LIVE NYC Winner Hangout

Join us for our NEW DietBet game starting 4-30-13!!!! Ending on Memorial Day this is the perfect way to keep those goals going!

Congrats to Sarah (@wvusij) for winning the NYC trip!! Can’t wait to meet you!

Tweet questions with the hashtag #myfitspirationlive and stick around for a special announcement ;).

10 replies on “LIVE NYC Winner Hangout”

Yes!! Can’t wait!!! Thank you both so much for heading this up. You gave me the motivation I needed to help me stay on track!!

I recently lost 50lbs & have way more to go & can’t see it myself yet, although others can. Do you ever look in the mirror and still see the “old you”?

Just sat with a cup of coffee and caught up on the video chat….Soooo much fun just having you both hang out and answer questions. As usual took lots of notes in my “myfitspiration notebook”. Thanks for keeping us all inspired to keep going, and for your honesty in your own lives, it really helps knowing we are all in this together…trying to balance it all, and by surrounding ourselves with people to help us and encourage us, like you, we can battle this and truly experience victory! Keep posting all that you are learning! (and when you create your amazing clothing line..make sure you also carry “talls”. It was another tough factor when I started out….finding 1xl-3xl talls was really hard to find).

only just seen this and realised it would have been on at 3am UK time. Congrats to Sarah on winning the comp. Olivia & Hannah – Some seriously strong British accents there haha loved it! I am competing in dietbet2 although I am on holiday for 10 days of it but determined to succeed none the less! Keep doing what your doing

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