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One of our mast requested How-to’s has been for the braid I wear to workout. I wore it on the show and Instagram it all the time :). Well, here it is…enjoy and let us know how you like to wear your hair to the gym!!

Click below to watch…



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omggg Hannah responded to my comment. i just died. I loved you two so much on the show! I just watched your season again while training for a marathon (the marathon is in jan., did a half this weekend!)…it’s the perfect show to watch on those long runs on the treadmill! You two are so so so inspiring! I’ve lost 15 lbs in the last 3 months and have less than 10 to go! thanks so much ladies!

PS I tried the hairstyle and it was SO easy…posted the pic on instagram and tagged y’all in it 🙂 @Orderinthekitch

I am so hair and beauty challenged… I just tried this and it did NOT turn out well. About to tweet you a picture of this madness. Haha… Seriously, major issues. Will try it again… my crazy hair is always going everywhere at the gym – major flyaways!

Super cute! I typically french braid the side of my hair, but I would love to try that twist braid! Also– I don’t know about the other longer haired people, but sometime my hair falls out underneath the pony tail and sticks to my neck after sweating. I have recently been flipping my hair upside & french braiding underneath! It sounds complicated, but if you know how to french braid normally, you should be able to get the hang of it!

Thanks for the videos! Y’all are the best! xo

I think this would also be great for those of us who are growing out our bangs. I’m so sick of clips and bobby pins!

Love it! Every so often I get lucky with the french braid, but generally it’s not so pretty. This I can definitely do!

I LOVE THIS TWIST/BRAID STYLE! I tried it last night and it came out pretty well but i think I need more practice 😉
Love the way Hanners was O’s doll.. you let yourself get your hair pulled with out cryin.. but your expressions just make my day!!

When will I deserve to meet you girls?? I need a session with both of you!!!

I usually wear a kerchif or something when i go to the gym and I fasten it with bobby pins and clips.. I find it my hair stays pulled together in there..

Love you!!!

Hi Liba!
Watch our twitter/FB/Blogs for our appearance schedule! We might be coming to your city! Yes, I have been Olivia’s live doll for many years! She even chopped all my hair off when I was little!


What is the hairstyle that Olivia made you give up Hannah? A poof? I must see a picture of that!

Have you (or anyone) ever heard of this? I have bangs because I look HORRIBLE with no bangs! I go to the gym every night straight from work. When I work out, I sweat (gross!) and the make up on my face from work mixes with my bangs and my hair is really fried at the ends from this. Seriously, my hair looks like straw! I wish I didn’t have bangs so I could look cute like you Hannah and Olivia!

I like this twist a lot on both of you! There are a ton of fun cute gym hairstyles that I liked to do when my hair was long. Now with my ugly short hair I can’t really do them but I’d love to show you and do them on your hair Hannah…or anyone’s long hair! Here are some examples:
* Knotted headband: similar to the twist and you could do it in the same place, along your bangs line for both short hair and long hair. It’s so cute. You can probably see a picture if you google it.
* Waterfall french braid…so easy and so pretty!
* Side upside down braid…looks like Katniss in the Hunger Games
* Lace braids on each side then pulled into a ponytail

So many more but I think it will be boring without pictures or videos so I’m going to end there now!

Can you guys do a blog about different armband, heart rate monitors, etc? I really want one but there are so many options…bodymedia has three or four different models, polar HRMs, Garmin, FitBit, etc.

I like my hair to not move…in a ponytail then secure it with a click so it doesn’t move. Plus, I have a crazy workout hair theory….If a girl doesn’t at least put her hair in a ponytail (unless it’s too short) she is not there to really workout.

Hey Hannah and Olivia,
Came in from the gym and watched your video this morning, then had my daughter, Grace, watch it with me so that she could do it on me, because I have NEVER been able to do all of the french braiding. Well, I decided to try to do it myself, since Olivia made it look so easy doing it on herself without a mirror, and….I actually did it! Left it in for the day, and actually got great comments. Just fun to do something different. Looking forward to doing it for the gym tomorrow.
Keep sharing all of your great ideas….Love them!….and love you guys!

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