Biggest Loser is Back!!

To celebrate the first night of the new season here is a story you probably don’t know from our first night on the Ranch! Who’s excited for this season???

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Seems like yesterday that @bl11olivia & @bl11hannah were on the ranch! So proud of how far you both have come! Loving the new season! #bl14 #biggestlosernbc

I am in love with Biingo. He completely stole my heart! And I can’t wait to see both of you in this season! I started watching Biggest Loser when it was your season and it completely gave me a new perspective on everything. Both of you have affected my life so much, and it’s weird to be so grateful to two people that I have never met. Thank you both for being so completely wonderful. I can only hope that your awesomeness will rub off on me one day. 🙂

Loved the first episode! Watched it with my family. It was amazing to watch the start of this season tonight being 80 pounds down, and having faith and believing for the first time ever that I will be able to reach my goal during this season.
We loved the kids being a part of the show, they really are extraordinary, and their journeys will touch the lives of so many other kids and their families in an incredible way. Love that Jillian is back, and We really like the new contestants. Although Season 11 is still our absolute favorite…. This season seems like it could be special like yours was, in the fact that the contestants seem like they are all pulling for one another. Looking forward to tomorrow night.

Hi girls !!
(Please excuse my english, my first language is french so maybe some phrases will sound weird !)
I LOVE all your videos ! I’ve just started rewatching BL season 11, you are both amazing and so inspiring ! How funny is that story about Hannah struggles in that first challenge ! I think I’m gonna check AGAIN the first episode just to have another perspective ! It’s nice learning more about you by your littles secrets of your lifes at the ranch !
Keep posting your greats videos ! You both make me laugh every time and help me to continue my own weight lost journey 🙂
Take care !

I have really been looking forward to this season! I loved the first episode. I think it will be a great one and I’m feeling very motivated. I do miss watching BL11 on Netflix. Does anyone know where else it’s available to watch now? Can’t find it on there anymore.

Had so much fun watching the premiere last night. This is the first season that I’ve had my boyfriend watching with me (he’s never seen the show before) and he is HOOKED! We are both head over heels for Biingo and so excited to see how the season unfolds. Not to mention that, 45 minutes in, bf goes, “god, i can’t sit here and just watch this on the couch. can we add in an extra 2 hours of cardio on sunday nights so that we can work out while we watch??” Why, yes, honey, I think we can swing that!! 🙂

oh, and tonight is fish night– we’ll be having salmon with chickpea ragu (a la ellie krieger–love her cookbooks!!) while we watch!

I am really hoping that this season is a “positive” season like yours was…too much negativity last season for me. I don’t have any favorites yet, but I’m so excited to have Jillian back! (I love Dolvett and Bob as well!) I also like having the kids on, and I love seeing the interaction between them and the trainers. 🙂

Thanks for being such an inspiration! (You are also so funny! Thanks for being real!)

I’m so excited BL is back!!!! I have a few favorites already and I will say that I was really disappointed to see someone leave on Day 1. We hear over and over about people trying multiple times to get on this show and to change their life. To be given that opportunity and throw it away before the journey has even started was very disheartening. I love the huge pictures of you guys in the gym! It looks like several of my favorites are on the walls.

Have a great week ladies!

I’m SO glad BL is back… my favorite show! I still find myself wishing it were season 11 again (best season ever!) but I’m excited about the new group. Already looks like there is less drama than last season, which is a welcome change.
I’m glad they are involving young people as well, but one thing from last night’s episode bothered me a bit. When Jillian was sitting in the grass talking to the kiddos and they were talking about not being confident and comfortable in themselves… in my opinion, the worst thing to tell a kid is “just lose the weight and then you will be confident,” or worse, “just lose the weight and then you’ll have a REASON to be confident.” I know Jillian didn’t say that outright, but she didn’t NOT say it, you know what I mean? I wish she had told them that confidence and self-love need to be found independent of a goal weight. Otherwise my fear is that they will learn to equate weight with self-worth for the rest of their lives, and that’s a losing battle.

Honestly, I’ve never really watched a whole season of Biggest Loser but I’m finding myself pretty excited to watch this season and I’m thinking it has to do with you gals! Even though we’ve never met, I feel like we’re friends. I started my journey last year and I’m constantly checking myfitspiration all the time for hints and tips from ya’ll. I’ll be a day or 2 behind everyone else since I don’t have cable and I have to wait for it to be uploaded to nbc… but I can’t wait.

thank you both for being amazing!

Biggest Loser Helps so many others that you don’t see on TV. I work out at a club owned by a former Biggest Loser contestant. I started at 560 and he has helped me lose 180 lbs (so far). Now I work at the club and have never been happier. You all are such an inspiration. Thanks for helping to keep the dream alive.

I was glad that the sweet girl who suffered from bulimia went home because she needed some more space and time to deal with her emotional issues. I pray that she will find healing and get better on her own and heal with time.

But I do feel sorry for the remaining 2 girls on the white team and hope that they can stay on the ranch for a bit longer.

I am also glad the contestants don’t seem to be as whiny as most of the people from last season.

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