing a basketball jersey that you’ve stitched the name “Playa” onto, then I feel it’s appropriate to totally ignore your emails. Still, I’ve been making the best of my single life by climbing mountains and running half marathons and so on. ANYWAY. I’m glad you all are back. I was in NYC in May, and came to two of Olivia’s spin classes, and I’m coming again in October to stay with my cousin and I plan on spinning again. I hope your back heals soon!

Welcome back ladies!!! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers, Hannah!

As someone who is trying to get back into the swing of things after an injury… I would love your advice! What are your suggestions to avoid gaining wait in the meantime and then getting back into the groove?

Olivia- thanks for the motivation to get back to spinning! If only they had boy band rides at my gym! 😉

Welcome back!!!
This was my first summer break EVER since my sophomore year of high school that I didn’t have a job or school, and last semester was a really busy and stressful time for my marriage. So I made a summer bucket list of things for us to do together to make the most of our time, things like “go spend a weekend in the mountains” and “take a trip to the beach.” It was so great to spend time on each other. AND I kicked my fitness into high gear and finally achieved a long-time goal for myself – I became a licensed Zumba instructor!

You guys are funny but stop talking about age since you are both younger than I am! I’m going to move up an age group in races by the end of the year. My times go down but my age goes up…. Hmm. Maybe I’ll hit “fast” or win something by the time I’m 100. (Life from the slow but persistent.)

Mostly, I’ve been running. The weather here has been outstanding for running. It was a cooler summer than usual. I think we only had one really, really, really hot week instead of most of them being that way. I went a little crazy and ran 160 miles in July. But life has meant I’ve had to back off a bit in August. Oh, well. I’ve never run that much, but I have been running more in general. By mid July I surpassed my mileage that I did all of last year….

I do kind of like that. My favorite thing about running is being able to set a goal and make a plan and see results. Too many other things in my life are nebulous!

Praying for your back, Hannah. While I wouldn’t go out with everyone — I don’t like giving someone the idea I’m interested if I know I’m not — but if you aren’t sure, why not. Double dog dare you to ask the guy from Boot Camp for coffee or a smoothie or something.

Hannah, I hope your back gets better and that you don’t need to have surgery again! How do you keep the weight off and continue to exercise when injured? If it was me in your shoes, I would just use that as an excuse and give up… I hope this isn’t too personal, but I was also wondering how PCOS has affected your ability to keep the weight off. And have you noticed any difference in the symptoms since you lost weight? How does that compare to when you were an athlete before you injured your back? Oh and I love you guys, you are both so funny! So glad you have both kept the weight off!

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