Hannah’s April Favorites

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We LOVE favorites videos on YouTube…they are our favorite ;). So we decided to do some this month. Hannah today and Olivia next week! Drumroll please…

Alive & Radiant Kale Krunch
Too Faced Perfect Lips Lip Liner (perfect pink)
Inglot Cosmetics
Lululemon Wunder Under Pants
Brooks Purecadence 2

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Right now I’m addicted to the huge bag of Sugar Snap Peas from Costco and their turkey patties, that are just turkey no added crap.

I guess this falls under makeup, but my number one fav product right now are the eos lip balms. They are the little pastel eggs that are in the checkout line at Walmart & Walgreens. They are petroleum free and all natural. They leave my lips smooth and soft. I have about 8 of them currently stashed all over my house, purse, makeup bag, work. They are amazing.

LOVE you two! Need travel healthy food tips where you can bring your own and NOT have it get dumped at security. Doesn’t it have to be a sealed package to make it through TSA? I’d rather not shop beyond security and HOPE there are some healthy options.

For blush, H. have you ever tried Bare Minerals warmth? You can turn up the warmth or just get a sunkissed look, etc. depending on your tan or lack of….

If you ever up in Alaska, look me up! Mucho love! xoxo

I love my Mac blush. I went last Christmas for a facial and the girl convince me to use a bronzing powder (refine gold) then she added the blush (called Gentle). I got many compliments… My daughter who is 23 loved those products when she tried them so I had to go buy them for her! Lol I do use Mary Kay skin care line and I love Sephora mascara and other products as well but I will never change my blush that took me a lifetime to find! Lol good luck:) love u guys:)

OK your comments about your legs CRACKED me up, Hannah. When watching Season 13, whenever I see your legs on the picture in the background I’m like “Holy cow who’s legs are those, they look AMAZING.” It’s not too often that I am looking somewhere else when Bob is on the camera 😉 So woman, you’ve got good legs 🙂

Hey Girls! Loved the fav things video 🙂 I just learned that you guys have PCOS and it made me feel so much better knowing you were so successful with your weight losses while dealing with the disease. I was recently diagnosed with pcos, although, a pretty mild case of it because I don’t have all the symptoms that typically come along with pcos. I have been successful in loosing weight but it takes forever even though I’m working out 6 days a week, 1-3 hours a day. I also find that if I go off my healthy eating regime, or even just eating too much in general, I gain weight in an instant. It is definitely THE most frustrating thing to go through. I try so hard and get burnt out mentally when my hard work doesn’t reflect on the scale. I would love to hear how you pushed through these struggles (if you faced them) and also now that you are lean mean fighting machines, have those symptoms gone away for the most part? Just knowing you guys have it too and there’s hope for me in loosing weight and KEEPING it off makes me feel better but any advice you have I would be forever grateful!!!! 🙂

I just wanna say that i love love love this “fav thing” section!!! and i hope that you continue to do it cause it is great!

I just discovered the Brooks PureCadence, I love them! I bought them in hot pink for the gym (my friend has a strict indoor shoes only policy and we workou in her basement.) I went to DSW last weekend and the black/purple pair was on clearance so I bought those for runnin outside. I don’t enjoy running (I’d rather swim) but I love putting these shoes on and the way the sole is shaped makes my foot hit the ground in the proper way-no heavy heel or toe strike!

Hannah, the reason your tawny blush shades look like you put mud on your cheeks is likely because they’re wrong for your skin tone. Look for more of a rose gold than a tawny peachy color. The pink shade will work with your skin tone, and the gold shimmer will give the effect of “tawny” that you’re after.
Also, in looking up pics of Blake Lively, I would think she’s wearing a bronzer as blush in lots of them. Use a light application, and add a tiny pop of the rose gold blush to blend in.
Obviously, I can’t see your skin in person, but I think this is a good place to start. 🙂 x

If you’re looking for a pretty blush, Jane Iredale’s “sheer honey” is amazing! It is a little bit on the pricier side, but you barely use any so it lasts forever!

You ladies are amazing!! Loving this new favs section!

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