A Little Arthur Story

Did you love last’s night’s premiere??? We did. So glad to have Bob AND Jillian together again!!! We just couldn’t help sharing another fun story from the beginning of our Biggest Loser journey. This one involves that loveable Arthur Wornum. He and his Dad Jesse were a hoot and we loved going on the journey with them by our side.

Who do you think will have the best stories from this new season? Any crazy characters?

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Yes!! Yesterday’s episode was fabulous! I noticed Hannah was in the previews for tonight’s episode – that’s awesome! The kids just touched my heart, isn’t Bingo a little cutie? I’m liking Pam’s positive attitude, if she keeps that up she will rock! Thanks for sharing your story!

The kids were my favorite part of the first episode and I really like the lawyer from Alabama. I, of course, cried during numerous parts of the show. I really think the relationship between Bob and Biingo is going to jerk at my heartstrings all season long!

I love you both! I hope that one day I could meet you! But Arthur was awesome, and I cried when he was voted off! But my favorite part of last nights show is always the first workout! I imagine how hard it is, but it’s always so crazy to see how everyone is going to react to the workout!!! Please share a story about your first workout or last chance workout!!!! 🙂 Thanks for being an inspiration and I wish that you would do a give away for a skype call again! Thanks a bunch!

favorite part last nite and tonight were just the way this season people are genuine. I feel like when I watch I see truth and can cry with them. Not seeing fake. The kids on the show are shown compassion and not baby trained. They are pushed and taked to as kids with feeling but are shown what can happen and by being around the contestants they can see their future if they do not change. Also by having our Jillian as a “former fattie” and now see her she can walk the walk as on says. Love you both and I can say I have watched all the time and will continue~ god bless

The kids are really standing out to me. They are awesome! I started balling when they were talking about doing the mile run and the one girl always finishing last. I was that kid!!! I dreaded the the mile run every year and was so thankful that I only had to take gym in 9th grade! (FYI- Their time was still faster than my time in high school.) I’ve realized how far I’ve come! I’ve lost a total of 83 lbs! I can run! I can do squats and lunges like nobody’s business! I ran into my high school gym teacher at the Christmas eve service at my home church. Seeing his reaction to my progress was amazing! To tell him that I now run for fun just tickled me pink! I’m so happy that these kids have a chance to deal with this at an earlier age…. and not at 27 like me!

I’ve noticed more focus on the workouts, the challenges & the “goal” of Biggest Loser versus a focus on the internal relationships of the players and the “game playing”. I know that inevitably it will be there (it is reality television), but I’m enjoying most of what I’ve seen thus far…just feel bad for Jillian and the white team…they’ve been dealt some serious blows…The show the Biggest Loser has meant a lot to me since I began watching with Season 7…it is what got me to thinking that if these people can do this, I can too…at that time I was 320 pounds…160 pounds lighter, I am so much happier with my active lifestyle and thankful for what the Biggest Loser has done to help motivate me to live a healthier life. I still have 10-15 pounds I want to “shed”…time to get busy and make this a reality. Thank you Olivia and Hannah for your part in making this all “real” for us!

I really like Lisa! Her energy and love is incredible 🙂 It’s such an inspiration to see both or your success! Thanks for making me laugh too!

One of the things that really hit me last night was when the kids talked about what pressure it is in gym class when you have to do the fitness tests, and you are a kid who is not good at them. I remember back when I was in school, not only did you have to get timed for the mile, but during the fitness week, you would line up and all take turns getting on a scale in front of your entire class, and have your weight written down. Worse than that, one person would weigh you and then shout it out to the person writing it down on the sheet. It was the day I dreaded most in gym! I still can’t believe they did it like that back then. It still gives me a stomach ache just thinking about it.

I could not love this show more and it never fails to make me cry! I haven’t watched since your season Hannah & Olivia, (one of my favorites!) and I think this group is going to give you all a run for your money! 😉 They are great! I’m loving Cate, she sticks out to me & is so sweet. Jillian kills me every time she’s on screen, she is incredible and man does she know what she’s doing! (And gorgeous! Her hair/outfit at the weigh-in? Love!) And of course the kids are great. I just love Biingo. What a stud. Can’t wait for the rest of the season and more of your videos, girls!

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