Live Hangout Happening!

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8:30p EDT 5/1/13 right here. Answers to questions and all about getting a good start! Tweet your questions with the hashtag #myfitspirationlive. The archive will be available here shortly afterwards.

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1. Thank you for making me and everyone here feel like a friend! Im sure you don’t know me from Adam but you somehow make everyone feel special and ats awesome.
2. Can you speak to the “80 lbs or more” required to audition for TBL? How is that determined?

Hellllo ladies! Any suggestions for healthy on the go snacks? Aside from kale chips and almonds?

Can you give us a typical day (workout and meals)? I have struggled with losing the same 10 lbs for forever and need to get out of the bad cycle….

How do you get motivated to do a workout early in the morning or later at night instead of just saying “It’s too late now, I’ll just do it tomorrow”? Love Purple! Wearing it now! 🙂

How do you keep on track with your eating? It is my biggest struggle not to binge on something every couple of days…

A live event in Nashville would be amazing! I’d love to be able to do a spin class with you guys, go on a run, get some assistance with keeping a food journal (really enjoyed your video on that), participate in a cooking class, etc. during the day-long event.

Could you add a playlist of the songs that you find great for a sport session ? Or do an article on this subject ?

Sorry I missed this chat. Hopefully I can catch the next one. I’ve really wanted to ask you about loose skin after you lose weight. Is that a problem either you had? I’m down 85lbs and I know that some people have surgery and for some it’s not a problem. I would love to hear what your struggles or opinion is on this matter. Thanks!

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