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Hope you’re week is going swell! Our friend Derek Johnson over at New Metabolism Cleanse (and nutritionist at Biggest Loser Resorts) sent us one of their cleanses to try and we’re talking about our experience today. Cleanses can be rewarding but also hard. Sometimes you need that kickstart and sometimes you want to give your body a good cleaning.

Go here to find out more: Derek gave us a discount code ($10 off plus free shipping!) if you want to try: 10+SHIP

Just so you know we didn’t get paid for this! We did get the cleanse for free, but beyond that we just wanted to share a product that you might find useful 🙂 We love you guys…for real!!!

Have you ever tried cleansing? If so, which one(s) and how did it go?

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I am actually doing one right now called Flush & Be Fit and I like it …. like Olivia I have had constipation issues since I was a baby so I love doing a clense not just for the weight loss but how like she said how it makes you just feel better . I also am working on getting healthier and losing weight and you both are so motiational and inspiring and I am so thankful for you both and for helping us by sharing what works for ya’ll with us ….Much love Christine

How do you enter the code? I’m totally game to try almost anything (especially if you two recommend it!)


I got all excited than I saw the price, you two usually warn us when things are spendy. That’s the most expensive cleanse I’ve ever seen. I’ve done one every year for the last 6 or 7 years and have had great success on them but I could never justify spending that much on a cleanse. I usually get mine at the health food store and spend between 50-75 dollars. Do you guys have any other cleanses you could reccomend that are more realistic in price for those of us who have a real life budget? I know Dr Oz has created one. Ever hear anything about that one? No supplements just fresh veggies and fruit. It’s like a juicing one, but that takes so much time. I’m a busy girl!

Hi Tiffany! Thanks for your concern. We definitely understand. And like you said we try to give balanced recommendations, particularly with price! There are others for sure. We haven’t tried the Dr Oz but many others have commented that they really like it. Let us know what you end up using! And thanks for being a part of this community!!

This cleanse sounds great I would love to try it, but I had a question about doing it and working out. I am a spin instructor at a gym, and I know I need certain foods to keep my energy levels up. Did you find you were still able to work out properly with enough energy while on the cleanse? Thanks!


I have personally done this cleanse while training for a mini-triathlon and we have trainers and spin instructors who do it all the time.

Give me or Lauren, our lead nutritionist on the cleanse a call at 310-828-2251 so we can chat with you personally about any concerns or questions you might have. You only need one extra snack per day.

– Derek Johnson
CEO, New Metabolism
Executive Nutrition Director, The Biggest Loser Resorts

i am on the Dr Oz Cleanse 3 day Smoothie program, and down 6 pounds in 2 days so far, so its working. Whether its water or loss, I feel much better and no so bloated..

Hi! I was just curious is you girls know exactly how they offer support while you’re on the cleanse. I know the two of you were in personal contact with the guy, but how does it work for “the rest of us.” I’m wanting to do this, but I know I’m going to need support and be able to ask questions. 🙂 Thanks! btw….you both are amazing and I have soooo appreciated the information you’ve put out via this blog.

Yes, that is great! Thanks so much…..I’ve already emailed out some questions to them. Excited to give this a try!

I know absolutely nothing about cleanses so this was a real eye opener for me. This is something that Allan and I have talked about doing for awhile so we need to buckle down and get it done. I feel like doing a cleanse every spring is probably a great idea.

Kris Carr has a really nice 21-day cleanse in her “Crazy Sexy Diet” book, involving eating healthy foods and green juices/smoothies. It’s also a great book to learn about many aspects of health and eating well. I recommend it!

I find a bit suspect that I cannot read an ingredient list on the products I will be buying and consuming. I usually love your blogs and the inspiration you guys bring into my life, but I found this endorsement disheartening. I will not consume foods that I cannot read the full list of what I’m putting in my body.

It is very important to take notice of what you put into your body. As for the New Metabolism Cleanse, there is nothing suspect about it. All of the ingredients for each of the products are listed in full in our store. If you copy and paste the link below into your browser, each of the products has a “More Info” active link that you can click on to read more about them.

As mentioned in an earlier reply, all products are vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free and free of sugars and artificial sweeteners. Let me know if you have any specific ingredient questions and I’d be more than happy to answer them!

