Brand New DietBet!!!!

Click here to join the DietBet! Begins February 5, 2014!

It’s that time again!! Our 4th DietBet. This one starts the day after the live Biggest Loser Finale (be sure to tune in and maybe see a couple of familiar faces…). We’ve had such a great time doing these and we want YOU to be a part again (or the first time!!!!). Click the link above and they will take you through the process…then for 28 days lose 4% of your body weight and you will split the pot with the other winners!!! Let’s just say one of our last pots was over $63,ooo!!!). Now for the really fun part…


Picked randomly from winners…
2 Runners up: Each receive 1 individual 30 minute video chat health coaching session (Skype, Google+ Hangout, etc)
1 Grand Prize Winner: 4 1-hour  video chat health coaching sessions (Skype, Google+ Hangout, etc).

**must lose 4% verified by DietBet, must follow on all our social media channels, and must leave comment on final recap video**
**Open to all countries!**

So what are you waiting for?????


  1. I may just have to do this since Feb 5th is my birthday.

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  2. I think you girls are fab and the way you chat together is so funny. Great idea!

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  3. Loving your frequent posts these days! Keep em comin’!

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  4. Hi, Ladies!

    Just a clarification: do we have to subscribe to every single social media site individually, or is it enough to be associated with the blog, the YouTube channel and any of the social media sites (ie: Twitter or Facebook are my go-to social media sites for most things.)

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  5. I just signed up – I can’t wait! It’s my first dietbet and I’ve been waiting for you to host another one! Thanks ladies!

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  6. I’d never even heard of dietbet a few days ago, but now I’m signed up for two! This is one of a few things that I’m trying in order to motivate myself. I signed up for a Warrior Dash in August and I gotta get into shape for that, and of course money, is a big motivator! Hoping to win enough in my dietbets to pay back my original joining fees, and to sign up for a couple more bets!

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  7. Jodi Sevilla says:

    Pure awesomesauce. Just heard of this via the Powell dude and I’m sooooo gonna start yours!

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  8. Yay, glad you guys are planning this to start this one the day after the finale! My husband and I are in for Diet Bet 4!

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What about you?