Cupcake ATMs!!

Let’s see…Hannah vlogging: Mom, Pate, Dresses, and TATTOOS!!!!

Do you have tattoo/s?

3 replies on “Cupcake ATMs!!”

I totally understand about those cute fit/flare dresses being too short! I always want them, but they never work out. Also, I have two tattoos (one on each wrist) and I’m obsessed with both of them 🙂

Loved the dresses, but agree they were a little too short. I have a tatoo on my shoulder in memory of my niece. My niece died in 2007 from a prescription drug overdose. The tat is of a butterfly. The butterfly sympolizies that my niece is now free from her earthly demons. The body of the butterfly is a heart which signifies the piece of my heart that is missing. Teardrops are shed to show the tears that still flow for her and her name is underneath. It is very special to me. Saw Pate’s tat on the BL video and really love it. Thanks for explaining why he got it, I was wondering. Your mom’s a real trooper. 🙂

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