Derek Johnson
B.S. Dietetics, BCIH, NE, Holistic Nutritionist
Board Certified in Integrative Health
CEO & Holistic Nutritionist, New Metabolism®
Executive Nutrition Director, The Biggest Loser® Resorts

I just completed a 3 day juice fast/cleanse from Pressed Juicery. Day 2 was rough. I felt a lot like I had the flu and from what I have read I think I could classify what I was experiencing as a “Cut the Crap” Hangover. I caved an ate an apple during as the paper sent with my order suggested. By morning of day 3 I felt much better and I have not had a cup of coffee in 6 days.
Thanks for the info! Will definitely consider for next cleanse.

I can’t find their seven day clense.. I can find the 14 day clense but was hoping to do the seven day clense to reduce the cost. Am I missing something?

Hi Allison!
The 7 day version of the cleanse is when you share it with a friend/family/co-worker or you have it on hand to do it twice a year. It has a completely different titration schedule than the 14 day, but it is still effective in getting results. When you’re doing a cleanse, or any other type of fitness/wellness plan, it always helps to have some encouragement and motivation along the way – that is why it is fun to do it with someone.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Derek Johnson
B.S. Dietetics, BCIH, NE, Holistic Nutritionist
Board Certified in Integrative Health
CEO & Holistic Nutritionist, New Metabolism®
Executive Nutrition Director, The Biggest Loser® Resorts

Thanks for posting this, Hannah and Olivia! I have always been curious about cleansing and detoxing, sort of questioning the effectiveness. I am certainly excited about trying this myself. As some of the others posted, the cost is something to consider, but I am definitely going to do a detox cleanse for sure!

I am actually in the process of finishing a 10 day Juice fast (as seen in Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead)! It’s been an absolutely wonderful process, and I can feel how different my body is already! I’ve lost about 15 pounds in the process, and have such an abundance of energy! It feels so wonderful to have done this! Basically, a reboot is taking (preferably organic) veggies and some fruits and putting them through a juicer. For example – mean green is 6-8 leaves of kale, 4 stalks of celery, 1 cucumber, 2 granny smith apples, 1/2 lemon, and a knob of ginger root; absolutely healthy! And you drink enough juice throughout the day so your calorie intake is around 1200-1500.

Best decision I’ve made thus far, though we’ll see how things go once I can start eating foods again on Saturday 😉

I have a general nutrition question since we have the Biggest Loser Resort’s Exec Nutrition Director’s attn. 🙂 Can any of you share some quick tips on some of the best ways to get protein in your diet without meat? Particularly plant based protein? This question just seems to keep coming across my table. Thanks!

Angi –
The simplest optimal sources for including more protein in your diet without meat is to utilize vegetarian protein powders (without soy), Tempe (the only safe soy to use), nuts and beans.

Derek Johnson
B.S. Dietetics, BCIH, NE, Holistic Nutritionist
Board Certified in Integrative Health
CEO & Holistic Nutritionist, New Metabolism®
Executive Nutrition Director, The Biggest Loser® Resorts

Can you tell me about the “Support” packets – specifically, I have difficulty swallowing pills. Was just wondering about the size. I would hate to purchase the system and not be able to swallow pills.

Jennifer –
The largest pill in the SUPPORT packet is the same size as a standard multivitamin. All of the included pills are gelatin coated capsules and not tablets. If pills are an issue and you are interested in doing the New Metabolism Cleanse, I have a powder we can use for a modified version of the program as a special case scenario that we don’t offer for everyone – but we will for you! Contact Lauren at if you have any other specific questions – she is here to help!

Derek Johnson
B.S. Dietetics, BCIH, NE, Holistic Nutritionist
Board Certified in Integrative Health
CEO & Holistic Nutritionist, New Metabolism®
Executive Nutrition Director, The Biggest Loser® Resorts

Hi Guys!! you guys are doing a great job. I am really inspired. My question is i have lost 9 pounds in 12 weeks by replacing my two meals with Herbal life protein shake. Now i have no energy and I am also suffering from depression. I want to start from scratch. How do i cleanse my body as I am in UK m is it possible to get any assistance. I really need help. I need to lose 30 pounds.

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